1965-07-30 - They Came from the Sea
Summary: And one sunk, too.
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An alert had gone out, some strange objects had rolled up onto Jones Beach right out of the water and onto the shore, amphibious looking ships that had shown up at the edge of the beach and then had advanced slowly and stopped just where the tide was slowly rushing out around them, leaving them sitting on wide treads upon the wet sand. Beachgoers that had been enjoying a warm sunny afternoon in late July had scattered, fleeing for the most part, save for a few gawkers that remained on the shore, watching to see what might happen next.

Spider-Man is here to save the day! Or the night on the beach, whatever comes first. He flings himself from building to building, his swings picking up momentum and launching him higher with each go, which just increases his speed. Soon enough he's landing at a building across the street from the beach, and looking over for Chris— or Darkhawk. When Darkhawk arrives, he'll point, "That's I'm assuming bad guys."

It's the middle of the afternoon, so it would appear that Spiderman is indeed there to save the day, and so is Darkhawk, who comes in to land near Spiderman, wings still spread, ready to take off into the air again. He looks out at the strange tank-like amphibious vehicles that had rolled up onto the beach, "Or the guys, anyway, they ha…" and that's when they begin to open fire. Fortunately at least one of them seems to think that a large sandcastle is a viable structure because it explodes in a spray of sand. However, the sign for one of the small shops on the boardwalk goes up in splinters. "..ven't… you know what.. let's just.. stop them and ask questions later." And with that he takes back off into the air again.

Leaping off the roof of the building, a bit of webbing flies out and latches onto a lightpost, and he spins about it twice until he flips into the air and lands right in front of one of the aquatanks, "Hey, hey, hey, do you know how much WORK a sandcastle is to make? That's just /mean/." He leaps to the side suddenly a fraction of a moment before a blast comes out, and webbing is flung out to attach to the top of the tank at the base of the weapon, hopefully to hinder aiming, "Friends don't let friends shoot sandcastles. Darkwing? You good?"

Launching himself into the air, Darkhawk takes off down the beach to one of the further aquatanks and leans on top of it with a thunk. He slams a fist into the top of it a few times which makes a loud clanging hollow noise, then gives a good solid tug to the top hatch which actually manages to pull it clean off. So much for being water-tight. "Oh yeah, just fine, Spiderfingers," Chris teases when Peter gets his name wrong. And then suddenly he drops down into the tank. It's not overly large, but it's big enough that he can fit inside. There's another blast from the gun but it merely blows some sand into the air, not hitting anything. Whatever is going on inside, there's a lot of banging.

"Err..oops." Spider-Man sounds actually embarassed in that suit! He leaves the current tank semi-trapped or at least not functional due to webbing, and rushes over to leap up on another one, "Are they aliens?" he calls to Chris, then intends on mimicing just what Chris did, and peel the whole top off and toss it away before dropping inside, "Whoa, it's cool in here! Hey, ow!"

"I don't see any aliens!" comes the shouted response, somewhat muffled, from inside the second tank, which Chris continues to bang around in. "But there's a whole lot of equipment in here and no pilot. Someone must be controlling them remotely. I'm trying to.. uh… disable it." He knows very little about this sort of machinery though, and he's relying mostly on the suit to give him some kind of intuitive knowledge about what to smash. Truth is, he just smashes anything that lights up and is red. Hey, when you've got nothing, you go with what you know.

"Sooo cool." And with that, Peter begins webbing a machine over there, yanking it out and tossing it out the opening above. He repeats this until weird sounds, alerts, and smoke happen, "Hmmm time to go!" And he leaps out and hops over to teh first tank, shooting webbing down at its treads to stop its attempt at turn-aiming. "You okay, Darkhawk? I think mine might blow up or something. Or melt down. Or… something!"

Eventually after a lot of clanging and banging, Darkhawk's tank goes dead. Silent and still, it merely sits there on the sand with all lights having gone out. When he peels himself up and out of it, he looks around and sees one last tank that has continued to roll on up the beach. It seems to be heading to where a small crowd has gathered. Launching himself into the air once more he flies for it, and peeling off the top, dives inside. The entire tank comes lurching to a stop and suddenly spins around and begins going in strange figure eights on the beach, and while the gun flails around, it doesn't go off. "Shit, shit shit, this one is out of … uh oh.." and then it takes off at full speed back into the water, submerging itself with the hatch open.

As the tank he's working on gets so covered in webbing it might as well be a caccoon, Spider-Man looks around— and crap! As the tank submurges, Spider-Man flings web out to try to catch it in the ass, and hold tight and … you know what makes REALLY bad leverage? Sand. He starts sliding through the sand like butter, "…ack!"

The aquatank fires up its engines once it is in the water and begins to propel itself forward, faster and faster, which drags Spiderman through the sand after it and into the water. Ever seen spidey waterski? You have now! Meanwhile, Darkhawk is momentarily glad that he can't actually drown in the suit since he's not physically in the suit. Still, losing it would suck and so he bails out of the tank, popping up through the hatch and propelling himself up and out of the water. "Oh, hey.. that's cool!" he says when he sees Peter skidding across the water. What? That wasn't intentional?

"Uhh! Pick up requested!" Spider-Man calls out to the guy who can fly, waterskiing only through innate spider-grace and not going tumbling. This plan did not at all go to, well, plan. "Mayday, mayday, Spider-Man has no special waterwalking abilities and drowning sucks!"

"Uh, oh! Sure!" Darkhawk wheels around and comes flying back in Peter's direction, grabbing onto him and saying, "Alright, good to go!" Once Spider-Man lets go of the sub, Darkhawk lifts him up into the air and flies him back over to shore. The remaining sub catches its rotors on the webbing and begins to sink, thunking into the depths where it might be discovered as a wreck later. "I think we got'm all," he says once he sets Peter back down on the sand, looking around and taking account. Four in total. Three disabled on the beach and one, well, bottom feeding, for the time being.

Spider-Man lets go,and lets Darkhawk lift him up and back to the shore. He settles onto the sand, and shakes his head, "That was weird and cool but yes see my intention there was to stick a landing but uhh, my feet and sand and leverage? I could explain the science of it but it would make me sound all the more stupid for thinking it'd work, even in the moment." He wipes his hands off a moment, "Soooo. Okay. Mission accomplished!"

The Darkhawk mask is completely devoid of expression, fixed as it is in that Avian stare, but there's a slight shaking to the suit's shoulders that might indicate a silent chuckling. "Hey, we did it. Maybe we should call someone and see about having that webby one brought back to the lab where we can poke at it?" He glances toward the one that has seen the least damage, and then back toward Peter. "What do you think?"

"Let's tell Mister Stark, he can retrieve it or… incinerate it, or… something, whatever." Peter, because even though he's still masked he's more Peter now then anything, waves a hand, "I'm hungry. I need food. I just can't decide where to food at."

"Okay, we'll give a call to Mr. Stark and let him figure out what to do with them," Chris agrees easily enough. They weren't shooting at anyone anymore, and that was a good thing. When Chris mentions wanting food he says, "I think there's a diner nearby, unless yo want real food."

"Diner's aren't real food? Hey, you go there. I'll meet up with you when, you know, I'm not in disguise." And with that, Spider-Man turns towards a wall, climbs up it and then leaps from building to building as he flies. Well. Falls strategically.

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