1965-08-11 - A Meeting of Leaders
Summary: JP runs into Lorna, happenstance perhaps, but because of it there is the basis for cooperation between the Brotherhood and the X-Ternals.
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Around Mutant Town is one of the few places that the green haired girl in a biker jacket, rocking all those pins, patches and badges, and that ever distinct Omega shaped pyramid studs across the back has some recognition. Not everyone knows she's Brotherhood, but everyone knows she'll land a hand to fellow mutants in need. On the other hand, she's not always the nicest, and has known to carry herself even when others tried to bully her.

Right now she's by the pool table, just sinking the 8-ball on the pocket she called, earning herself some money for drinks. Her disgruntled opponent suggesting she cheated, but she just hands him the cue stick, "I got it off the rack, didn't bring it from home, can't you just take a loss like a man for crying out loud?"

JP waded in looking like 155# of trouble in worn jeans with dirt and grease ever present somewhere around him. Hands rough and knuckled bruised from recent adventures. His jacket, going into Eight Ball was always present. That was armour, and armour was life in these streets, especially for an analog guy like the X-Ternals big brother guy, Gearhead. The conversation overheard amused the Cajun to no end, "Thought the real man always lose gracefully? You pride that fragile?" Oh he was one to stoke a fire. He ordered up his beer with a smile like. Woefully he offered the guy, "Guess dignity ain' you gift, huh? Is too bad."

JP's inserting himself into the argument seems to settle it all the smoother, as Jerry the man who just lost to Lorna in pool, tosses her cue stick on the table, before giving her the money promised. "Fine, fine, you won fair and square," he grumbles, glowering at JP, "I'm not fragile or anything, just didn't think broads could play," he snorts and makes his way out of there, pride wounded despite his claims to the contrary.

Lorna, for her part, just collects her winnings. "You know I could have handled it," she notes to JP, if only to make it clear she wasn't a damsel in distress, and she wasn't about to reward him for intervening on her behalf. "Still…more than any other would have done, so I guess, thanks for caring." She turns to the bar, ordering herself an old fashioned.

JP sipped his beer and shrugged, "If it help, I ain't do it for you. I did it cause he' a prick." That grin on him might never have seen a bad day. He thought about it and nodded, "I do care when peope don' wanna own their shit though. Swear t'god my lil girl cries less than some of these fuckers." He upnodded, "JP. Some call me Gearhead. We ot the garage." Of the same anme two streets over. "You Lorna, oui?" How many other green haired ladies were there? Not many.

Lorna is served her drink and takes a sip, before turning to glance at JP from the corner of her eyes, eventually turning to look at him directly. "Refreshing…doing the right thing because it's the right thing, I like it." She peers at JP, as if measuring just how much grease and dirt he has on him, before extending her hand to shake hands, her fingernails match her hair and eyes, polished in green. "We met before? Or you heard about me?" Within Mutant Town? It's very likely one would eventually hear of Lorna. Outside of it? Not so much. "Either way, nice to meet you, JP. Mind if I ask why Gearhead?" She peers at the stains, "other than the obvious? It's more than just you working at a garage, isn't it?"

JP brushed his hand off, just in case, before extending it to her. Hey, the man worked for a living. There were hazards there. Shaking her hand without being an ass about it he shrugged, "Not necessarily. I mean th'name came aroun' long b'fore I was me. But yeah, I dabbe in machines. " That grin came back, TOO amused, "Heard about you, cause my eyes open t'some of the shit goin on. Also cause Sparkplug's Sparkplug, and Nate gave you a good thumbs up." He squint looking at the social diaspora around the bar. "These people hurtin. Was jes' glad we ain' the only ones seeing it."

"So cars and motorcycles and things of that nature?" Lorna asks, whether intentionally or not, giving the impression she really wouldn't find her way around a garage. "Oh? Not sure I know Sparkplug, but Nate's with me…we stopped that asshole Senator Williams from passing Anti-Mutants Legislation, we do good by the community here…at least we try."

JP warmed a lopsided grin that was powered by his amusement of that one question. "Any machines. An' yeah. Nate's been helpin us out too." He paused mid-sip, finger coming around the glass. "Great work on that Senator. I heard' bout that." He eyed her carefully and looked around considering his words, and finally, curiously asking, "You know Nate you know about them robots, hmm?" The Cajun had the sense to keep his voice down and finally just parked his ass on the stool not going anywhere for a bit. "We' gonna have a meeting later, at the garage, an' if you' moved to you are welcome t'get in on that. I know Elmo, Sparkplug? He worried but honestly? Big picture don' look great. X-Ternals? We don' get our hands into political shit. Ain' our forte. We kinda.." He squint and tried to find one of those fancy, graceful ways of putting this, "We tend to be a lil more direct but I was thinkin we might be able t'help one another out." He sipped his beer leaning on the bar deciding what he wanted to say and looked to Lorna like she might be able to wrap her head around the implications of his statement. "M'lil girl? She' turnin seven soon. Odds are great she? Lots other kids? They gon' be havin a really rough time with how things is goin. Somethin's gotta give. Things can't stay this way."

"That so…? He's eager, that's good." Lorna grins when JP shows appreciation for the work on the Senator, "had to use a Bugle man for that, he thought we were going to murder him. Silly. Murdering a Senator would bring a world of trouble to Mutant Town." She tilts her head a bit, considering the question, before eventually asking, "you mean the prospects of the future?" She puts it as neutral as possible, not making judgement with the question itself. "Ah…X-Ternals, I was trying to place you," Lorna notes, "met this Elmo fellow, a bit timid, isn't he?" She nods as JP correctly has a gloomy outlook for the future of his daughter, as well as all other mutant kind, "you're right. Which is why the Brotherhood is taking a stand," only fair, he showed his as well.

JP finished his beer and offered a hand again with a squint in his eye. "Yeah. He's good people though. I think… we on the same page. Come by the garage. Tell anyon JP said to." It was an odd sort of leadership quality, not on weight of word, but the trust of it. "I think we can help one another out. DOn' worry about eatin. I usually cook for a small army. Jes know? Brotherhood don' stand alone. Hopefully we see you aroun'." He licked the foam off his upper lip and set the pint glass down. "Work calls. Sadly, jes' bein groovy don' pay much do it?"

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