1965-08-25 - The Walking Dead
Summary: Doc Strange and Dead Girl have a pleasant conversation.
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Another lovely evening in New York City- the summer's heat starting to wane as September approaches. Dead Girl is on a long walk- she may have been walking for a day or more, just kind of humming to herself and on the move. She's a strange one, after all, never really getting tired. It's one of the benefits of being dead. She turns a corner and heads down another street- aimlessly wandering.

Of course, as is often the case, a walking corpse tends to attract attention- and people are looking at her with a mixture of fear and revulsion. Dead Girl more or less just ignores it- even as people whisper and point and generally make a fuss about the zombie in their midst.

Despite one to keep his nose glued to the books when researching ancient curses, there comes a point where the mind needs a break. Having rubbed at his gritty eyes in the library about an hour ago, Strange decided that a walk would do him and his heart some good. He's returning from the direction of O'Riley's Teahouse after having picked up a small box of tea ordered some weeks ago. A rare blend, he expected it to take a while to arrive in the United States and, as such, his air of quiet contentment rather than annoyance.

It's easy to pick up the social tics in the crowd around him. In his black blazer and jeans, with grey t-shirt beneath, Stephen slows in his pace to triangulate the pointing of fingers. Ah-hah.

"Excuse me," he says evenly as he brushes past a small pocket of chattering matrons and continues towards Dead Girl. "Out for a walk this evening then?" He pitches his voice to address her in particular — he too ignores the stares. 'Normal' is overrated anyways and he left it far behind when he assumed the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme.

"Oh, yeah. It's a nice day for a walk." Dead Girl says quietly, smiling to Stephen. "How about you?" she wonders, wit a friendly smile- she's certainly friendly for the dead "It's been a while since I saw you last. Having a good day, I hope!" she notes, as she pauses to speak to the Sorcerer Supreme.

As before, the necromantic energies swirl around her effortlessly. She is still completely in control of herself- and most of the dead matter around her. Although, she doesn't actually do anything with it. She seems content to keep her necromantic abilities very much so contained towards her own body. "Oh! You got some tea!" she says, "I used to love tea."

Stephen glances down at the small brown-wrapped parcel he's got tucked to his ribs and nods to Dead Girl, his smile aimiable if aloof.

"Yes, a good day since this arrived. A rare blend from South America. I picked it up earlier this evening. If you've still got a taste for tea, the shop down the way," and he thumbs over his shoulder, " - is owned by Mrs. O'Riley. She serves the most authentic and fine tea I've found on the Atlantic Seaboard. It's also established neutral ground to the metaphysically-inclined. I have many a tete-a-tete there when requirement comes about. You won't be bothered, even if Mrs. O'Riley may have a few questions for you. Like as not she'll ask if you need eye drops - her vision isn't as good as it used to be," and the silver-templed man laughs in quiet fondness for the old woman.

"I assume there have been no other instances of sword-fighting in the middle of the neighborhood?" The Sorcerer then asks of her.

"Nope. No more sword fighting." Dead Girl says, "I mean, not that I'm aware of, anyways. I did get stabbed the other day." she offers, "But, that's not really a big deal- it happens all the time." she waves her hand. "People get scared, you know, I'm like a representation of their mortality. It really freaks them out."

She shrugs, "Things don't taste the same as they used to- I'm more into the smells, now. I really enjoy the scents of the things I can't really enjoy anymore. I can enjoy others, though, you know- like vicariously." she's beaming now. "It's all good!"

"Oh, neutral ground is nice! I'm sure I'd like the smells of the tea shop, too."

"I think you would, yes. It's not overwhelming, and soothing in its way. Mrs. O'Riley doesn't believe in coffee, however, so if you're looking to vicariously appreciate that scent, you'll need to search elsewhere," replies Strange as to her last thought. Hearing of violence against her makes him frown.

"It must not hurt when you get stabbed…or at least, I presume so, considering I can't even make out where you took the wound." His eyes scan over her impersonally with the same professionalism used by all doctors.

"Oh, I mean, I feel it- but it really doesn't hurt." Dead Girl says, "And anything I lose I just grow back." she explains, "I can show you if you want. It's sort of neat." she says with a bright smile- perky and happy despite the somewhat macabre discussion. "I mean, it isn't like I'm using these organs any more. I don't really need them."

"So, what do you do? I mean, when you're not getting tea?"

Strange lifts a hand and shakes his head, half-smiling at the offer.

"Thank you, but no, you don't need to show me. I believe you. You've got an aura about you that encourages the resurrective aspects of the necromantic magic, that much I can tell. In regards to what I do…protect the reality of the world around us." It is a simple explanation, yes, but truthful nonetheless.

"Neat!" Dead Girl offers, "I do that, too. I mean, sorta. Well, really I just sort of help ghosts most of the time. I mean, you know, they need someone who can help them." DEad Girl notes, still smiling. "Oh! And I helped some people out of a fire the other day, it was really hot in there." she nods sagely, "But, I tried to burn myself before and it doesn't work- I don't think anything can really destroy me. Sort of liberating, you know."

The Sorcerer nods and steps aside for a passing couple. He returns their curious look with a glance both acknowledging and warning all at once. Hello, get to stepping, you're not involved in this conversation, it implies without overt threat. They get to walking a little faster and he returns his attention to Dead Girl.

"I remember you mentioning this, yes, your ability to speak and interact with the dead. That you risked yourself to aid others is noble and to learn that you're of an immortal bent? Quite the boon."

"Yeah, I guess so." Dead Girl offers, with a shrug. "I'll suck when everyone I know is dead, I mean sure, I can talk to them still- but being alive is pretty great. They should enjoy it." she offers even as she smiles. "I can even call them back, I found that out the other day on accident. Like talked to this guy through his body, it was reaaaally far out." she mentions.

"I don't want to do that, though. I feel like dead people, usually, should stay dead. It's better for them. There's like an end to things, usually, and that's how it is supposed to be, you know?"

"I'll admit that I prefer that the dead should usually stay dead, yes," says the Sorcerer with a curt nod. "More often than not, they return due to forces beyond their control and through a source less than benign. Whether it's a rogue practitioner attempting to do the impossible or a few kids mucking around with an old book…sometimes, it doesn't end well. However, you appear to be an exception to the rule. You've retained sentience and a moral compass, which is a relief."

"Well, I mean. I've always had my brain. And my mind. Even after I died- I was just sort of.. there. You know, in my body.. Sorta." Dead Girl offers with a little smile. "It's all good, though. After laying in my coffin for a while, I sort of got control of things." she shrugs, "It was depressing at first- and I'm still really missing some things. Food. Weed. Sex." she says, speaking freely despite that other people are around.

"So. What's a guy who protects the world from whatever do for fun?"

Stephen shifts the parcel underneath his arm from where it was digging an edge into his skin before replying,

"It certainly simplifies things for you, not needing to worry about such physical requirements. Insofar as myself? For fun?" He looks askance briefly, appearing to become more and more perturbed at not being able to find an immediate answer. "Well, I…spend my days reading. My mantle requires that I have knowledge of a wealth of aspects in regards to the Mystical and mundane alike. I do what I can to enjoy the walks I take about the Village and the city itself. My work takes me to other continents regularly and beyond the veils of reality."

"Sounds more like work." Dead Girl notes, "And not fun." she continues. "Yeah, I mean… it's specifically about work. Don't you like… hang out? With someone? Er.. read for fun instead of work?" she wonders next, curious. "I mean, yeah dude, you gotta do some fun between all that work." she says, "Hey! You can come to a jazz club or something! I know this place in Mutant Town- sometimes they let me play guitar!" she grins wide, "You can relax, then!"

"A jazz club?" The Sorcerer appears to consider it by the small back-and-forth tilt of his head. "I admittedly haven't been to one of those in some time. However, I do have multiple someones to hang out with, even when I'm nose-in-a-book within the library of my Sanctum. I'm never alone…really, whether I'd like it or not, and I'd have it no other way. Otherwise, yes, it would be all about the work and nothing else."

"So, bring them to the Jazz club. Get out of the house. Go out into the world!" Dead Girl says waving her hands and spinning in a circle. "What's the point of protecting a world you're not a part of, at least a little? I mean, it sounds like you spend all your time in that Sanctum thing." Dead Girl shrugs, "Maybe that's just my view of it. I spent a lot of time in that coffin, and let me tell you what, I had a lot of time to think and figure out how I work now- but over everything else, I was lonely. That was the worst thing. Not being a part of the world- just being in that dark hole. It was terrible."

"So, anyways, I play guitar for open mike night at Club Atomic, you should come! It'll be fun, bring your friends." Dead Girl says with a grin. "Anyways, I should get going myself." she says, "I got some ghosts to hang out with over by the cemetery. There's a civil war reenactment happening over there and some of the ghosts from then really like to watch every time it happens, and they invited me along."

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