1965-08-23 - Operation: Robbing the Robbers (pt. 3)
Summary: A High speed chase turns into a very, very low speed chase as a moose on the loose and a telepath rerouting traffic patterns tie up the cops so the Warehouse Team of X-Ternals can try to have time to take care of their end of the bargain. A cop is convinced to quit the force, and a florist finds out the hard way you can't arrest wildlife
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The X-Ternals went to go rob some Robbers robbing a bank.
The idea is to let the Robbers(tm) do all the footwork, and let them make it back to the hideout where the boys will "relieve them of their burden" while Nate and Sev slow the cops down so they have time to take and take off.

With Elmo having acquired a police scanner for Jeanne d'Arc, JP's 64 GTO, the 'Home Team' had a way of keeping tabs and progress on what the 'Away Team' was up to progress wise. All in all at last a good way to let the cops keep them informed without anyone knowing none the wiser.

From above the city it was easy to keep a bead on things from the Upper West Side just south a bit into Hell's Kitchen. Nate and Severin would easily be able to keep tabs on the robbers even before the bank started being most excellent surveillance. They could make a plan but no plan survives contact with the enemy, so really? Why bother!

Sirens were wailing and cops from all over the Upper West Side were honing in on the bank with a Lincoln and a Thunderbird tearing away from the scene like bats out of hell. There's gunfire, cops, and traffic. To make some sort of headway the two cars seemed to try and split direction, which was fine because Sev and Nate didn't have to follow the cars. They knew where the cars were going. They just had to slow the cops down enough to let the other team score and dash.

This was the part in the police chase… where things got a little weird for the NYPD, and this is their story…

You know what really confuses the heck out of some city folk? A moose. And not just some "little" moose but a full on bull moose with a rack of horns the size of a Honda. This animal weighs in at a little over a thousand pounds, is eight feet long, and stands almost seven feet in height, and that's before the antlers. You know what happens when city folk stop to gawp at a giant woodland creature sedately wandering down the road? Traffic jam. Severin is an apt distraction. People pull over, take pictures, call their friends down from balconies and out of storefronts. Some children are dragged off by their parents so the giant animal doesn't step on them when they try to feed it. Chaos. There is complete chaos surrounding Severin the Moose as the cops have to not only go around, but stop to find out what the commotion is all about.

Nate Grey Was already high in the sky! Looking downwards as his eyes narrow upon the sirens wailing and keeping an eye on the robbers and Team A via his literally ridiculous telepathic range. Nate looks down below….and moves a shit ton of grates into the middle of the road to force the police to take an alternate route after they probably have to divert themselves after Moose Severin! TEAMWORK. Better get a strong start, right?

The Lincoln and the Thunderbird went roaring down the street with every cop on the Upper West side closing in. Right now it was from the one angle, but eventually they would be coming from more sides. It is quite a thing helping people escape so you can burgle them.

The Lincoln managed to zip past where Sev was, but the Thunderbird swerved, almost hit 2 oncoming cars from the east and was forcibly rerouted that direction. The T-bird caused oncoming traffic to adjust, pedestrians screamed at the car but started to panic, and also wader close because that was a giant moose! "Woah! Look at the big antler horse thing" No, Little Timmy that's a thousand pounds of Canadian-Cajun Moose mass right there blithely wandering through the street DARING some puny car to smack into him.

Smuckers couldn't make a jam this thick if they tried. Cars stacked on and behind cars trying not to hit the moose, people or one another.

THe Lincoln was making pretty decent time forward, though on the far edge of Sev there were a couple of cars with sirens that could be heard. Here in the heart? OH things were at a standstill and the three closest cop cars turned sideways both to block traffic and try and deal with… al… of this.

"Borkowski what do we do about this!?"
The man named Sgt. Borkowski got out of the driver's side door and took his hat off staring. "I dunno, phone it in?"
"Uh huh… to WHO?"
"The K-9 unit, Stebson"
"K-9? A dog can't take on a twelve hundred pound moose"
"Well get three and stack em up!"

The good news with the grates is they were able to buy that T-Bird some valuable time and now the cops were having their attention split three ways!

There's a reason that there are signs in Maine that read "Break for Moose. It could save your life." In a collision between car and moose, the car is likely to suffer some serious damage. Severin begins to adjust his meandering to create more of a jam, dragging it slowly onward to the point where the cops would be cleared from one side, allowing the burglars an out and forcing the cops to divert even further around while Nate works on his side. Teamwork go. He makes sure to check on Nate and where he's setting up his grating to create a kind of channel that the team could get away through.

Nate is easily talking with Severine with the psychic link he placed between them. a temporary one…but it makes communication wickedly easy. «Good work, Severine. Try to push them up north…I got a trap waiting for them.» Almost creepily…a path is already being made for Team A even before the car gets there. People don't know why, but they start opening doors and clearing alleyways.

Nate is still flying overhead before he lands on a rooftop where he can get a really good vantage point. Not bad.

Well Stebson and Borkowski phoned it in and the response back was, to try and deal with the Moose. In the distance more sirens but they would be a ways off still with the pile up. "Hey it's moving… where… we need to… go, DAMN!- oh, I'm…sorry m'am." Stebson was not having the greatest of days.

The Thunderbird worked on course correcting following the path cut out. The Lincoln that had the sum of the cash in it was now getting some great headway cutting through the street, though there was a cop pacing it in the alley Nate would have to contend with.

Where Moose-Sev was, were he to get creative he could continue making a nice median keeping anyone north from joining in the fray. Borkowski said, "K-9 is on it's way with the tranq gun we have from the Zoo incident three months ago." Oh fun.

Continuing his progress down the street at a leisurely and non-threatening pace, Severin continues to make all kinds of chaos in his wake. Poor moose. He really may just be looking for something to graze on, right? Which he does. He stops outside a florist shop and nibbles on some of the decorative herbs. What? He's a moose. Don't blow his cover, alright? And then it's on to some more meandering, idly strolling around some parked cars to keep reinforcements from getting in from the north.

Nate seems to chuckle a little bit as he observes the cop patrolling the alley with a pacing kind of manner. Though Nate felt the minds of the drivers as they rapidly approached position, Nate sighs a moment. "Shit." he whispers to himself.

Before he simply lands in front of the Officer. "Evening officer." and he tries to MIND TRICK HIM! "This is not the alley you were looking for. You want to go home and rethink your life." He says using a massive amount of his telepathic might as if to completely overwhelm the meaning of the word 'strong mind'.

|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 20

"Mama mama can I ride the big horse thing?"
"Johnny that's a moose."
"Can I ride the horse-moose?"
The boy broke away from his mom and ran up to, okay under the moose and around the other side. He just wanted to pet the moose. A woman screamed hysterically, "That moose is trying to eat my son!" However while more people crowded to look at the moose, and some started taking pictures a man callmly walked up, picked up the 5 year old and handed him back to his mother. "Oh calm down lady, it's an herbivore." The kid looked and asked what they ate and the man said "Pancakes and flower shops."

Inside there was a florist crying "Officer that moose is eating my begonias! Arrest it!" Borkowski sighed, "The moose isn't a person, we can't arrest it. Animal Control is on its way." Sev's masterful meandering was definitely working.

Nate clearing a path so the cars could approach faster was doing great. From the telepathic link he could pick up that the other car HAD arrived successfully. The Lincoln, not the T-Bird. Apparently they were going with Vitale DeAngelis o behalf of the Don Mr. DeAngelis collecting a debt and JP and Elmo were posing as the muscle? Too fun.

The cop in the alley nodded slowly to Nate, "Yeah I been tellin the Ms. on the salary they give us to sit in the heat and get shot at and get absolutely zero thanks from people? Nah. I wanna get shot at for going to work I'll be a debt collector in Hell's Kitchen." He paused and arched an eyebrow looking to Nate, "Ya know, ain't a half bad idea. That's got to pay better too. " He wandered off, muttering something about starting his own agency even. Further out there was now the sound of gun fire from the Thunderbird and that was going to be differently problematic.

The moose lifts its head and peers around, and then calmly steps away from the flower box to continue on his way down the street, looping a bit to one side to make sure that the traffic gets good and blocked up on that north side. It is one of the slowest chases known to man as the small crowd follows after the slow-moving creature, and the cops wait for animal control to show up. The thing about a slow moving creature of that size, is nobody particularly wants to anger it to stop it, and mostly lets it go where it wants to go.

Nate smiles softly as he convinces the cop to head home and leave the force! Cuasing the mutant Telepath to sigh as he flew back into the air, moving high enough into the sky that he had an eagle-eye view! Here's hoping this would turn out alright. Though suddenly, he decides to go help be a part of a distraction with Severin, moving by the Moose as he lands down the street and approaches it. "Woah woah woah!" he lifts his hands to the police. "Sorry!! The darn thing left the ranch and we couldn't find it for the life of us." his attire doesn't suggest farmboy though…

|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 12

In the warehouse the Lincoln made it and negotiations were underway. The cops had a heavy lead and were a good clip to the warehouse on one side, and in a live fire engagement on the T-bird mid town just across the border in Hell's Kitchen with the local district there. That was going to be hard to avoid. A lucky shot cause the car to veer and hit a lamp post where a foot pursuit was underway. As the sum of the loot was in the Lincoln? The loss of the T-bird and the two duffel bags wasn't a bad distraction. Nate would pick up on a shot fired in teh warehouse where he had a telepathic link on Team A

Time to wrap this op up.

What was happening here was a monumental traffic jam and the team of Stebson and Borkowski and the K-9 unit that came on foot without the dogs, but with the tranq guns on foot so they could get close enough to take aim on Severin when Nate showed up looking like a farm boy maybe from Detroit 2099. Uh huh. Still with telepathic coaxing the cops tried really hard to say 'this is not normal'. They could not reconcile the error in data, but what came out of their mouth was, "This your moose, Sir? I'm going to have to write you up for… some… sort of violation here and impeding a police chase and grand theft begonia. " He looked at the moose and Borkowski stammered, "Your moose ate the front of a flower shop without paying."

When Nate comes on over and claims to be seeking his errant ranch-fleeing moose, Severin hams up the tale by giving Nate an affectionate nudge. A 1,100 pound moose nudge, and then a lick, right across the size of his face, with a tongue that may still be a little green from all the herbs he just ate out of the flower shop. At least his breath smells as good as a moose's breath full of herbs can smell. If that doesn't sell it, nothing will.

Nate is licked in the face….and everything in his being basically says that 'Severin, by God, you will pay for that later.' But, he sells it well. "Ah, really Seven? You had to do that? Just be happy I didn't name you eight." his eyes then shift back to the officer. "Oh come on officer, he ran off! I mean, you're not really gonna write me up are you?" he asks the policemen as he takes a step forward, hands in his pockets. Hopefully they don't think he has a gun…

The cops don't assume Nate has a gun and really they just want the man to get the moose gone and offer the use of whatever trucks they need to get it back out of traffic. Eventually through sue of suggestion and some X-Man mind trickery they are able to peaceably get separated from their police escort to start heading back to the rendezvous at Church of the Sacred… Heart?

Okay as they flew by the view of the warehouse there was a Lincoln out front on fire and a lot of arrests being made. What the hell happened!?

The X-Ternals.
They are what happened here, New York.

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