1965-07-31 - Dropped Calls, Pt.2
Summary: The exciting conclusion of what happens when you break the X-Ternals property and keep a guy from talking to his kid.
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|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 15


JPwas, for Nate's assessment, down, but not out. JP was alive enough to make that car hit the turd that blasted him ans his little girl's phone (for serious, he may for the guy to write her an apology note with a broken hand if he lives). Just to prove you can't keep s agood man down he rocked himself back up to his feet and leaned into the step a bit.

The force-blaster was stunned from the hit of that Chevy that hit him, but rolled out of the way before it could back over him again. Luckily this bought JP time to close the gap.

Elmo laughs when the big meathead shows fear. Lightning dancing between his hands, he lunges towards him, feinting. He almost doesn't react when Nate calls to him, but the ground rumbling—he feels that! The electricity drops away into the ground and Elmo darts the hell out of Nate's way, still laughing, wild eyed.

Nate walks with a fury in his eyes, one of them literally ablaze with brilliant light of Psionic energy. As SOON as Elmo moves out of the way, JP might get beaten to the punch as with just a thought, Nate attempts to send the highly muscular fellow, who somehow managed to stay standing after being hit with a chevy, COMPLETELY through the building to Nate's left, an unused and abandoned building that he seems to want to remodel using the body of the guy who broke JP's phone.

He messed up bad.

JP had eyes locked on target. THat Nate grabbed the guy that he wanted to introduce to his wrongs, and then ''put'' that man through a brick wall (for once, not his brick wall)? That was teamworl. Gearhead's hand came up and two fingers pointed to Nate in that silent gesture of: I'm buyin you a beer for that later. Still the scrappy Cajun with no offswitch was prowling after this guy. He hopped up, letting the trunk of that Chevy come as he walked up the car, hopped off and then headed into the hole. He wasn't going to quit. A sing-song call followed, "Aaaaaas hoooooole…Ou es-tuuuu?"

Elmo's eyes get real big as Nate just mows the dude down. "NATE! God damn!" He laughs even crazier. Shit is getting destroyed and he loves it. He dashes after JP. Because he's going to have to stop him.

Nate is honestly kinda surprised to see JP and Elmo practically cheering him on for wrecking a warehouse. But hey, as Elmo just laughs and rushes to stop JP. Elmo's more than enough for that, right? If Nate has to get involved…well, they'll know. But he just puts his hands in his pockets, stops using his power (which means epic Nate Grey eye-blazing stops too) , and simply follows Elmo at a nice walk. Since the enemy has been mercilessly stomped, quite literally, by the X-ternals.

|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 19

JP lept into the hole of the warehouse. The cool thing about warehouses is was a lof of things were connected and a lot of things werein the immediate area. Inside the bully boy was reeling and scrambling, winded to crawl out the garage door opposite. WHen JP lept off the car into the hole, fingertips grabbing the edge he managed to tag metal which seemed to be all he needed to grab the warehouse as a whole to 'tag' it. THe garage door on the far endrolled to slam shut and two cock workers looked entirely stunned. The guys that were on teh other side of the now closed bay door tried the street door to no avail.

This might be a spectacular time for Elmo to get involved. JP marched up over there, grabbed the kinetic by the ass of his pants and dragged him back on teh polised concrete. He flipped him over with a heavy punch following. "THi," hit number two was leaving the phone assailent dazed, "IS MY…BLOCK" heavy fist landing like punctuation marks. Oh yeah, this was how his pun ass landed in jail again. Well shit. "You gon' tell my lil girl you sorry?>" JP's knuckles split on the guy's face. It didn't slow him down much. The knife was still in his back pocket for who knows how long. "TELL HER…YOU'RE SORRY!"

Elmo scrambles over the car and leaps through the hole. The doors slam and he jerks in surprise. "Nate, that you?" he calls. He doesn't stop running, though, and flings himself between JP and the unfortunate mutant. "JEANUSHKA!" Elmo grabs JP's wrist as the other draws it back for another punch. "He's DOWN! It's over! It's over, stop!"

Nate looks at Elmo. "No." he answers quickly, before he walks towards the doors, and soon enough, he watches as Elmo tries to separate JP from the kinetic, but in case that fails? Nate helps out, physically using his powers to DRAG JP away if he has to.

|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 19

JP would not, not now, and not ever, lay hands to Elmo. Elmo was smart enough to know that. JP also had about thirty pounds on Elmo and was absolutely going to- no Elmo grabbed his arm. "No he GON' 'Pologize!" He was definitely trying to wrestle around Elmo to the guy. Sparkplug held him off though later…much later… Nate would get a thanks or at least a beer. Soles of his boots slid him back from where he was trying to be leaving Elmo, and a lot more distance between JP and the man he wanted to turn into hamburger meat. "Sparkplug she gon' think somethin happen'." He yelled at the poor bastard learning a lot of hard life lessons today like brick walls are not spongey.

Elmo wraps his arms around JP's chest and just refuses to let go, getting pushed one way by JP (those thirty pounds JP has on him are entirely muscle), then dragged as Nate pulls them away. He scrabbles on the concrete, trying to brace one way or another, and totally failing. The scrawny little guy can't find any purchase and has no weight to use. He can do one thing though and that is yell at JP. "Jeanushka! LISTEN TO ME! You're NOT GOING BACK! Jean-Pierre Marius Bonaventure snap out of it!"

As soon as Elmo is literally forcing JP back, as JP is screaming at his enemy, he looks at him and he takes a deep breath, still remaining calm as he approaches JP and Elmo, putting a hand on JP's shoulder. "Jay, how much does your kid know about you? She know your a mutant?" he asks him curiously.

JP swallowed and was just fuming. He did, however, hug elmo back. No one in that warehouse wanted to get involved. Gearhead did refucos his rage when his name was being slung back at him. Finally one of the guys spoke up, "Christ, JP, not in my warehouse. You okay?" See one of the thing baout running a block was making sure you gave into teh community and that meant good neighbours and fewer cops. He wasn't up for talking and nodded letting Elmo make the calls there. Finally JP spoke up and it was to answer Nate, "Yeah, man. She know everyhin. She wan' be a butterfly when she gets older an' everythin." NOW he ws thinking about that little kid, and Elmo's council. No he didn't want to go back. A brusised and bloodied hand pointed, "Get tha' asshole cleaned up an' drop off at a hospital or somethin. Not here." It was probably time to head back. "Why you ask, Nate?"

Elmo's legs are quivering from massive amounts of adrenaline. He bumps his head into JP's chest and lets out a shaky breath. Only then does he let go, catching JP's unbloodied hand on the way and giving it a squeeze. "Sorry, Greg," he says to the warehouse guy. "He's okay. We're gonna get that hole patched, all right?" You don't leave your neighbors with cars through their livelihoods if you want to maintain your street cred. "I gotta get him outta here. Nate?" He puts an arm around JP's back and steers him around. "Back home, tateleh."

Nate then takes a deep breath. "It'll be difficult for me to do right now, but I can mentally connect you with your daughter and you can have that conversation. Like nothing ever happened and you can explain the situation. I'll maintain it as long as possible. and don't worry…I won't be listening." he tells JP. "Don't worry about the phone." aaand Nate is probably doing JP a HUGE solid. Let's just hope he can maintain it for a while. Though he nods to JP. "But we do it back at the garage and get out of this guys hair." he points at Greg.

JP was just pained and could back Elmo o that oe, "Yeaaaah we get these guys build you a new wall. We make sure no one touch you shit, mon ami." WEll, free security and a wall fix? It really helped to patch things up." Halfway out the hole JP's demeanor lifted considerably, the favour not lost at all on him, "You do that? You can help me talk t'Amelie?" OH someone just handed him the moon. He looked to Elmo and back to Nate shaking his hand tryign to get the sting out. "Man, I owe you. Huge."

Elmo clambers over the wreckage, sticking by JP's side as if he was glued there. He's starting to shake with the comedown, adrenaline cooking out and leaving him cold and with muscles like Jello. "Uh, wow," he says, looking at Nate with eyebrows aloft. "You can do that? Hell, Nate. That's amazing." They grow 'em big in the future.

Nate looks to JP. "Yeah, I can. I sense that she's just out of my telepathic range, but if I push it, I can connect you two. Like I said, Don't know how long I can hold it, but I can give you enough time to do what you gotta do. and you don't owe me shit, knock that off. It's what family does." he pats JP on the shoulder before he looks to Elmo. "Yeah, I can." Nate is a powerhouse of the group, to be certain. "Let me just find a place to be comfortable…it's going to take my full focus."

JP was greatly assuaged. The fight went out of him withthe promise that they might still be able to let him at least let Amelie know he didn't mes up. She doesn't have to be scared about that. JP turned in the street and hugged Nate. "Yeah, it what family do, but I at least make ya dinner." his hand flicked out and tap-tapped his chest. "I' keep it short, oui? Oui." Bonaventure's boots stopped him in the street where glass plastic and metal were strewn about. He murmured, "Hell wit'all these dimes we can prolly jus tbuy a new phone."

Elmo looks surprised as JP hugs Nate. Then smiles in genuine pleasure. Everything's okay. He even pats Nate's muscular shoulder, light as a sparrow landing. The first physical contact he's ventured to him. Elmo didn't even shake his hand when they met. Hasn't handed him almost anything, instead tossing things to him. It means something, that he touches him voluntarily now. "Glad we got you around, Nate. C'mon, guys." He's already thinking about how to cobble something together to loot all those dimes.

Nate is slightly surprised to be hugged by JP! but he pats his back and nods. "Sure, if you want." he smiles lightly, before he looks at Elmo. "Happy to be around. Let's go home."

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