1965-08-26 - Operation: Robbing the Robbers (pt. 4)
Summary: The X-Ternals catch up at the safehouse after the big heist to celebrate their first big team win
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The cops were all OVER come robbers. Nate got away with 'his runaway moose' which was a weird reasoning that with some telepathic lean the cops totally bought. Don DeAngelis II, and his Mutant Muscle pulled up in Jeanne d'Arc. The away team had range on the group wit h Nate's telepathic link, and the home team had a good idea of what was going on via radio. The next goal was to drive as legally as possible all the way back to Mutant Town in the longest route possible. Once there the shop was closed down hard and the loot was moved to the hidden pantry upstairs behind the kitchen in the dead wall space to forget about for a good long while. JP sent everyone on upstairs hanging back to talk to Severin for a moment, brother to brother, which was really nothing to be of a big concern about or out of the norm.

Elmo is jittering with nerves and adrenaline throughout the ride. Once home, he checks around the shop to make sure they didn't miss anything, still vibrating and grinning extra-crazy. "We did a hell of a job, boys!" His goggles are off, and his eyes are wild.

Vitale is quick to get out of the car to see Nate and Severin. He isn't phased when JP takes his brother aside, that's just what brothers do. It's JP's job to be more worried about Sev than the rest of them and from the look of it, Severin looks unscathed. He looks over to Nate. "So how did it go, man? You alright? Cops get you anywhere?" He offers out his hand for Nate to shake. He smiles at how hyped Elmo seems to be, snagging an arm around his neck. "Sparks here did a hell of a job is what he means. His trap? Wicked."

Nate had gotten into the getaway vehicle along with everyone else, rubbing his eyes some. It was a good heist. Then they all came back home. "Damn right we did." he replies to Elmo, though by comparison with his compatriots, he seems far more….calm. Though he does look to Vitale wit ha small smile, extending a hand to shake the hand that was offered to him firmly. "Went good. Sev almost got tranquilized, but I…influenced the police to let 'em go." he teased lightly. "In short? It went perfectly."

JP had to detain Sev for a moment and give him all the details in short in quick, dirty shorthand. So far so good. It went well and JP was… hell he was happy. He could ride the high of that going well for a bit. Still these things always came with a risk and all the weeks of pre-planning paid off. He just wanted that one quiet moment with his brother to let the world settle back down and let things feel like they once used to for tradition's sake.

Elmo twitches when Vitale touches him, but grabs him back, hugging him and lifting him off his feet in exuberance. "You were gevaldik as anything, pal! You had 'em shaking! This guy," he tells Nate, all lit up, gesturing wildly, "he tells those schmucks they owe him, and Nate, you shoulda seen it, there weren't no doubt in him anywhere and they believed him!"

Vitale laughs when Elmo picks him /up/ with how excited he is about all of it. "Damn, Sparks, you need some water or somethin'. You losin' your mind." Vitale teases, ruffling Elmo's hair when he's set back down and he wabes off Elmo's compliments. "Aww, man, it was nothin'. Can't believe it worked. Recognized the one guy, managed to talk him into takin' the fall for the robbery and givin' us the money. His friends didn't agree and Elmo had to do the real scarin'."

Nate seems to just laugh when Elmo and Vitale talk each other up. "Beginnin' to think Mo there might need something to calm him down like a smoke or something man." he chuckles a bit. All smiles. Talk about a weird version of family night. But! Nate looks over to Vitale "Did they now?" and when he explains, Nate just claps for him. "Well done mate." Nate automatically goes to snag a beer to sip on. "Shoulda seen Sev. He turned into a moose of all things. I mean, it worked but….Oh yeah, I convinced a cop to leave the force to spend more time with his family…" he says in a kind of 'that happened' sort of way.

Severin comes strolling on up with JP once they've had their little tete-a-tete downstairs, one arm slung around his brother's shoulders. "So," he drawls, "Sounds like it all went about as expected — with the appropriate level of bad-assery I've come to expect from you crazy lot." He gives JP's head a ruffle, and then he heads over toward Vitale once Elmo puts him down, sliding a hand around to the back of the man's neck and pulling him in for a firm and lingering kiss. "I hear you scared the pants off'm."

JP slowly plodded boots up stairs and stood halfway up leaning against his brother, watching them relive the revelry with that. When Sev goes to walk over to Vitale JP pat him on the back and dug though his cigarettes, pulled one out and lit it up. Instead of putting them away he slid the lighter into the pack and flat sailed them through the air to Elmo. "I will say I couldn' be prouder a' y'all. This what happen when a team a crazy mother fuckers trus' a play an don' go cowboy. I' impressed as hell no one got hurt… well…" He considered the one guy with half a hand and shrugged, "Cept that one guy. That his fault."

Elmo snatches the pack out of midair with a neat little swipe. He shakes one out and lights it up with trembling fingers, inhales, and grins at JP. "His fault. He didn't need to pull no trigger on ya. Man, that scared me. Knew you hadda hold of that gun but that you made it backfire?" He shakes his head. Then points his cigarette at Sev and Nate. "And you guys, playin' moose farmer! You meshuggeners!" He laughs.

Vitale smiles into the kiss, arm wrapping around Severin's waist, kissing Severin's cheek before he answered. "Yea, made him cry and everything, but I almost made JP cry too when I made them burn part of it so the cops don't come looking for the rest. I figured he could dry his eyes on a stack of Benjamins and he wouldn't be so sad." Vitale says, winking at the boss man. "Now, baby, did you go givin' all the hot moose action to Nate over here?" He teases some more, still high on the feeling of success.

Nate looks to JP and Severin as they arrive. "About damn time you two showed up." Nate chuckles a bit before he looks to Elmo with a bit of a lifted beer bottle towards the fellow in a 'cheers' manner. Buuut then they revisit Severin licking him in moose form. "Oh yeah, Sev? If you ever lick me again I'm gonna make you Schizophrenic." He stares into his eyes, before he smiles. "Just kidding. But no licking in the future okay?" Speaking of which…Nate never did mention his relationship status or preference.

"Sure, sure," Sev says to Nate, "Next time don't you call me some tamed ranch critter and I won't lick you for it. Deal?" He flashes a broad smile over at Nate, and then looks back to Vitale, laughing. "You want me to lick you with a mouth full of florist herbs? I mean, I can, but that was a punishment more than anything else." He flashes a broad grin then and licks Vitale's jaw, just a little, teasigly. Then he grins over at Elmo and says, "Nice work there, Sparks. Congratulations due all 'round."

JP laughed at Elmo's explicative, "Hey, I thought I was you' sugah now?" He was going to defend the title of meshuggener like it was a term of endearment. No he didn't get it entirely but that didn't stop him from stealing a compliment or anything else either. He took a drag off his cig and nodded in slow agreement to Vitale. WHOA that pained em. "Sure did. Ya foun' a way t'break m'heart an m'balls in one fell swoop. Still, keep the cops more 'n likely thinking this money jes don' exist no more.

To Nate JP eyebrow waggled, "I'll ask, but I'll make it worth you while." While that was likely true, also entirely just as likely a jest as he kept his head in the business end of things. He went over and grabbed four drinks from the fridge with 8 fingers and tapping the door shut.

Elmo fingerguns at Sev, grinning ridiculously. "Back atcha, pal." He snickers into the back of his hand when JP complains. "It means CRAZY, JP, not…oh, nevah mind, you know you are." He gives him a look that promises a lot of fun once they're alone. Shedding his long coat— underneath he's wearing a vivid magneta shirt with black tie and suspenders, because he believes in the power of a good outfit—he sags into one of the armchairs, suddenly losing all that manic energy. "Okay. Now I'm gonna sleep for a week."

Vitale laughs at the banter between Severin and Nate. "I thought you knew me, Severin. That's one of my biggest fantasies." Vitale teases and laughs more when Severin licks his jaw, wrapping his arms tighter around Severin's waist. "That was just a teaser right? I didn't get any roses with it." He teases, hand sliding up Severin's back slightly, giving him another squeeze before he looks over to JP with a slight wince. "Your balls too? Hey, we get to keep all the money now with no questions asked. Bank just going to think it's all burnt, ain't going to come lookin' for it. We are scot-free."

Nate looks to Sev "Heh, well, someone had to bail you out without hurting anyone remember?" he chuckles. "Besides…YOU did decide to be a Moose. How the fuck else am I gonna say besides 'sorry, lost my moose'?" Nate teases him before he looks to JP, chuckling as he shook his head. Nevertheless though, he does glance to Vitale. "Better be a fucking teaser." Nate did NOT like being licked apparently. salty guy. he does look to Elmo though. "Goodnight Elmo, need a blanket?"

Severin chuckles at Nate and says, "Listen, not my fault you couldn't come up with a more creative answer." He is so very clearly teasing, though. It's all good-natured. He reaches over and clasps Nate's shoulder. "I promise not to lick you again, unless you ask, and Vitale gives permission." Then he grins at Vitale and says, "Shit, I was supposed to bring roses? Well, guess I can afford roses now. So I owe you roses, and dinner."

JP set the beers out. "Gentlemen, To the finest group of rogues I have gotten t'work with. Again, ver' proud of you. Tres bon, mes amis." When Elmo tried to clarify what the word meant JP got that smug look of his goin, "I know I drive everyone crazy. In th'good way and the bad way an aaaaaall the ways in between." Like chaos incarnate. Really it wasn't even ego, he just liked messing with the status quo wholesale and in toto. Listening to his brother go on about the conveyance of roses he snickered, "Hey remember tha' time I brought Mozelle roses?" He sat up a bit in the couch with a grin, "I wanted t'do somehin different for her. Her parents hate me so I thought maybe I win em over by bein real clever, ya know>" He looked to Nate who hasn't heard much of this story at all. "Our sister can make plants do all sorts a stuff. So I take her t'Mozelle's back yard. We make the whole thing roses. What I didn' know is her mama had some award winnin garden thing that we totally killed to cover in these thory lil flowers. it was kinda a riot." He noted to teh rest of the room, "NOT my most successful heist." THough one of the more amusing ones.

Elmo reaches out to snag a beer, clinks it to JP's. "L'cheim, boys." He tips it up, taking a drink, then sets it on the floor and slouches way down in the armchair. That nice shirt is going to get wrinkled and he doesn't even care; he's dozing off already, exhausted, to the sound of JP telling one of his crazy stories.

"Roses and dinner? You /did/ miss me." Vitale says, but it's warm and coated in sugar." He presses another quick kiss to Severin's lips before he takes a beer, raising it towards the rest of them. He shakes his head at JP's story. "Man her parents sound like real pills, I think that turning the whole garden into roses is like a scene right out of a fairy tale."

He looks to Elmo, already dozing on the chair and smiles fondly at him. "Good. He needed a good sleep. We going to have to go on more heists to get him his eight hours."

Severin can't help but snicker a little bit when JP mentions the roses, nodding with a grin when he remembers the whole thing. But then there is a Vitale kissing him and he's a bit distracted by that. When it breaks he admits, "Yeah. I did." Then he reaches over for one of the beers and takes a long swig from it. "I think Elmo's got the right idea. I could sleep for a week."

Nate lifts his drink and clinks it to the others. "Good shit boys." and he sips his drink…seemingly dozing off a bit himself.

JP finished his beer telling a couple stories about the utter dumb shit that was awesome and also backfired more breaking even than getting ahead but not falling behind either! He stubbed out his cig and walked over picking Elmo up in a fireman's carry. Yes he was both likely to receive great rebuke in the way of bitching and zapping. He seemed to have made peace with this. "Elmo you gonna sleep like a normal person without wakin up with tools or the couch or the carpet indented into ya face. Guys, sleep in. hop stayin closed tomorrow. F'now til we say otherwise? Leave the cash where it is. it gonna be a lil hot right now. You cut is secured. Now ain' the time t'get antsy. Might still be some work ahead." Especially if the ruse leaked and names started gettin named at all which was highly unlikely to happen.

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