1965-08-17 - Follow Your Nose
Summary: Danielle and Amanda chase off a minor magical intrusion.
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Amanda is taking cover behind a rocky outcropping, as something arcane explodes on the other side of it. "I told you not to bring up cereal mascots!" she mutters. She ducks to avoid another shot, and then counters with a quick spell - a simple, if not similar, blast of magical energy. "We just had to convince them to leave the forest!"

"It's not /my/ fault his nose is that size. And color," Dani retorts. When Amanda launches her counterspell, Danielle uses the moment to charge from the cover of a thick tree, plant a foot on a good rock, and launch herself up into the air just enough to loose two arrows on the heels of Amanda's blast. She tucks and slides as she touches ground, skidding smoothly behind the same outcropping. "Just be glad he's not wearing an oversize captain's hat."

Amanda Sefton quickly touches her hands to three small stones and tosses them in three directions. When they hit the ground, the purple-glowing stones explode into thick, brilliantly purple smoke. "Okay… that should last a while," she mutters. Somewhere behind them, the long-nosed guy explodes into rapid fire cursing in… some non-human language. "We need to herd him back to the portal."

Danielle pokes her head over the rocks and squints. "Right. I think he dislikes me for some reason." Could be the nose jokes. Could be the number of arrows she's peppered him with. "I'll get him to chase me that direction. You whip up a nice big whammy to shove him back through as soon as I'm clear." As she speaks, she tucks her bow and quiver into a nook of the rocks for safekeeping. And because sprinting is hard enough without big leather bag slapping awkwardly into one's hip. "Okay?"

Amanda Sefton stares at Dani for a long moment, then tugs her closer and sneaks a kiss. "Don't do anything more stupid than this," she says with a faint grin. She nods, though and immediately drops back down as she considers the possibilities. Ohh….

Danielle winks cockily after the smooch. "Who, me?" She takes a deep breath, exhales. Then she's gone, darting out from the rocks towards the billowing purple smoke. Might as well make the most of her 'surprise' as she can! Her voice can be heard, shouting another nose-related taunting at their increasingly perturbed opponent, just as she breaks through the smoke. Without breaking stride, she makes a sneering face and rushes past Big Nose, nimbly zig-zagging a bit in the general direction of the lurking portal.

Amanda counts to five before she pops her head out. Confident that Big Nose is chasing Dani, she wiggles her fingers to dissipate the smoke more quickly, giving her the better view she needed. Arms swirl and fingers wiggle. C'mon, c'mon… and right as the portal is between Dani and the target, she finishes casting her spell….. And because silly immaturity is today's theme, a big green hand forms behind Big Nose, and promptly flicks him back through the portal. Doink!

Amazingly, the plan works without a hitch. Big Nose is too focused on pursuing the nearer of his unanticipated tormentors, and fails entirely to notice the portal. And the big green hand doinking him back through. With a wail of frustration fading almost as fast as the portal itself, the wilderness is soon calm and quiet again. Dani slows to a jog, then a trot, then finds herself a good tree to lean against. She's breathing hard, but a wide grin lingers on her face as she recovers.

Amanda Sefton poofs into existence in front of Dani, as she cheats - and teleports - to cross the distance between the two. "You have got to stop doing things like that," she insists more seriously. "I think you just enjoy the stern look I give you afterwards!"

Danielle straightens up, rolling her shoulders as muscles cool down. "You do look beautiful when you're steamed," she concedes unrepentantly. "Besides, it always seems to work without a hitch…. well, okay, that /one/ time, I stumbled, but it was fine." She reaches up and finger-brushes a bit of Amanda's hair back into place. "I'd offer to let you do it next time, but I can't whammy them half as good as you do."

Amanda Sefton rolls her eyes, but her irritated expession vanishes when Dani pushes the stray lock of hair out of the way. "And you run faster than I do, anyhow." Assuming she's not cheating and teleporting… but using it to 'run' is just too damned exhausting.

Danielle smiles and steps closer to her girlfriend, looping her arm around Amanda's hip. "I know it's not always the /best/ of plans, but it seems effective against these run-of-the-mill twerps. As soon as I come up with something less stressful and more effective, you'll be the first to know. I promise."

Amanda Sefton pokes at Dani's stomach, harrumphing as she is wont to do in these sort of situations. Which means… she does it a lot, since she and Dani seem to always deal with the… not world threatening magical nuissances. "You better."

Danielle dutifully grunts and grins, then smooches the other girl's forehead. "C'mon. We can grab our stuff and make sure the wards are reset. And figure out where my featherbutt horse has gotten to."

"I am so telling him you called him that," Amanda says, her good mood restored. She grins wide and teleports away before Dani can get her. Moments later she pops out from the rocky outcropping, holding the bow and quiver, as well as her long coat. "Over here~"

The Cheyenne snorts and trots back the way she came, heading to join Amanda. "I still don't know how the two of you manage to constantly conspire against me," she mock-grumbles when she's closer. "Seems like I should get at least a little respect from /one/ of you.." Her eyes unfocus for a few moments, in that distant way she gets when she's 'talking' with Brightwind. "…oh, come on. He's keeping his eyes closed." Grumblegrump.

Amanda Sefton hides a laugh and a grin behind one hand. She just points out with her hand, gesturing at the edge of Brightwind's tail, visible swishing about near a tree. "I think he settled over there when you told him to take cover."

Danielle glares at the offending tail, and crosses her arms. "At least he stayed close, this time," she concedes grudgingly, then lets out a crisp whistle. "If you want to be brushed down when we get home, you better get a move on," she calls into the trees. With an unmistakable attitude of happy innocence, Brightwind comes clopping over, to whuffle at Amanda before turning those big dark eyes to his rider. "…tt."

Amanda Sefton gently pats Brightwind. "Can you believe her? She thinks we conspire against her." While one of them doesn't speak horse and the other can't speak English! It's quite a feat! She smiles brightly. "Come on. Let's go home and get the three of us fed, yes?"

Danielle hurmfs as she tucks her bow and quiver into their places on her saddle, then smoothly swings herself up onto Brightwind's back. "Fed and cleaned, at a minimum," she agrees, leaning to offer Amanda her usual arm up. "I think we've all earned it."

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