1965-08-15 - Dead Girl on Date Night
Summary: Something something, date, something something Dead Girl. Ultimately, Athena's Wisdom is shared.
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After all the fun that they had when Thor and Diana went to the movies for the first time, Thor decided to invite her down to a walk with him through New York, namely starting in Brooklyn. The sun was just starting to set, so was this intended to be a more romantic meeting? Who could say.

But…Thor was actually dressed nice! He wore a suit and held an Umbrella in his hand, which was actually Stormbreaker in magic disguise! But judging from the way the Thunder God paced lightly, he was nervous.

Diana for her part treated as she does most of her experiences on Man's World, an experience. Something new. Something to learn from. For once she was quite amused by the Oracle Vision like story told by this cinema that Thor took her to witness.

Diana was dressed in Man's World approved acceptable wear, a pair of capri pants and a top, both in matching baby blue. Thanks to her divine nature, she saw through the illusion keeping Stormbreaker from raising alarm, and smiled knowingly at Thor, "a clever bit of display," she noted without giving away the secret.

Thor pauses in his steps when Diana spoke, the warmest smile upon his face. "Why thank you, I thought it was a rather sly play." he approaches Diana and attempts to reach for her hand.

"How are you, Diana? you look…beyond compare."

"That it is…I usually make do with hiding in plain sight, I once had to pass a longsword as fancy back decoration to an evening gown," Diana recalls with a playful smile. "I appreciate the kind word, the same holds true for you," she winks in lieu of calling him God of Thunder.

"A dress?" Thor says looking rather impressed with the thought. "Clever indeed." he'll hold her hand. "Why thank you Diana. So…uhm, shall we walk?" she made him nervous!

"This is not my first outing to Man's World, and I am a Princess, I've had to wear dresses before," Diana assures Thor there's nothing quite unusual about it. "So we shall…I liked this projection of an Oracle's vision, it was delightful."

Thor smiles lightly. "I never put that into question. you likely had everyone's attention." he chuckles then as they walk through Brooklyn. he looks at her and he smiles "Tell me more about Themyscera." Thor asks with great curiousity

"As I said before, I am a Princess, as you are a Prince, no doubt you're familiar with the ways of the court…" if only Diana had known. Nevertheless, she still expects Thor had mastered such requirements of royalty. "What would you like to know? There are many things in Themyscira, it would take far too long to just prattle on end," she laughs.

Thor is dressed rather sharply, while Diana is merely dressed in baby blue capri pants and top. They are walking about, locked in conversation.

Thor walks with Diana, though in his hand is the 'Umbrella'. the sun is just starting to set. Though with a smile, he chuckles at Diana's words.

Hey! he's adventurous and Rowdy, but he knows the way of the court!! Either way, he ponders. "Hmm…tell me why Themyscera is hidden from the rest of the world?"

*BANG* It's the sound of a revolver shot. Followed by a second and a third. Quickly, six. "Holy shit, holy shit!" cries a man, who's clearly bitten off more than he can chew.

"You are *such* a jerk!" Comes a voice- one Thor might recognize. "Oooh, look at me- I have a gun so I can steal purses and wallets from people! Oooh, I'm such a big man! Well, you know what, some of us aren't afraid of bullets! What's it gunna do, kill me?!"

Should the pair gaze into that alley, they'll see Dead Girl- with several large holes in her body. The top quarter of her head is just gone- missing completely. Dead brains and body parts spattered on the bricks behind her. "Oh, is that a knife? Whatchya gonna do, stab me?"

The man does, indeed, show his steel and stabs Dead Girl right in the chest. "You finished?" she asks, hip cocked to the side as she reaches out and grabs the man, "You're coming with me, you rude man! People gotta right to walk the streets without people like you making their nights nasty!" The man is shrieking now in terror as the zombie girl drags him towards a dumpster, and into the trash he goes. She crushes the lid shut so he won't be able to get out before turning and giving a wave to Thor.

"Hi Thor!" The Zombie girl offers, still missing chunks of her torso, a knife sticking out of her chest, and a quarter of her skull just not there. "Hey, who's that with you? Hi lady!" she offers, chipper and upbeat.

Diana is certainly turning to look at the sound of the commotion, only Dead Girl proves more than sufficent to handle the wouldbe fellon. An undead? Quite interesting and unexpected outside the realms of Hades, which is precisely what she blurts out, given the circumstance, "how in Hades' name are you walking upon Man's World?" Diana asks, incredulously, of Dead Girl, before being greeted, which only prompts her to recall her manners. "Oh, of course, hello. I am called Diana, Diana Prince. And who might you be?"

Hearing the gunshot, Thor defensively seems to turn with the intent of defending Diana. but then..he sees a familiar face? Oh, it's Dead Girl! With a chuckle and smile on his face, he smiles to her. "This is my date, D-" Diana is a strong independent woman who can introduce herself! mmkay! Thor chuckles. "Hello Dead Girl. Hard at work, I see."

To Diana's question, Dead Girl just gives a shrug, "I'unno. Just am, you know, very zen. You can't have an answer to every question, right?" Dead Girl wonders, "Oh! I'm Dead Girl. At least, that's what I go by now. It seems apt, yeah?" she wonders, with a bright smile.

Before their eyes those horrific wounds begin to knit and heal with stunning alacrity. The gaping holes in her chest from the revolver bullets seeming to knit closed even as the bit of her skull that is outright missing starts to fill itself back in.
"Oh, you know, a friend of mine came by here and that jerk there stole her purse! Can you believe it?! In New York City?!" Dead Girl asks, incredulously. "I mean, no one ever really steals from me when I'm walking down the street." Those red eyes gaze on- glowing like angry portals into Hel or Hades itself. She wields necromantic and necrokinetic energy effortlessly- as if it were a natural font of death. A vision of the beyond. Angry and baleful, those eyes- despite the happy and peppy person they seem to belong to. "Super spiffed to meet you, Diana!"

"An Oracle can," Diana defies the notion one cannot have answers to all questions. Even if it is not her gift, she does knows of those who have it, though some of them claim it is more a curse than a gift. "Very descriptive…" Diana notes, somewhat glumly, "but if it suits and you like it, that is how I shall call you." Inclining her head slightly at the difference mentioned between Dead Girl and her friend, Diana notes, "I'd imagine the prepatrators are much more scared of you than of your friend." Just a fair, non judgemental observation. She does look a bit at a loss at the word 'spiffed', turning her head quizzically to Thor, assuming he can explain.

Thor is looked at for translation!! Screw you Loki! HAH! But Thor takes a crack at it. "I believe it is Midgard speech among the youth meaning happy or excited. sometimes awesome I think?" He looks to Dead Girl for confirmation. he's still very olden-days in terms of vernacular. "Dead Girl is a large help in keeping evil off the streets those here wander."

"Aww, I'm not that big a help." Dead Girl says, "I just don't like bullies, that's all." she says, "I'm really more of a peace and love girl, when you get down to it. You know, like relax and listen and feel the love of the cosmos!" Hippie-Dippy Dead Girl. "Anyways, I mean, it isn't like getting shot will do anything to me." The knife is still sticking out of her chest though. She barely seems to notice it.

"Oh, yeah, people are super scared of me. Except kids. I have a lot of fun with kids." she says with a wide grin, a bright thing that lights up her pale, dead face. She is every inch a corpse- any warrior would know a corpse when they see one. "So! I'm not interrupting anything am I?" she wonders, "I don't do a lot of that sleep stuff anymore, so I've got lots of free time." she remarks. "And yeah, spiffed! You know, happy! It's spiffy!"

"A goodness then," Diana nods and turns to look at Dead Girl with approval. "I appreciate the good work you pull towards keeping the streets safe, Dead Girl." Diana smiles warmly at Dead Girl's reasoning, "a noble reason indeed, I daresay nobody likes bullies. Not even bullies themselves like to be bullied." Diana shakes her head to signal nothing is being interrupted, "you've only interrupted that bad man from causing harm."

Thor chuckles a little bit. "What's not to like? Children are the most innocent of souls. goodness attract goodness, but villainy as well. thankfully, you're knocking skulls together." he gives Dead Girl a thumbs up. "Oh! not interrupting anything. We're on a date..erm.." Thor blushes! he looks at Diana " and I believe we are having a good time?" he smiles before looking to DG. "Truly! I meant it Dead Girl, even the smallest pieces contribute to the grand artwork."

"Yeah, and I'll come and visit him another time." Dead Girl notes, as she pulls a wallet from her own pocket- taking the man's ID. "Got his address and everything." she says with a grin. "I'll give him the full creep-show treatment, at least for a couple of nights so he knows that there are Dead Girls who wander around after the sun goes down and that they are not nice to mean men who steal poor girl's purses." She grins, a bit wickedly. "I'll do the whole come up through the floor routine. That's classic. Or, ooh! Maybe I'll just show up in his bed one night, right. Cold body against his. Whisper in his ear." she giggles and gives a hop, "Ooh. It'll be so much fun."

"Yeah, Kids are really cool like that. They don't start looking at you as something scary- well. SOme do. But, once they see that I'm not going to eat their brains or anything they're usually pretty cool with it."

"A date, woah, so I *am* interrupting!" Dead girl says with a bit of a frown, "Oh, man. I didn't like ruin the mood, did I? I mean, wait! I know, did you guys eat? There's this pizza place down the street, and it's open late. Sal, the owner, he's a real nice guy! I love to go in there and smell the pizza. I don't really eat anymore either, but I can really enjoy the smell."

"I would suggest, rather than torment him, find a way to use your gifts to teach a lesson," Diana offers in all seriousness, "instead of just scaring him, tell him the hauntings will stop once he promises to change his ways and do good upon society. You are the only one who can decide to what ends you use your gifts, think bigger than just revenge, Dead Girl," Diana smiles as she offers her perspective. She doesn't seem to have a similar understand of the concept of the 'date' as Thor does, or at least she sees it differently. "By helping an helpless victim you've done nothing but make the world a better place, I assure you."

Thor laughs a bit as he looks to Dead Girl "No no, You have my word, you are interrupting nothing, I promise." he laughs a bit but he nods. "Oh really? I do like pizza…" the Asgardian Crown Prince looks to Diana as she offers her Wisdom of Athena to Dead Girl. With a smile, Thor nods approvingly at the ladies's exchange.

"Hey, if I wanted to get him haunted I could do that, too. I don't like to wake the dead, though. It really peeves them off, and unless you gotta do it you really shouldn't. Ghosts are craaaazy." Dead Girl notes. "Seriously though, the ghosts don't leave me alone already and calling one *back* from beyond? Idiotic. Just a big chore." she's completely missed the point- but young Immortals being what they are.

"So yeah, Sal's is over this way." Dead Girl notes, "His grandfather was from Sicily, and it's been in the family for three generations now." she explains, "It's my favorite pizza place. Largely because he's not the kind to throw me out."

"The dead have earned their rest, you would really cross Hades if you played willy nilly with his realm." Diana seems quite confidant of what she speaks. She does follow the others, while looking a bit concerned at something. Eventually she stops walking and notes, "if you'll excuse me, this night have been long, and I tire, I must withdraw…thank you for a charming time, Thor, and thank you for your heroics, Dead Girl," with that she turns to leave.

"Me? Heroics?" Dead Girl asks, looking a little confused. "It's not heroic if I have nothing to lose." she remarks, "It's just a bigger fish telling the shrimp who's boss. That's all." she says, hands going up to push away the praise. "Well, I mean, we'll do Sal's another time!" she offers with a bright smile. "I'll let you guys do your thing- hey, Thor, sorry for being the third wheel." she says with a sheepish grin. "I'll be going."

And Zip! Dead Girl is gone, falling right through the street into who knows where. Just phases through the solid matter.

Thor nods very softly to Diana as she announces her leave. he attempts to kiss her knuckles and he'll watch her go, looking confident and happy. oh! Dead Girl is gone too. oh well! "Heimdall!" And Thor disappears in a beam of rainbow light.

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