1965-08-16 - Island Spelunking (pt.2)
Summary: Some things are best left buried…but they are so much cooler if you try and dig them up!
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maximus kaleb 

After some making out, the cave lures with phantom-like sounds, eerie blips and drips, and odd whirrs, like deep within is something else. Perhaps there is a reason the cave is not obviously inhabited by any creatures…

Kaleb could do that another couple times. God this was a fantastic and Kaleb was nigh unrecognizable as the 5th Avenue tactically dressed control freak he was. It was the beep, not the dip that got him. He was half awake when it occurred to him that they didn't HAVE anything that should beep. "MAx… did you bug my-your coat?" He didn't know the answer was yes, but he assumed that's where the beep was. No… His brow furrowed and slowly he put himself mostly together. NOW… now the Miller was curious in that ask a hundred questions sort of way. Fingers combed back through his hair looking down the cavern curiously. "Something's beeping… or… something is moving in …a path? A mechanism. I can't… see it to shape it from here."

Maximus looks at Kaleb in a lazy, half-lidded fashion. "I do not have anything currently that is beeping. No. But…we'll need a flashlight because I am not a bat, like you." And surely they brought that. Max is happy to be the holder as they go exploring, while Kaleb sees a bigger picture wrapped in sound. In the cavern it is difficult to make sense from all the bouncing sound waves…but there are definitely different hollows, a path leading downwards into broader chambers.

Kaleb snerked and corrected, "The Bat of Wall Street." Oh if only he knew the truth of Bruce Wayne. Helpfully he said pulling his t-shirt over his torso. He wasn't a laborer, but four years on the rowing team haven't left him to wasting away yet either. "Well if you want to hold onto me I think we can manage, unless," He turned arching an eyebrow, "You know how to make a torch. My valet is a bit far to send up here to illuminate and roll out the plush rug." Yes he could have some fun at his wn expense because he could guarantee if his Valet WAS here that would be happening. He grinned a bit, "C'mon. You want to find out what the ancestors were up to?" His voice split and went sing song in two octaves, "Something is still whirring and running after all these yeeeears."

Presumably…going to just assume that they brought appropriate exploring supplies, basic things like a flash light. So, he pulls one out of their backpacks and travels along with Kaleb. As they head into the cave, it is rough hewn for a while, before signs of intentional carving becomes evident, and hewn stairs spring up. The pair must be very careful going down them, since they are slick with general moisture. Ancient murals are on the walls here are fading into nothing, damaged by that same moisture. Those still in tact enough show glimpses of Inhumans entering a triangular container.

Kaleb walked carefully. Just because he could hear things didn't mean that he was immune to them. Slow, careful step took his time. He pointed with a furrow of his brow, "Woah, what's that? Sleep chamber of some sort?" He pointed while trying to sift the sound out with a minimal effort. This though was history. "Uhhhh they aren't sacrificeing them are they?" He doubted but he was going to ask. "How old you think this is?"

Maximus puts his hand against the wall where the drawing is, touching the chamber. "No…I don't think so. These are a thousand years old, perhaps? The old chambers…to expose a person to the mists. But, this seems very ritualistic to put them in the dark like this. Secretive, even." The steps stop, and the source of the whirring draws nearer. It IS old machinery. Glimpses of a large, square, metal tank are evident, and further from that, pipes, and two triangular, vertical chambers. These are nearest the set of steps. But beyond them is a large chamber, and shadows of seats can be seen…like places for an audience to sit.

Kaleb spoke quietly comprehending, "Terrigen rites maybe? Maybehistorically there was a bestowment and less science projects? Maybe the Kree gathered to watch? I'm…. I'm picking up the chamber nearby? THere's… an opening and a sort of gallery like the old surgical galleries but this? Has… Hmmm 2 triangular shapped monoliths but that… might not be accurate. I just know the hard surface is there." His eyes left the relief in teh wall and floated to Max with a wry grin, "C'mon we'll go check it out and I promise to touch nothing blue."

Maximus stares at Kaleb in the dim and shadow-casting light. "Yes…I highly advise against touching anything blue." He grins faintly, then walks along with Kaleb further into the strange room. More and more begins to be apparent. First, its definitely as if they have come down the backstage stairs…and that a larger entrance must be somewhere else, for this dias leads to many many seatings, like a small amphitheater underground, and there are dark holes at the top of the theater, leading out. Possibly into the city? But the machine that is working…or trying to work, at least, doesn't have a clear purpose. It hisses now and then. Then beeps. Then clicks and whirrs. Then it stops, then starts all over again, like a machine trying to reboot in a cycle. Maximus is drawn to the triagular things, and he puts his hand on one, testingly, definitely less danger to him here.

Kaleb let Max have the torch and worked on letting a low frequency trill sound off a snap of his fingers. "Thiiiiis was definiately important to them. There's… vents? Maybe for the mit? Maybe they bring it in. Sounds like there's a machine stuck on loop like… um… you know when athe needle gets to teh end of a record and it just skips around the middle because barbairans don't watch the arm to protect it and turn it to resting state?" Hethans! all of them.

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