1965-08-03 - Brothers
Summary: Loki, Thor, and Kai meet over dining in Asgard's great hall.
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There are mortals scattered here and there, friends of Kai who he's invited to bask in the glory of Asgard. Who knows where they are today? Kai has lost track of them. Ah, well. They're adults. They can look after themselves. The Elf is in his fine courtly regalia, looking rather noble, himself. He cleans up nicely when he's not slumming on Midgard. It's the dinner hour, and he walks along a table laden with roasted meat and delicious things. Food isn't what he's looking for. He's on the lookout for a familiar glint of dark hair and emerald green clothing.

Loki is at the far end of the banquet hall, a goblet in one hand, laughing, with a little copse of people around him, all just trying to gain favor with the currently-in-favor Prince. A careful observer would note that some of the mannerisms are cautious, from the people. They have not forgotten the man's capacity for evil, either.

Thor is simply arriving at this rather gallant banquet hall, Stormbreaker in hand and his bare arms for some reason gaining a great deal of attention. Otherwise, wit ha single throw, it will find itself in his room in the palace. Because where else is he going to put it? Regardless, winning smile? He garners most of the attention very quickly. Except maybe from Loki's entourage. "Hello! Hello!"

Kai spies Thor first, and he smiles brightly. "Prince Thor! It's so good to see you. I was just looking for…" There he is, Loki! Kai waves to him. "Your brother. If you don't have any other plans, would you like to join us?" Sure, Kai should probably ask first before inviting Thor over, but surely Loki won't mind, right? "I haven't seen nearly enough of you while we've been here."

No, Loki's entourage is definitely more interested in Thor, who is about 90 percent more often in favor than Loki. Loki's friends are Thor's better friends. Holding his goblet still for a moment, he smiles for Kai, but it doesn't quite fill his eyes. He rallies a bit more, walking closer to Kai as Thor is invited in their direction. "You do know how to make an entrance…do you not? I could do better. Less…thunder though."

Thor smiles softly to Kai. "Young Kai! Good to see you. and trust me, it's been rather boring on Midgard. Good to be home." then he looks to Loki. "Brother! Of course I do. We've been at this for long enough that royalty should always make a good enough arrival to cause every head to turn their way, no?" probably a playful teaching of Queen Frigga that Thor took way too seriously. "But, it is good to see you again, Loki." and he'll give one of those big brother smacks to Loki's back, probably hard enough to give him a small jolt forwards.

Kai winces a little at the back smack, and he gives Loki a small, sympathetic smile. Yay family? "This is the longest I've spent on Asgard," he tells Thor. "But to a good end. My parents will be given a chance to start over on Alfheim, and though they will be banned from Asgard, they won't be in prison anymore." He takes a random goblet off a platter and raises it. "So here's to that."

Loki is definitely jolted forwards some, but he also smiles to Kai at the news. "Good…Alfheim will ever be enough for them. Did you…give…it back?" Loki asks nebulously, then glances to Thor again. "The skill you never learned was how to turn it off when its not appropriate."

Thor just erupts with some laughter. Besides, he needs to get used to having all the attention. He's the Crown Prince after all. "Ah, Loki, I've missed our talks. But you're probably right." his eyes shifting to Kai. "Oh really? I'm very happy to hear this Kai. here is definitely to that." He accepts a goblet that a servant gives to him and he lifts it to Kai, then downs it. "Another!" and he slams said goblet on the ground. "Wai,t return what?" he looks at Loki then to Kai. then back to Loki.

"What my parents took," Kai tells Thor. Though he doesn't quite approach his drinking with that same enthusiasm, he does drain half the goblet in a few gulps. "And that's still being debated," he says to Loki. "Probably, yes. There's an argument being made though that in my hands it's actually helping people rather than being on display in a vault somewhere. I doubt that reasoning will lead anywhere, but it's being considered."

"Reasoning from whom?" Loki asks curiously, though he doesn't press it further than that. Almost at once, he changes the subject, also, leading in with, "Thor…what happened to…you know…the usual hammer? You do not suppose that /I/ could have it?"

Thor looks upon Kai with a small nod. "Ah. I see. Good." he looks then to Loki with a small smile. "Brother, last I checked you could not even lift it?" he teases him lightly. "But…a disagreement with Hela in her own dimension when I attempted to retrieve Balder by force led to it's…destruction." he seems pained to hear it. "Thus did father order the creation of Stormbreaker. I am told it is a Kings weapon."

Kai shivers a little at the mention of Hela. "It's certainly impressive," he tells Thor. "Indeed worthy of a King, I'm sure." He sidles over so that he's closer to Loki. "Your Mother doesn't seem to entirely despise me," he replies, perhaps answering the Prince's question as to whose reasoning would have him keep the artifact.

"Yes yes, its very nice. Bigger. Marvelous, I'm sure." Loki lets out a soft sigh when he hears that Mjolnir is destroyed. Now…he'll never know. He slides his arm around Kai and gives a squeeze. "Well, perhaps we could go on an adventure anyway, together, like the old days. I…managed to find my bow…after all this time."

Thor smiles to Kai. "Indeed!" he smiles then happily before he shrugs. "Eh, not quite." but he looks at Loki as he seems to be sighing and complaining mildly. "I like the idea of going on an adventure! Oh? you found your bow? Marvelous!" he says loudly. Of course, Thor being the naturally louder of the two brothers.

"We should go on a hunt," Kai says, clasping his hands together. "With your bow, Loki, and my knives, and Thor's Stormbringer. We'll bring home something huge and formidable. They'll sing songs about us." Big words coming from a pampered-looking Elf. Aren't they supposed to be peaceful in Alfheim? "I was taught archery, you know, but I haven't done it in a hundred years."

Loki hmmms. "Something huge and formidable, indeed. Some deer would look ridiculous being hauled back to this feast hall, their skin melted off and charred by lightning." Loki chuckles. "Certainly, songs. We should go. There are hundreds of creatures that need handling from the guard. They will not mind us claiming one. I still would love to hunt down Malekith.."

Thor smiles to Kai. "Hah! I love it. I approve and will join you two in a grand hunt! Tell me, shall we bring a colossal dragon from Musphelheim? Or will we bring the remains of a great turtle on Vanaheim?" he asks curiously, before he looks to Loki. "I too, would love to hunt down the vile Malekith."

"Malekith will pay for what he did," Kai says, "one way or another." He smiles at Loki. "In the meantime, we've already thwarted him. Every breath I take feels like spitting in his face." To Thor, he says, "The bastard had me killed. For no reason! I didn't do anything to him. Luckily, I'm alive again."

Loki swallows. "I…got the bow from him. Sort of. I told him I would need it to complete a task he asked of me. He will regret giving it to me, one day."

Thor ahhhs lightly. "Very true, very true. and don't worry, we won't let your death go unanswered." Though his eyes also shift to Loki. "Oh?" his arms cross. looking Loki in the eyes. "What 'task' did he set you to accomplish, brother?" yep…back to the old schemes.

Kai glances between the two Princes. "I feel like someone should be the voice of reason," he says delicately, "and point out that it would behoove you both to receive Odin's blessing before getting too far into a plan." He pauses, then admits, "But I'm blatantly sucking up to him right now, so take that with a grain of salt." Ah, still trying to impress the in-laws.

Loki grins at Kai. "Thank you for the reminder…and perhaps we shall, or perhaps this is all talk and nothing will come of it. We shall seeeeeee. For now though, drink and merriment?"

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