1965-08-17 - To-deader Again
Summary: Where the courier of Death and Dead Girl meet
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A summer day in Colonial Park- kids are out in droves, some with their parents and some without. With school out for only a little while longer the young people are enjoying their precious final few days out of school.

Somewhere in those ten blocks of green-space, though, a girl lies on her back- watching clouds. She's smoking a cigarette and quietly enjoying the summer.

She looks out of sorts, though. A font of deathly, necromantic energy. Natural in it's form and function- but unusual all the same. A unique expression of Death. A Corpse that walks and talks and controls itself. One very Dead Girl.

|ROLL| Reno +rolls 1d20 for: 15

Reno nearly hit a tree as the crow glided through the park looking for important things: Bagels, mice, cute pigeons that will probably give him a fake phone number… because pigeons don't have phones, dead women sun bathing, and random bits of- wait what?!

Talons clutched the branch and with a hop he turned watching, yes, DeeGee minding her own business. "Woah" Did… did the bird just say woah? Crap! "Uhhh I mean caw. Totally caw. Caw?" yeah he wasn't the greatest at this. Huh! Still this was more interesting and perhaps problematic than a half a bagel. Still she wasn't marauding or anything. He watched for a long moment and witha hop and a flap and a glide, hopped down out of the tree and the crow grabbed grass with little birdie feet carefully walking over.

Dead Girl is just enjoying the feel of the sun on dead flesh. If, indeed, she can enjoy such a thing- or feel anything. She puffs out a bit of smoke, a ring shape as she purses her lips.

With all the noise of the kids, Dead Girl doesn't really register the bird having talked as it flew overhead. There's a lot of noise.

STill, those baleful, glowing red eyes turn to look onto the approaching crow. Quiet. Blinking. A raised eyebrow. "So, what's your story? Possessed a bird or something?"

Reno-bird took a half step back. His head tilted and he looked around. Eeeeh screw it. New York talking bird? Least of the Big Apple's problems. "Uhhh, sorta?" He walked over and with a fwip! of feathers folded his wings back. "Soooorta like one of them Hey your ancestors are responsible for this freaky scary stuff aaaand we're out of ancestors. It's your turn don't break anything kid, you' figure out the job thing." The bird had a New York Latin accent. Because of course they did. With less confusion and more optimism he offered, "Sometimes I'm a hair dresser, buuuut that usually doesn't carry the same street cred I guess. But, yeah, sometimes I'm a bird. You always… like this?" He was at least a little sensitive about it though he seemed chatty, "I met this one dude he was like made this way. Never alive or nothin and used to be a few other people. I guess some organ donor programs are better than others. I dunno what kinda helath care coverage they got but I bet'choo they paying a huuuuuge premium."

"Sounds like Adam. He's a nice guy." Dead Girl says, first mentioning on Reno's statement regarding a guy 'made this way'. REally, he's the closest she knows to himself. "Anyways, I wasn't always like this- but I am now. Dead is pretty permanent, as it turns out." And there is no doubt that she is, indeed, dead.

Very Dead.

"It's not so bad, though. Lots of free time, most people don't really bother me, and I can just sort of chill out wherever I want."

Reno went to snap but, oh righ, bird body. One wing propped out with excitement which…seemed to confuse him. he looked at it. Oh well. The wing gestured forward, "That's him! Tall guy looks all," He bird's brow creased for a moment. "I can't really do that withut being people but yeah like that dude. You met the dude." He walked arond and moved slightly out of her sun, "Well, uhhh, my condolences Officially. I'm glad to hear things are kinda workin out for you. Though like, ya know, bein dead ain't free or nothin. Work's gotta be tough. You alright? No East Villagers wih itchforks?" Less a judgement, and more a genuine and very real concern.

"Eh, sometimes people get a little freaked out, sure- but most people get over it when they see I'm not exactly violent or anything. Peace and love, you know, that's what I'm all about." Dead Girl says with a little smile. "Anyways, what's a pitchfork going to do? Kill me?" she says with a bit of humor in her tone.

"I usually hang out in Mutant Town, but really, I go wherever I want. Do what I want. I'm not bothering anyone, and it isn't a crime to be dead."

Reno offered in answer of what would a pitchfork do, "Hurt your feelings? Ya know they are already mean to a lot of us for like, um, ya know, a lot of things. Don't make it right." He looked around and the crow flapped up and in a somersault in mid air like undoing a feathery origami, the figure unfolded from inside into an all of five and a half foot Puerto Rican that looked at least neatly dressed in lieu of anything expensive or too fine.

There he was though, crouching and from there, sat offering a hand out to her. "Reno. Reno Cordova. Nice t'meet you. The Mutants can be pretty nice there. You eat? cause there's a guy out that way that makes the best stuff with this crazy cheese."

"I can. Don't need to, though." Dead Girl replies. "I like to smell it more now anyways. I can't really digest anything so it just sorta sits there, you know? Gotta get rid of it later." she shrugs, "Life of the dead, food is for the living."

Reno should be ooged out. He really should but his dark brow creased and really thought on that, "Oh, yeah I guess that'd be kinda super uncomfortable." Huh. Arching an eyebrow, fingers picked idly at the lawn. "Weeeell normally like I'm supposed to help people with like their unfinished business, buuuut you isn't a ghost…" His voice drifed off really uncertain of the protocol here. "I don't thik I can help you tan?" He wasn't even sure, though his eyes went back to her curiously and offered her an apologetic look, "I'm still figuring some of this stuff out. Sooo you got a name? You need like help with some stuff? Even if it's moving my cousin knows these guys who can hook you up."

"I'm Dead Girl." Dead Girl answers simply, "That's what I go by now, anyways." she shrugs, "It suits me. And really, I can take care of my own unfinished business." Indeed, she's not really… lost. She's right where she belongs, a wedge betwen life and death.

"Lots of ghosts in New York City, though. You'd think it was a slaughter house or something with all the dead people wandering around this place." Dead Girl says- "And it really isn't uncomfortable. Sometimes I still eat. There's a certain comfort in going through the motions."

Reno nodded accepting it all at face value. Hey he wasn't going to tell the dead how to prioritize thier business. With some embarassemnt he rubbed his face with one hand, Hey, I've eaten mice before. You ain't gonna find judgements from me. But! Butbutbut, if you DO get a hankerin and' you like want some qualiy food? See Bert at the soggy gnocci place." He indended Saganaki but the guy was only familiar with so much of other languages. "Sitll good to hear you got things sorted. Lotta people, even the livin? They still figurin it out."

"It is what life is. People can't figure it out. It isn't supposed to be figured out." Dead Girl says, "Life is a chaotic mess of emotions and confusion and decisions. Death is a whole lot simpler. It just is. An end of one journey, the beginning of another. AT least, for me." she says, with a shrug. "The ones who don't move on- those are the ones who are really sad. The ones that don't even realize they're dead- just stuck in their daily routines to the point they continue even after they're dead."

"Sure, I'll go through there sometime. I'm sure I can enjoy it vicariously, at least. I do enjoy the smells. The way people smile when they eat. It's a good look for people."

Reno nodded thoughtfully, "Yeaaaah. The people that get caught far from home? That's sometimes the hardest." He shook his head and pushed his fingers through feather-black hair. "It's been pretty neat though. Scary at first, ya know, seein ghosts and things breakin down like…alla time? Scary. Then I'm thinkin, like a person that needs help just a person that needs help and it's what He asked me t'do so… yeah. You ain't wrong. The Wizards? Sometimes they get a little hung up on that stuff. You get to meet any of them yet?"

"Probably." Dead Girl offers, "I'm something of a point of interest to those types, as it turns out." she notes with a little grin. "As you might imagine."

"I'm where I belong, though. I do what I need to do. I've got as much right to be here as anyone." she notes, as she begins to roll another cigarette. Just something to do with her hands.

"I mean, they seem to notice me, too- the ghosts. It was just part of dying, I guess. A lot of stuff has happened to me like that."

Reno nodded and offerd with a friendly half-grin, "Well, it's gotta be true. I mean I did." He shrugged. "Kinda like your friendly neighbourhood tour guide to the land of the dead. Sometimes other places. But yeah I mean when you die weridly, things get really busy and then? Kinda weird how overly simplified little things get. THough, really, I dunno of many dead folk with a body. LIke maybe you one of the lucky ones. I mean youc an talk to people. that's super groovy."

"I can help them talk to people, too." Dead Girl notes, "Weaken the barrier between life and death and let them appear. For a little while, at least." Dead Girl smiles, "But, I don't usually do that. It's bad joojoo, you know?"

She finishes rolling her cigarette, leans back, and lights it up. "I have a unique insight when it comes to ghosts. Being dead, and all."

Reno nodded and smiled enjoying the company and the sun, "Yeah, we get to have that unique view on things. Hey, I have to go see a lady about a hospice thing, but maybe I catch you around. Really nice t'meet chu." with that he folded, impossibly really, and Death's Courier as Crow lifted a wing and gave her a friendly salute before getting a one step launch back into the sky.

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