1965-08-09 - Messages From Pigeons
Summary: Pietro readdresses the sword of Damocles in the room
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Pietro was quiet. Everyone should be suspiscious. EVERYONE. Today was a painfully slow tour of the financial district; so far lookie no touchie. So…far… Where is Pietro anyways? Well he appears rght here though all of he hairs on teh back of Strange's neck should be on high alert as those pale grey eyes seemed to size up the city.

Uh oh. Stephen's just leaving one of the banks located in this neighbor revolving around the dollar and its applications. A mis-laid bill needed to be addressed and he's wearing a pretty dark scowl to go with his fairly dark clothing. Despite the heat, he's in an ocean-blue dress-shirt and black slacks — like as not, he Gated in nearby rather than suffering the subway or the stuffy interior of a taxi. He sighs sharply and stuffs the folded paper into his pocket with some vigor. Ugh. Mundane messes.

Pietro was watching the buildings over there. Soon pigeons began to teleport (read: Pietro was lightly jogging and bird knapping) one bird… and then another appeared, and then another until in a fraction of a thought there seemed to be close to 18 pigeons forming a birdicade around the Sorcerer Supreme. See it is not Pietro's doing! Pietro is still over there.

One pigeon, two pigeon, three pigeon, four —

— …five pigeon, six pigeon, seven pigeon, okay, what in the seven hells?! Strange looks up to find himself suddenly surrounded by the cooing featherer city rats and draws up short in his next step in surprise. The birds take to flight, realizing that they are abruptly grounded rather than sitting upon high and waiting to poop on the next unsuspecting target. Once they've flown off, he lets his hands drift back down to his waist rather than as shields and glances around.

He spots Pietro. Eyes narrow. "…Pietro," he says loudly enough to carry. He then points one finger imperiously at the pigeons before lifting an eyebrow. Was that you?

Pietro had the glorious audacity to look surprised, "Stephen! You are here. What pleasant surprise this is." He walked over painfully slow deliberately not addressing the pigeons. Really what pigeons. Wait, why was there a ring of bird seed around Strange. Oooh look they are wandering back. "You are seeming very popular today. Come, if you are done playing around we have things to discuss, I think."

The flat expression ensues — might as well have confirmed to the Sorcerer that the silver-haired speedster is responsible for this shenanigan. Strange steps over the birdseed while shaking his head.

"You have the oddest taste in pranks, Pietro," he says quietly as he steps up beside the younger man "Nonetheless. Things to discuss? By all means, I have some free time on my hands today." Those are in his pockets now. He seems ready to linger where they are, out of the immediate sidewalk's busy flow of traffic, or to walk along with Pietro should it be more of a meandering conversation.

Pietro turned and walked with Strange thoughtfully, "Is about father. I am not thinking… he is going to be back from his crusade any time soon but, I wanted to offer to you to maybe move forward with marrying sister. I am worried about her and is bad for Billy to see this taking so long. Also I feel we have harassed you enough and yet? Yere you are. Is good."

Discussing Lensherr? That wasn't too unexpected. Indeed, the Sorcerer himself had been wondering not too many days back precisely what the man was up to. Now, the whole marriage bit?

It's enough to make not exactly stumble in his pacing, but he then pulls up short, if only briefly. "Wait. Wait-wait, what — move forward with the marriage?" He's nonplussed through and through, his normally-staid air blown away entirely. Strange then frowns, gaining an extra inch in height for how he draws up in mild affront. "Bad for Billy? How on earth is it bad for Billy? He's said nothing to me about it."

Pietro arched an eyebrow and shrugged giving Strange that look, "Seeing you drag heels? Eh can give wrong impression. Also? He is not here and you?" Pietro's head dipped to teh side, eyes on everyone else as they walked, "You are family? You should be being family. I say so." Now he looked back to Strange, "All her life I never seem my sestra happy but this. Is important to her. Is…important to me. You are smart man I was thinking was obvious."

The Sorcerer closes his mouth. Opens it. Closes it. He then huffs sharply, something that many a close companion has noted as an expression of restrained annoyance.

"I am — we are not dragging heels," he firstly objects, his voice low and still even. "I haven't spoken with your father and I'm not about go into handfasting without doing this. I'm fully aware of the magnitude of his abilities." Self-preservation, always important. "And I am family! She wears a ring, she said 'yes', this makes me family. We are…" He fades out for a second, eyes flickering away as he weighs something in his mind. "Pietro. We're soulbonded." Those sharp eyes flick back to the younger man again. "I don't expect you to understand this, but it means that we are together whether or not your father has an opinion — and you as well. I didn't even need to offer her a ring in the eyes of the Mystical community. I did because of society and its archaic opinions on marriage in general." Someone's prickly now!

Pietro frowned and blinked slowly to Strange as he went off. Finally, quietly, he said, "Maybe is for the rest of us too? Maybe is important for not just yourself. Maybe, again father is not coming back like he sometimes do. How long we wait then?" The speedster raised a hand and… squeezed Strange's shoulder. "Maybe I am wanting this for the family. If he does not show, is left to me. He is father to us? Three year. She is sister to me all of life. I tell you, Stephen, do this. If he is wanting to say something then he should have been here to be saying something to. He can take it up with me, but do not waste your life or hers on fickle men that are caught between two wars that cannot be won." Pale eyes watched Strange for a moment longer, squeezed his shoulder and then? There was a gust of wind and no Pietro.

At Strange's feet there was a pigeon in Pietro's place.

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