1965-08-25 - Sol Rojo: The Interrogation
Summary: Loki, Kai, and Robbie get some answers out of a Sol Rojo gang member the Rider brought back alive
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Upstairs above Pop's Barber shop that took a bit of fire and much smoke damage from the previous night. The good news was the upstairs apartment wasn't in too bad of shape. Doewn here though the window had seen better rays and the front end was going to need to be gutted and fixed. A cardboard bos with a folded blanket in it had a sleeping broken bird in it that looked ruffled and seen better days. Many many better days. Reno had been like that since RObbie found him. The City came to collect uncle Rico. Sadly Tio didn't have a backup plan like Reno did and thankfully used. Duct tapped to one of the barber chairs was a guy who had the same 'Red Sun' tattoo that Reno had in his left arm, and that was also seen in the graffiti. He answered to 'Nino' and Nino has also seen better days. Three guesses on how he got here and the first two don't count unless you say Robbie and also Robbie.

Kai comes in, and he notes the guy taped to the chair, but where he darts to is the bird. "Oh no, no, no, no, Reno." He crouches, looking the bird over, and once more he curses himself for giving up his healing apple. "My poor friend," he murmurs. The look he shoots the guy taped in the chair is wild and furious. "You'd better hope for your sake he'll be okay," he says.

Loki appears in the doorway, silently, the guise of the old man faded. Green eyes drift to the man in the chair, some soot and scrapes around him but nothing that won't rapidly heal on its own. He takes a few steps, his weight crunching some broken glass. "Mmmm…it seems my precious pet has overexerted himself." Though he says it with cool researve, Kai would sense a little more concern than that.

Heavy boots pace around the tied up Sol Rojo member as Robbie Reyes paces around him. "For your sake…he will be." He then stands in front of the fellow. "So listen here, Peque%<241>a zorra. Tell me why the Sol Rojo picked a fight with this hood. and well, if you don't, I'll grab your skull by the eye socket and start pushing. From there? we'll just go down the list." Robbie then stood up. "So take a moment to think about it." he looks over to Reno. "He'll be fine. He's practically unkillable in his crow form."

Reno looked like hell. He wasn't flying around anytime soon, but Robbie wasn't wrong either. From all evidence he might be stuck a while as insurance, but would self-mend over time. Still there was a broad difference between being okay and just not dying. For now air was moving through his tiny lungs and one talon twitched.

Nino in the chair replied in rapid-fire Spanish, I dunno man! He winced, but pleading for one's life when one's sins were many somehow helped him find words. "El Jefe, the boss man? He sayin he want all his people back. You can't just walk out, everyone know this ma. Reno's one of ours. You don't just get to quit that." Amazing how perspective is skewed when the only real mortal in the room tells the 3 immortals or spirits how it is per the party line of the street.

"Reno's ours," Kai says with an air of finality. The Elf is brooking no argument. He remains at Reno's side, though when Loki comes in, he looks up at him with big blue eyes of sadness. "These monsters," he says, "are going to pay." He's usually all about forgiveness and turning the other cheek. Not so much tonight.

Loki comes up beside Kai and looks down at the elf, slightly, his height a wee taller than the other. "Mmm." He glances to Nino and Robbie, looking the latter up and down. "I have no doubt of it. But, it seems like you need not dirty your hands with it. Judgement has already begun. He swallows. "As for Reno…there may be a solution, but it comes at a cost."

"Reno isn't a pet or an item to be owned, so can it." Robbie looks to both Kai and Loki, looking irritated, before Loki advices that he may have a solution. "What is it, trickster god?" Meanwhile, he looks at this Nino guy as he spills the beans. "Who's your boss?" Robbie asks the Sol Rojo, still looking serious as ever.

The bird in the box continued to nap like critters just do. Repair mode was apt to be like this for a while in an altogether unspectacular and sad fashion.

Nino looked between them but had a particular concern for one RObbie Reyes who put him in a trun and then that chair to begin with and he really was not wanting to call his bluff a third time. Sometimes one needed to repeat themselves for those slow to catch on. "Giancarlo! Giancarlo handles everything from here to Hell's Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen another guy though. He said bring em back or show em what happens to Sol Rojo that try t'walk." THe problem with that statement was, as Robbie knew, and the Rider knew and the other two could easily figure out was that Reno never voluntarily joined them and was more than likely gang pressed into service. "He say his boss need some stuff an' that's all I know"

Kai shoots Robbie a wounded look. "I didn't mean it like that. He's like family to me." He shakes his head. Poor tender-hearted Elf gets up and slinks away from Reno's box, arms wrapped around himself. "That hurts, man." He paces, and the course of his restless walking brings him closer to Loki.

Loki is actually advancing on the box, so Kai doesn't have far to go. "I meant it like that…" The godling grins crookedly and then looks down at the box. "It would mean being a criminal again. And you have only /just/ returned, Kai, cleared of all charges." The air nearby Loki grows a little colder, a soothing sort of chill.

you…definitely don't want to bluff Robbie motherfucking Reyes. He'd been watching these streets for some time, and has been one of the big reasons for the Sol Rojo to not make this their stomping grounds. But as the Nino screams out a name and tries to quite literally do anything to save his life. "Giancarlo huh. Makes sense that each section of New York has a different boss. "Reno didn't join willingly. Tell your boss to go screw himself, perra. But..something tells me you won't get the chance." Not even a glance is given to Kai.


If you're feelings are easy to hurt, it's best not to converse with Robbie Reyes when he's not very happy. Regardless, he simply cracks his neck and grips the Sol Rojo's neck. "If I find out you're lying? I'll crush your windpipe with a tire iron." and thus Robbie puts his hands in his pockets. "The Sol Rojo bastard goes nowhere until I come back. Try not to do anything crazy." he looks directly at Loki when he speaks, before Robbie apparently leaves to do something real fast…

Nino was duct tapped to a chair. He was hurting, and whimpering and receiving no comfort from teh room. Buuut this is what happens when you let the thug life choose you for dodgeball.

RObbie was raw on the death of their uncle, and given his track record for the Rider being entirely unreasonable and needing to be talked down? The reaction was not unprecidented.

It was quiet for a while but a foot wiggles and one eye cracked open with much lethargy. Well hey the box made some noise.

Kai pays no more mind to Robbie in turn. Loki has piqued his interest. "I'm really trying to get along with the in-laws," he says. Still, he's intrigued. He glances at the guy in the chair, then back to Loki, shifting slightly so his back is to the punk. He doesn't get acknowledged, not after all the damage he's done. "Why?" he asks Loki. "What have you got?"

Loki folds his hands behind his back. "Nothing at the moment. But, I did put a spell on your apple. I /could/ summon it here. But, my oh my, then you would be a thief again."

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