1965-08-11 - Surprise Ninjas
Summary: Julie and Sage try out the Danger Room.
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The Danger Room's been… upgraded, with completely unheard-of technology …today projecting images of a mass of girders and steel scaffolding, some kind of construction site… With some ninjas that Dizzy seems to be trying to evade, leaping between girders with that uncanny sense of balance of hers.

Sage would love to poke at said tech, but well. She hasn't been given permission. Instead, she's functioning as an observer. She likes getting the overall picture, you see. « You may want to put a little more power into your next three jumps. The girders are precisely 5 inches higher in this series than they were before. » Besides, it gives her a chance to exercise telepathy. Which she doesn't do a lot, really. But it's an easier way to communicate in this sort of situation.

Julie gives a little wave. "I won't tell the building inspector, I guess," she quips, leaping a bit further. To find one of those ninjas leaping right down in front of her. "Oopsie." She sends a hard punch, then some buffeting the hologram's way. "Real interesting machine, this." Well, she'd had a hand in building the thing, herself, but also has little to no idea how the alien tech actually does what it does.

Sage would quote Clarke, if the guy had bothered to come up with his third law in the 60s! « I do not think I understand it myself, » she admits. And Sage's understanding stretches quite far - though Julie has the better of her in tech no doubt. Sage is all about other things. « One day I would enjoy looking at the inner workings to understand. » She turns her attention back to the battlefield as it were. « Open warehouse window to the east. »

Julie says, "Roger that!" She unhooks one of her big bolas from her belt, swinging the weights at her current attacker, and then whips it across to another girder, the far end wrapping tight with a Vrrrr…. And swings in an arc over to a nearby row, running along toward the nearby warehouse window. "Hope it's not a bad guy warehouse," she muses."

« Unfortunately, » Sage chimes in, « I can't tell you that. As realistic as these manifestations are, they don't have minds for me to prod at. » She does have a map, however. And she can see a lot of the terrain directly from her little booth. « Attempting to bring up the interior plans of the warehouse as we speak. »

Julie gives a look behind as she gets ahead of pursuit, leaping hard for the windowsill, pausing there to fling a couple of buzzsaw blades near the nearest ninjas, hopefully to dissuade pursuit. A flashlight comes out as she looks for a place to land inside. "Walkway," she murmurs, probably more for the telepathy than anything else. Covers her light a moment and looks around for signs of activity.

Fingers run over a keyboard. She has limited access, it seems. Or it feels. But really, the system is forcing Sage to work as though she really had try to find the information. « All right. Catwalk extends the length of the warehouse, north to south. I imagine you'll want the southern-most exit. Though I suspect you'll find an ambush. »

Julie meanwhile, is shoving a stack of crates in front of the way she came, cause, ninjas. She hrms, adjusting her grip on her bolas again as she slips on forward. "Then I guess this could turn into a bonking exercise after all."

« If you find you need a hand, I'm sure I can find a way into the exercise, but we wouldn't be able to plot out a route so neatly, » Tessa explains. « I imagine the program will decide to send in more and more foes the closer you get to the predetermined goal. » Which of course, is obvious. While she waits on a reply, Sage looks over the street maps and building plans, some easier to find than others. Some are public buildings.

Julie thinks, as she sneaks along, "Yeah, get out with the widget for the thingie. We oughtta have you hang out in the city inspector's office more often," she thinks, making her way toward the southern exit, glancing for alternate ways down. Like… the rope for a hoist hanging nearby, …down that she goes.

« That might be difficult to do outside of this simulation, » Tessa notes, missing entirely if Julie was just joking. « Though many buildings are on public record… » There's more shuffling. « Through the exit should be… 50th street, » she adds after a moment. « Which means the exit for this course is a few blocks away. »

Julie hrms, "I hope they got a beer, there. I'm gonna have aches." She hrms, and spies…a forklift. She smirks and extends a hand to feel for the brake. There's one way to hopefully bypass an ambush. The thing starts rolling for the doors with a Vrrrrrr.

Whether it's the program's own stupidity, or because the program -thinks- Julie is in the runaway forklight, the ninjas do in fact jump out to confront the driverless vehicle. Four of them in total. One of them overestimates his jump and gets smacked by the vehicle as it keeps going, heedless of the ninjas. « Ambush? »

Dizzy smirks, "Hey, I could be pretty good at ambushing, what you think?" She whips her bolas at a pair of those ninjas with a bigger VRR, hoping to ensnare them both, then sets out at a trot as she builds speed with the forklift, pulling out a smaller set in case of more. "Few blocks which way, again?"

« Good at diffusing them, » Sage agrees. She consults the map. « West. For two blocks. Then south for one more. » It sounds easy enough, and visible ninjas are behind Dizzy and tied up or knocked out. Convenient!

Julie makes a break behind where the forklift is, dashing for the street as …arrows are snap-shot at the driver's seat, then after her as she holds up a hand to disrupt their menacingly-spinny flight. "Arrows… Who does that?" Well, ninjas, presumably some that were hanging out in the building frame, ducking among parked trucks and looking for a side alley.

« Alley immediately to your right continues for 50 yards and then diverges to in the direction you're wanting, » Sage says, scrambling as the program tosses out surprise ninjas. There's something nobody wants. Surprise, Ninjas!

Julie ducks that way, indeed, this time not pausing to slow her run, this time. …hopefully, not too many more surprise ninjas, though her mind's drifting a bit to that beer. Pauses at the end of the alley to catch her breath and glance up and down the street.

There's a tinny little announcement of 'scenario complete' and then everything fades away. « Well, that could have been worse. » Suddenly she's face-to-face with Dizzy, thanks to the deleted cityscape, and not in an entirely different building. "I rather like the illusion of size the program provides."

Julie oofs, a bit, panting, and glancing up at the room. "Crazy. Pretty convincing, though. Ain't really moving parts in it. A lot of cabling we had to run down here, though." She peels off her yellow eyeshields, and says. "Care for a drink or something? Yuli gave me some nice vodka a while back."

Sage considers. She nods, even as she looks around, as though expecting to see the cabling Julie mentioned. "A drink would be a nice ending to this," she agrees with a nod. "Lead the way."

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