1965-07-30 - When to Wear a Suit
Summary: Halgrim, Jeb, Elmo, Amber and Jay mess around at Eight Ball, shenanigans ensue.
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8:30 Sunday night finds Amber at the Eight Ball, finishing off a losing game of pool while enjoying the very strange, and very, very welcome, pleasures of a state that actually allows alcohol to be sold on Sundays. At least the damn yankees can get at least one or two things correct. Now if she can only get someone up here to embrace chicken fried steak, the state of New York might actually become liveable.
"Aw, shit.", she grumbles as her shot goes wide, eliciting chuckles from her opponent.

At the next table over, Halgrim is saying to Jeb, "The break is very important in this game, which is nine-ball. Here in the States it's the most popular, or so I have been told any time I suggest another." He smiles at that, amused, and takes a position at the far end of the table from the diamond shape he's racked up.

"So first, we break, and of course if you put the nine ball into a pocket, you win. But that is rare luck. In order for the break to be good, I must place a ball in a pocket," he sets the cue ball down and leans over to position himself for the break, "or, four of these other balls must contact the sides of the table. Otherwise, it is a foul, and you can request we try again." Professional or not, he at least knows how to do a valid break. Nothing is pocketed, and so he gestures at Jeb. "Since I did not place a ball int a pocket, it's your turn. You can ask I do this again, if you don't like the way the balls are laid out. Of course, we can just play like this, so you can learn."

Elmo wanders in, tilting a finger at the bouncer in a 'hey buddy' kinda way. He's dressed up, in a slimly fitted wine-colored suit with a black shirt and dove-grey tie. It makes him immediately stand out—who the hell dresses like that to come to 8-Ball? He looks like he should be attending some big event, not out for beer and pool. Jeb and Grim, and Amber for that matter, catch his eye and he comes over. "Guys, hey. Amber, you play? Wanna go a round?"

Jeb is leaning forlornly against the wall while Halgrim attempts to explain the rules of pool to him. It was one thing that Jeb had not had any experience with yet. Halgrim really is doing his best trying to keep Jeb's mind distracted. Jeb does love to learn. Jeb takes his own stick and narrows his eyes a little. "Can you show me how to hold it again?" He looks up when he hears Elmo's voice and surprisingly, he smiles. "Hey, Elmo! Ah'm just learnin', so if you beat me you ain't got no braggin' rights but Halgrim here is a seasoned professional. He's been top of the league for ten straight years." Jeb is bullshitting, he's playing, which is truly a good sign as he pats Halgrim's arm gently.

"Heya, Elmo.", Amber replies, tipping her Stetson at first him then Halgrim and the seen-in-passing, but-never-formally-introduced-to Jebediah. "Gen'lmen.", she greets the duo with her unmistakable West Texas twang. "Sure, lemme finish losin' this one first.", she smirks to Elmo. That happens fairly quickly. "This just ain't my game, I reckon.", she sighs, hauling out her wallet and passing a five dollar bill to the biker-looking mutant that's giving her a shit-eating grin.

Halgrim, who is dressed much more appropriately for Eight Ball in a dark red Lund Universitet t-shirt and dark jeans, raises an eyebrow at Elmo's attire. "Just back from a dinner date that didn't pan out?" he asks, a glint in his eye, and takes a drink from a pint of what looks to be a black and tan. He rolls his eyes at Jeb. "I've just played a fair amount due to how long and dark the winters are in Sweden. It's a popular way to pass an evening in the college towns." He raises his drink to Amber, both in a hello and in a salute to her loss, nods at Jeb's request. He sets the drink aside and gestures to the one ball with his cue.

"So, the one ball is the lowest on the table. You must hit this one with the cue ball. But you may sink any other numbered ball. So you want to look for shots which clear the nine-ball, or of course, which sink it, since that's the goal." He hands Jeb a cue, one much more suited to the young man's height and reach. "Foot opposite your shooting arm forward, and you want to come straight down to the table. Then you bring your head over the cue." He gestures for Jeb to step up to the table. "I will correct you as you go."

"Shut up, Grim, Ah'm talkin' up your game." Jeb teases, elbowing Halgrim's arm lightly. He gives Elmo another lingering look that he quickly drops lest the other man catch it. He does look rather handsomely out of place in this bar. Jeb as well is in a pair of likely hand-me-down ripped jeans and a blue t-shirt that hasn't completely faded yet with an advertisement for a bar in Kentucky. He listens to Halgrim's instruction, putting his left foot forward, leaning down over the cue and aiming it behind the cue ball, he draws it back an aims for the one ball and hits it but doesn't sink it, lightly brushes it with the cue ball instead. He leans up and smiles. "Ah guess Ah gotta be a little more aggressive than that, huh? You'll have much better luck winnin' over here, Miss."

Elmo jerks a thumb at Halgrim and Jeb, asking Amber with a smirk, "These guys botherin' ya? They're trouble." He grabs a cue and starts racking 'em up. "How's five bucks sound? You can win yours back offa me." He has to fuss over the racking. While he does, he flicks an amused glance at Halgrim. "Eh, I should be so lucky. Why, you know anybody needs a date?" He adds, to Jeb, "Give 'er a little more vinegar there, Jebkha."

|ROLL| Elmo +rolls 1d20 for: 5

"Heh, don't count on it, sir.", Amber chuckles to Jeb, "'Scuse me, my mug's a mite on the empty side.", she says, tipping her hat politely as she makes her way quickly back to the bar for a refill. For her part, she's dressed in her ususal garb, dark blue jeans, collared long-sleeve shirt with the sleeves parked at mid upper arm, and the omnipresent Stetson.
"A'ight, I'll take ya up on that offer, Elmo.", she says, returning with a fresh mug of beer. "Nice thing 'bout my other line a' work, I can afford to lose pool games.", she winks.

"A little more, yes," Halgrim tells Jeb. "But, that's why you're playing me, and not for money. To practice." He has a drink of his beer and bobs his eyebrows at Elmo. "No one young enough for you, I'm afraid. Though if a particularly love-lorn student shows up in one of my classes I could send them your way." He's teasing. Maybe. Who's to say professors don't set their students up with random mutants they know?

"You could always play for items instead of money. Some of the younger ones who come in here do that," he suggests to Amber, and takes up a shot position. "Now, see, Jebediah, I come down straight, and my head is to one side, and now I move it just over the shot." He does pocket a ball this time, and watches as the rest roll about, then straightens. "It would be my turn, but you should try again."

Jebediah nearly blushes when Elmo tells him to put vinegar on it and adds a nickname at the end. What the heck was Elmo's problem, comin' in here, dressed to the nines? Jeb clears his throat awkwardly and nods at all the instructions coming from Halgrim. "She's just tellin' you that. Ah bet she's gonna smoke ya." He teases at Amber and with all the southern charm in the world, winks at Amber as he sets up to go again. This time, better than the last as he knocks the cue ball with a lot more umpfh this time and manages to actually sink a ball! "Hey! Look at that! Did you see that, Halgrim? Ah did it this time!" He cheers excitedly.

Elmo grins back at Amber like they have a shared secret. He slides off his jacket, revealing that he's wearing dove-grey suspenders to match the tie, and unbuttons his sleeves, rolling them up. "I'm actually pretty bad at this. Don't worry too much for ya fiver." He immediately proves he's not kidding by making a terrible break. "You'd think I'm good at physics, I'd be good at pool," he says, shaking his head in mock disgust at himself. "She is gonna smoke me, Jeb. Hey, ya got it, good job," for Jeb sinking a ball. And snickers outright at Halgrim, offering to send over lonely students. "Whad I tell you? Trouble."

"Vinegar?", Amber replies, peering back and forth between Elmo and Jebediah with a confused look. "Nevermind, I prob'ly don't wanna know.", she snerks, taking a sip of her beer as she watches Elmo set up the table. "Y'all usin' Halgrim as a datin' service?", she asks, shaking her head. "Shame on all y'all.", she sighs in mock judgement.
The fact is, Elmo's pool acumen is more or less equal to her own, as her first, nearly scratched, missed shot attests.
"Why are you gussied up so?", she asks Elmo, peering at him curiously. "Serious date?"

Halgrim pats Jeb on the back. "Much better. And now, you go again. Remember to focus on the nine ball as your goal, but if it's too hard to get to, it's more important to sink what you can get to and create a good shot for it. Otherwise if you take a risky shot and miss, you can open the path for your opponents." He laughs at Amber and Elmo and shakes his head. "I'm reasonably certain that would see me removed from the University, as amusing the idea is of playing matchmaker." He doesn't try to hide the fact that he's curious about Elmo's answer even as he keeps an eye on Jeb's shooting stance. Who doesn't want to hear the dirt about someone's night out.

Jeb swallows hard when Elmo takes off his jacket and is wearing suspenders underneath that match his damn tie. It's making him legitimately upset, how good Elmo looks tonight, as well as making his stomach do confusing somersaults. Halgrim's pat on his back, brings him from his irritation at Elmo for existing. "Ah don't think Ah'm gonna be takin' any risky shots, unless you consider them all risky since Ah just barely know what Ah'm doin'." He sets up to aim again, knocking a ball askew but not sinking it. "See, that was probably risky, huh?" He teases, smiling at himself as he also looks over at Elmo. "You look like you're gettin' married, like you walked right out a magazine."

|ROLL| Elmo +rolls 1d20 for: 9

Elmo laughs and covers his eyes, turning red. "Vinegar, it means— it don't mean— just means zip, yannow?" Jeb suddenly is attacking him with compliments and he turns redder. "Well, I ain't gettin' married, that's for sure. Look, you got a good suit, you gotta wear it, that's all." He's flustered, concentrating too hard on chalking up. When he makes his shot, though, he sinks the three ball. "Jeez, finally," he mutters.

|ROLL| Amber +rolls 1d20 for: 6

"Right.", Amber nods dubiously, setting her beer down on the adjacent table to line up her shot.
"Best keep it quiet then.", she notes to Halgrim with a very, very slight smirk of the 'I think I get the subcontext here, but I ain't gonna say anytihn' about it, or I'm apt to start gigglin'', variety.
Laboriously, she lines up her shot, only to have it go wild to the right of it's intended target.
"Defintely not my game.", she sighs.

Torn between sympathy and good humor at Elmo's blushing, Halgrim seems to settle on the former. "As he says, sometimes it does feel nice to dress well, even for a casual occasion. It can invite compliments, and those are good for self esteem. The outfit looks good, Elmo. It suits you well." He considers the table, and sinks the five ball, then gestures for Jeb to proceed. "I would more expect the students to play matchmaker with the professors, truth be told," he says to Amber. "I imagine some of them do."

"Ah thought you were supposed to go again because you got one in? Or are you still in professor mode, Grimmy?" Jeb teases lightly, just for something to do besides oogling Elmo as he blushes and stammers at all the attention. "Well, you do look good. Is that why people own suits? Ah thought you only needed one for funerals and interviews, and well, you get a whole new one when you're married." Jeb says, adamantly not looking at Elmo for the time being as he lines up another shot, managing to sink the three ball this time.

"Need one, sure, but what's the fun in that?" Elmo's color is still pretty high. "Thanks, Grim." He gives the older man an embarrassed but good-natured glance. Lines up a shot. Crack! In goes another ball.

|ROLL| Amber +rolls 1d20 for: 2

"I wore a suit once, tryin' to get on with the Union Pacific.", Amber says, nodding agreement to Jebediah. "I was, shit, sixteen, seventeen? Ain't no amount a' finery's gonna trick an interviwer a' that age.", she sighs. "Tho, I'm still reasonably sure they had no idea a'tall I was a girl.", she chuckles. "Th' hardest thing t' learn 'bout disguisin y'self is balancin' distraction w' truthfulness. Took me a spell t' get it right.", she notes.
"Okay, Elmo, you are startin' to annoy th' hell outta me.", she grumbles as his shot sinks confidently into the pocket and hers goes wide /again/. "I get th' distinct feelin' I'm gettin' played here.", she says, frowning with mock severity at the young man.

"I'm always in that mode, Jebediah," Halgrim says, his tone dry. "But more importantly, you won't learn if you don't shoot." He has a bit more of his beer. "A number of professions require you to wear a suit to work. Most lecturers do, for example. I'm fortunate that we have more leeway in our department. Putting on a suit every day would be intolerable. It's why I was focusing on field work." He stops suddenly, intensely aware he's opened himself up to an awkward question, and clears his throat. He says, "I'm certain Elmo wouldn't lie about his abilities at pool or use any other skills to tip the odds in his favor," and gives Amber a sly look.

"Ah think maybe you need to lay back, then. We at a bar, Grimsy, you don't have to be a professor of pool, here, alright? Ah know you probably got about seven phb's or whatever they are called, but you can unclench your jaw and loosen your shoulders here." Jeb encourages, with a small squeeze to Halgrim's wrist before he bends to shoot again but Amber's words shock him and he stands up straight. "Amber, you tried to convince 'em you were a man? That's like, a whole new level of cool. You invented your own level at that point. Can Ah get you a drink? Because Ah feel like you deserve a drink."

|ROLL| Elmo +rolls 1d20 for: 19

A fwip of feathers and a momentary glance around as he crosses the threshold into the bar, the odd colored bird in the Guthrie clan takes a low-key glance around, on the look out. His steps drag with the soft 'click-clack' of his thong sandals until he's certain the coast is clear and instead, he catches the sight of new prey. Along with some unexpected ones as well. Surprised to see Elmo and Jebediah in the same space and /not/ in the middle of a drag out fight.

Jay rounds the group to come up behind Jebediah, the wings held tight to his back reach high over his head like a giant 'here be Jay' sign upon approach. At least it's a mutant bar so he's probably not the weirdest looking thing here (coughGrim). If he's able to come up behind Jeb without being seen, the red-headed young man throws an arm around Jeb's shoulders and man-handles him around against his side rather than letting him shoot. "You buyin' ladies drinks now? Ah'm gonna have t'let momma know next time she calls."

Jay turns his smile on the rest of those gathered, warm and easy. "Hey y'all."

|ROLL| Amber +rolls 1d20 for: 16

"I wouldn't," Elmo says, stressing the 'I', like he wouldn't shark Amber at pool but some would. Some, like JP. He's leaning over to line up another shot when Amber says she dressed up as a boy, and he blinks at her. Then looks back down at the cue, trying really hard not to stare. None of this is making his blush cool off. "I, uh, I bet ya looked fantastic." Then Jay walks in. Elmo glances up at him, smiling. Takes the shot. Clack! Darn near perfect.

"I'd take you up on that, sir, if I got the job.", Amber smiles, nodding to Jebediah. "Subterfuge lasted 'xactly twenty seconds 'fore the feller figured out I was underage.", she shrugs. "Still, was worth a shot. Union job an' all. Fared better in Oregon.", she chuckles. "But if you insist.", she smiles teasingly. "A glass a' ice water'd not go amiss. Work in th' mornin', an' all.", she explains.
"Now Goddamn it, Elmo.", she sighs as his shot hits home and, again, hers does not. "You are starting to irritate me, son.", she grumbles playfully.
Jay's arrival is met with a momentary, but significant look of 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot', quickly disposed of with 'this is Mutant Town, what did you expect?' and the former's clear relation to Jebediah.
"I liked the suit.", she winks to Halgrim. "I looked mighty smart in it."

"I imagine so," Halgrim says to Amber, with the distinct air of someone being very careful, because the fact is he's old enough to be a father to any of them. "It's a shame society frowns on it. A number of women wear suits far better than men." He can't help but glance towards Jay as he approaches the pool tables, curious first about the wings and then about Jay's intended target. He relaxes at a mention of 'mommma', says to Jeb around the last of his black and tan, "One of your siblings, Jebediah?" He watches Elmo's shot and holds up his regretfully empty glass. "Grattis, Elmo, well done."

Jeb startles as Jay wrestles him into his side. "Hey! Don't do that, you're gonna give that poor woman too much hope. She's going to go right to church and start arranging the wedding and tellin' everyone in town that she knew Ah had it in me, whatever it is. That Guthrie charm daddy won her over with." Jeb fusses at Jay, poking him in the side in an effort to be released. "Oh, Halgrim, you ain't met my Jay yet, huh? Yeah, this is one of my older brothers, Jay." He pretends to whisper at all of them, making a big show of covering a hand over his mouth and leaning away from Jay. "He's my favorite but don't tell him, he'll get a big head." He smiles and leans back again. "He's number three. Ah'm number five. We got a sister and a brother before him." Oh, that makes Jeb frown a little, thinkin' about Sam. "Jay, this is Mister Halgrim. He's one of my friends. He's a professor and he's really, really, really smart. You know Elmo and this here is Miss Amber and Ah was just about to get her beautiful self a drink."

"Halgrim, do you want something, while Ah go?" He nods at Halgrim's empty cup and then looks over to Amber. "If you insist, just water, Gorgeous, but you could always take a raincheck on an actual drink if you like." And Jebediah says he didn't inherit Guthrie charm.

Jay's used to the double-takes and long looks he gathers from Amber and Halgrim. It's a weight he bears lightly at this point, meeting each of them with direct eye contact which clearly acknowledges that yes, he saw it. And seems perfectly fine with it as he dips his head politely toward Amber and a murmuration of, "Miss," that is right one cue from every southern man's book. Grim given a typically minimalistic male response in an up-nod in greeting.

"Ah'm afraid so," confirming Halgrim's suspicions, instead of letting Jeb go, he squeezes him tighter with a jostle. "We tend t'travel in groups. Ah'm pretty sure the official name fer more than one is 'a brawl of Guthries'." His eyes dance with self-depreciating humor, light as a feather in delivery as he leans over Jebediah to squarely greet Halgrim and holds a hand out. "Not on mah account, though. Good to meet ya, sir. Jeb speaks highly of ya."

Jay whispers loudly to the others, not in the least bit inconspicuous as his attention swings heavily toward Elmo. "What's got El so red? We complimentin' the sharp suit, or is he jus' whuppin' everyone and pretending t'be modest about it?"

Amber gigglesnorts a brief "Boys", as she watches he tomfoolery between the two brothers. "Amber Mueller.", she says, stepping up and offering her hand to Jay.

Elmo mutters something under his breath in Yiddish as Jay stage-whispers about him. He is so red. "That's enough outta you, Guthrie," he says, shooting Jay a wickedly amused glance. Amber winks at him, calling him a bad man, and—well, he can't get any redder, but he misses his shot, cue ball clacking off a rail and coasting to a stop in some random position.

|ROLL| Amber +rolls 1d20 for: 4

|ROLL| Amber +rolls 1d20 for: 2

Amber moves to pop Elmo in the shoulder playfully. Sorry, sorry. I tend t' pick on people I like., she says. Ain't no harm done nor intended. We're just fine., she winks.
The tomfoolery between the Guthrie Brothers is met with a giggle and a bit of a snort. Boys.., she sighs, shaking her head.
Mister Halgrim, you know these two knuckleheads?, she asks playfully before moving to offer them her hand in greeting. Amber Mueller., she says. "Pleased t' meetcha.", she smiles.

Leaning forward to accept Jay's hand, Halgrim says, "Your brother is far too kind. I *am* faculty at Columbia University, though, that much is true." His grip is strong and friendly. He takes up the same mock whisper Jeb and Jay have used. "As Ms. Amber says, he's not a particularly good actor. It's rumored she'll extract her revenge by fleecing him at poker." He straightens. "Another black and tan, Jebediah, thank you." And Elmo, well, when Amber punches him in shoulder Halgrim just smiles at Elmo, enjoying all of this far too much for anyone's good — least of all Elmo's.

"We told him he was lookin' mighty fine, all of us and he's been blushin' ever since," Jeb continues to tease in the same mock whisper that Elmo can clearly hear as Jeb struggles to get out of his brother's hold that Jay has had twenty years to perfect before Jeb came along. "It's a Reckoning of Guthries, Jay. Get it right." He teases and instead of continuing to struggle to get away, gives Jay a side hug. "Ah will get right on that as soon as this big annoyin' robin releases me from his talons." He sasses lightly in response to Halgrim's drink order. "And ah ain't kind none, either, Jay, Halgrim /is/ very smart!"

"It's one of his biggest problems," Jay agrees easily of Jebediah being too kind, teasing him on the sly but to the beat of quiet pride. Finally releasing Jebediah from the lock of one muscular arm over his shoulder, Jay casts his younger sibling a knowing look that seems to speak volumes aside. Sassed soundly, Jay smiles modestly at Jeb and whispers a gentle chuckle. "Sorry, yer raght. Reckonin'. Gotta make it properly hick soundin' fer these city folks." Turning back to Halgrim, Jay reaches to take the hand and stretches a broad wing out to annoyingly shove crimson feathers in Jeb's way. His own handshake is firm and warm, though his hands are absuredly soft to the touch.

A natural turn of his attention back toward Amber and Elmo as the conversation shifts, Jay's hands slip into his pockets, thumbs hanging out and elbows loose at his sides as his attention hovers between the two. Wing resetting itself once Jeb undoubtedly shoves it back at him, feathers slowly rise behind him, fluffing up slightly, then slicking back down slowly. "Poker? Oh, you've got his number, Miss Mueller." A half-moment of hesitation while Jay checks to see which way Amber holds her hand out to him so he can respond in kind, shaking the young woman's hand with warm firmness, his free hand clasping around the back of hers briefly so he can add, conspiratorially. "El ain't got a convincin' bluff in him. An' we know a thing or two about bluffs, commin' outta Cumberland." Oh. Mountain puns. "Where you from abouts?"

When Amber playfully socks Elmo, he drops his cue. Clatter! He dives for it, snatching it off the floor and coming up with his hair a mess. In vain, he rakes his hand through it. "I, uh, yeah! We're fine! We're, uh, great." He gives Jay a slightly wild-eyed look, mutters, "Jayyyyyy," really stretching that syllable for maximum kvetching value. "You're not helping either, Grim," he mutters, and leans over to take a shot. This one he manages to hit a ball, at least, but no pocket.

"San Angelo, Texas, sir.", she replies to Jay, meeting brief handshake with it's like. "An' I was just teasin' Elmo, here, prefer it if y' dialed it down a bit.", she notes. "He's a friend. Got me outta a helluva jam some days ago.", she says, nodding to Elmo.
"Mister Halgrim I met under Mister Lambert's auspices, I recall correctly. Newly met yer brother, sir.", she says.

"Pleased t' meetcha'."

"Smart enough to have one doctorate," Halgrim assures Jay. "Seven would be excessive, and a waste of time and money. You could just do several post doctoral stints." He clears his throat as Amber asks them to lay off Elmo. "Of course, Amber. Elmo, my apologies." He sounds sincere, at least, but there's a gleam lurking in his eye; the knowledge that Jeb is unlikely to be so willing to let it all go, so really, he can afford to. "Mmm, yes—I like to work at Saganaki, rather than other restaurants. His courtyard is reserved, it provides a space for those of us less comfortable in the main dining area."

Jebediah gets a face full of red feathers and he huffs, pushing Jay's wing back towards him and for good measure, giving his older brother a rough shove though he can't help but giggle in between tryin' to tell Jay, "Yer such a big pain in my rear, Jay Guthrie." He punctuates it with another shove and reaches up to try and tousel his brother's hair before he tries to escape before Jay can retaliate so he can go and procure those drinks for the group.

Shoved and jostled, Jay wavers slightly on his feet, smiling harmlessly at Jeb as he wanders off to fetch drinks. "In the job description, Sprout."

Elmo goes diving for his cue and is defended by the young lady and all, Jay's attention falls on the small mutant man and holds there, boring into Elmo while he lines up his shot. Or one might call it such if not for the bright amusement held in his gaze. Serene smile curving upward by the corners. Daring Elmo to spare a single glance in his direction. "El's got a thick skin." Feathers whisper and shiver behind him, Jay's attention finally stealing back to Amber. "But if you'd rather, Miss Amber, Ah can stop sayin' nice things of the man. Ah like 'Bert's place. Ah used t'spend nights over there when Ah first got here, when Ah didn't have a place t'hang mah hat. 'Bert was one of the first friends Ah made when Ah got here."

"It's okay!" Elmo's voice breaks and he clears his throat. "Jay's my buddy, Amber, he's a good guy." He makes the mistake of glancing at him. And covers his face. "I, uh, I give. I'm terrible at this game. Here, take ya five bucks." He digs for a bill to give Amber, which is a great excuse not to look at anybody.

"Nope, you beat me fair an' square.", Amber replies to Elmo, pushing the offered bill firmly, but gently back. "I owe you.". digging out her wallet and fishing out a fiver. "Bet's a bet, an' I /never/ crawfish on a bet.", she says firmly. pressing the bill into his hand. "Good game , sir.", she says, giving at tip of her hat. "Anyhow, Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure.", she says, yawning softly. "But I'd best be gettin' back now, gotta lot t' do on the 'morrow.", she says, tipping her hat at everyone. "I wish y'all a most pleasant evenin'."

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