1965-08-25 - Gnus and Kites
Summary: Chris and Fitz meet, doodle, and discuss kites and gadgets.
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There are times when Chris just hangs out at the mansion, not doing anything particularly useful other than spending some time between his job as a courier, fighting crime, and being a teenager. Currently, he's in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a pair of running shoes on, and he's sitting on the conference table surveying his latest work, which is a very extensive doodle on the chalkboard, of a zoo scene, complete with all manner of animals and wandering people. It'll be erased sooner or later, but sometimes his doodles last up there for a few days depending on what's going on.

Fitz didn't often make it out of his lab at SHIELD HQ and rarely home. Today, however, he had some things and needed them…tested. Hecame into the conference room greeting "Tony, I brought over the… thing I was..working… on." Awkward for the pencil pusher and Fitzy just stook there stairing into the room. "You're not Tony. You're… drawing a tiny gnu?" Both eyebrows went up, "I have definiately been going to all the wrong meeting rooms."

Chris glances over when Fitz comes in, and then looks from him, to the drawing, and then back again with a bit of a grin. He swivels where he sits cross-legged on the table. Definitely shorter, younger, and in general smaller than Tony, with lighter hair, and freckles. But he does have a boyish grin that spreads over his features. "I'm Chris. And that you knew that that was a gnu totally earns you all the points in my book. I think I saw Tony go out not that long ago. Want me to leave him a message for you?"

Fitz warmed a grin and walked in slowly, eyes on the drawing admiting the small details, "Weeeell you can tell by teh little beardy bit. It's a great affectation." The soft brogue was thick on the Scotsman. To Chris he offered ahand, "Leo. Well… Agent Fitz officially." His nose wrinkles and his head wobbled debating the offer, "Eh I don't mind but I won't expect t'treat ye like an overglorified errand boy. how long all this take you ?" Said he gesturing to the board. "Awww tiny monkey, awww we should get you a tiny labcoat so you can help me out." He wasn't about to draw one on there though, but he was rather pleased to see its inclusion.

Chris grins and takes the hand to shake, "Chris Powell, no agent. Nice to meet you, Leo, since we're not meeting in an official capacity." He shrugs his shoulders and says, "Well, it's not like we have a receptionist around here, and as long as you don't order me about and tell me to get you coffee, though uh, if you'd like some.. we've got some in the break room… anyway, off track. Point is, I don't mind." He then slides off the table and grabs up a piece of chalk. He reaches up and next to one of the zookeepers, he draws another monkey, this one wearing spectacles and in a labcoat. "There we go." He writes on the monkey's nametag "FITZ" and then says, "Oh, I dunno, couple of hours? Maybe more. I've been here a while."

Fitz shook teh hand and enjoyed someone using his name. He was never really off work enough for that to happen. "Awww, that's brilliant." The grin was genuine from the engineer, "Now if only I can get a real one okayed by my director of ops aaaaaand that'd be jsut grand, wouldn't it?" At the insistance it was no big deal he buckled offering, "Well if it's no problem and you happen to see him tell him I have a solution for the weigh problem to make active pocket drones. Not quiet where I want them for personal surveilance yet, but we have a solution for the VTOL life problem…" He paused and wrinkled his nose and said, "Or I suppose saying Hey Fitzy fixe that thing works fine."

"Why can't you? Do they not like monkeys running around where you work?" Chris asks with a grin. Not that there are monkeys running around the Avengers Mansion either, but hey. He listens as Fitz explains what's going on and then nods, "Tell Tony that Agent Fitz found a solution for the weight proble for the pocket drones. Not quite yet ready for personal surveillance, but there's a fix for the VTOL life problem." He grins. "Got it."

Fitz said entirely serious of expression and suddenly with a heavy heart, "They say they don't, and yet, I've met some Agents that really make me wonder if they really mean that." He couldn't keep it up and snickered relaxing into a grin. "Yeah that's, great really. I appreciate it, Chris. What do they have you up to these days? Field? Support? Bit o' Both?"

"Oh uh, I .. field, I guess. You know, out there, fighting the good fight and stuff," Chris says with a kind of lopsided grin. Though he does laugh at the comments about the other agents, "I'm guessing you're a scientist then — an inventor? Like Mr. Stark and Peter?" He studies Fitz with some curiosity. "I tinker with some things sometimes, but I'm not.. genius level like those guys. I can figure stuff out really quickly on my own, but I haven't had a lot of training."

Fitz nodded easily enough dropping his hands into his pockets. "Engineering specifically, but, yes. Sometimes I get to go out. SOme of the missions are pretty great and others? Well.. good fights are often hard won and all I suppose. But yes I get to be the 'plane and gadget' guy." Proudly he said, "I did get to work on the Falcon Mark II suit improved off the original Howard Stark model. That was pretty exciting really." He paused and held up a hand more iterested in the board and Chris' story really, "BUt you're self taught then? That's… that's brilliant. If it helps the one things at SHIELD SciTech we run into is that fundamentally? You can't teach instincts, so you're off to a better start than guys I seen eat books for breakfast." THe smile was genuine, and the words angling for encouragement. "Love to see what you're working on though. I keep threatening Stark that I'm going to come haunt his lab."

"That's pretty cool. I like all the gear and gadgets. I've always been interested in that stuff," Chris says. There's a slight bit of color that touches his ears as he says, "Oh I'm not.. working on anything. I mean.. I don't. Nobody needs my help with tech, or gadgets, around here. Everyone's ten times smarter than I am. I just, fiddle around, and fix things from time to time." Then he clears his throat and grins and says, "Yeah, I'm questioning the level of intelligence of those guys if they're eating books for breakfast. There are better ways to get fiber."

Fitz laughed squinting his face, "And yet… and yet." He had his doubts some days about some of those field agents, particularly ones that ate danishes in frot of him while he's hungry and in quarrentine. "Eh, do it for you. T'be honest? It's why I started working on drones. They all started going off on military application but Me? Well I just wnated to see something tiny fly around and see how fast I can make it go." He paused and considered offering tentively, "Iiiiif you wnated to come poke at some stuff t'get an idea of how different pieces assimilate and work t'gether I'd be happy t' introduce you." He shrugged and offered, "Besides you're on a mission and if someoen ever needs to walk someone through something? Can be super helpful. Especially for field repairs."

Chris can't help but grin a little at the dubiousness with which Fitz considers his fellow agents, and it takes his mind off of himself for a little while. "Yeah," he says after a moment's thought. "I mean, if they'd even let me in the door. Don't you need some sort of like.. clearance.. or .. I mean.. I'd assume all that stuff is super top secret." He hasn't been into any labs, let alone an agency lab, and so he looks a little bit uncertain. But then he says, "I mean, I'm game to learn whatever you want to teach me. I think it could be really cool."

Fitz says, "Well the one at the offie is. The one I set up at my place isn't nor is the one here." He considered and considered something, "You like kites?" It was a simple question and they were still rather spectacularly popular to some. "I like to think of science as really taking what we learna dn know in the world around us and communing with it to make it do what we're trying to do. Besides starting with explaining how the QUin Jet went together its proooobably not the most optimal starting point. Hover kite? Easier.""

"Yeah, I like kites," Chris says with a bit of a grin. "I have a couple at home that my brothers and I go fly sometimes down at the beach." He plunks himself down in one of the chairs at the conference table and swivels a bit back and forth as he regards Fitz with interest. "Hover kite sounds pretty cool."

Fitz smiled brightly and said "Well iiiif Tony's not here an you got some free time I was gonna head out and run some tests, but if you have the time I'd be happy to show you on the helo platform?" He paused and that impish grin returned and he confided, My goal is to get it to carry a sizeable water balloon that's capable of remote drop deploy." Yes, all of this for a water balloon. Engineering had the best objectives.

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