1965-08-27 - Post-Heist Pancakes
Summary: Post-Heist breakfast, and discovery of a certain book which is given to Vitale to decipher 'mob code'
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JP wanted to sleep in the day after the heist but the truth of it was he got maybe a nap in. He and Nate stayed up taking turns listening to the police scanner to make sure bad traffic wasn't going to come back on them. In true big brother fashion he had a big ol casserole dish filled with something that was almost a quiche but was really bacon, veggies, and eggs all scrambled together in the biggest tray one could find in this place. He loved his team, they worked damn hard, and he took teh time to make sure they ate well. Also dealing with a bunch of powered up Mutants with low blood sugar in his garage? Yeah bad times.

Vitale had been sleeping in a lot lately, mostly because being here at the garage instead of in his father's home was so unstressful that Vitale can actually /sleep/. Though, lately there had been a lot of excitement, Severin was back, they ran a job, Vitale was finally allowed to walk on his own again. The success of the job had left him a little to hype for sleep, so he had laid down with Severin until the shapeshifter fell asleep and caught something like a small nap too before he wanders his way out in search of the food.

Vitale in a regular t-shirt and sweatpants was once such a rare sight to behold but when he wanders into the kitchen, it's actually not so unusual that a barefooted Italian is padding his way into the room. "Mornin' JP. You sleep at all?" Vitale asks, taking a minute to stretch before he ruffles JP's hair in true annoying little brother fashion.

JP was disheveled which really added to his devil-may-care (and he did and he don't, He checked with Lucian once) look that seemed to sum up his being. "Boooon jour, mon ami." He considered the question and shrugged, "Lil bit, but then I had t'get up t'pee an then I really wanted bacon aan' all this happen. Sides, had t'listen for the scanners. Make sure e'rythin was quiet so we had a head start if we need it."

Vitale rounds JP, slipping a hand under his chin and when he does, he leeches a little of the exhaustion off of JP. "You have to sleep, pal. Everythin' is okay. Told you that burnin' some of the money would keep them from comin' after us for the rest. We did /good/, Jean-Pierre. Didn't you tell me that I have to stop worryin' so much? Don't any of Bonaventure Boss' rules apply to you, worrywart." He teases. "Smells fantastic for you cookin' with exhaustion."

JP leaned over and smooched Vitale's forehead. T That was the cajun merci. He handed off the plate and took his own to go huddle up in one of the two squishy arm chairs he looted from Clint's place with Vitale. At the question he had to grin and eat his breakfast, "Heh nonono, it went great, aaaand that don' make it foolproof. The way it stay great is by ain' gettin careless. Go away a few times an you learn the value of payin attention after the fact and not gettin too comfor'able, hmm?" Just in case. "Weren't too worried, but incase one them lil fuckers squeeled we gotta know."

Vitale opens the refrigerator to hunt out some juice, grabbing a cup and nodding at JP, lifting the cup towards him in the known sign for 'You want?'. "You're right, you're right. Can't have us gettin' sloppy. Nobody wants to get put away and in all honesty, not sure sayin' my name at the police department any more going to do much. Good ol' pop probably tellin' them to hold me if they find me at this point, since you know… Ah never went home again."

JP was sitting curled up in the big arm chair with food on a plate because of course he made the boys breakfast. It's just how he does. JP also stayed up with Nate taking turns listneing to the police scanner while Elmo was passed out. So now he was eating, in just his jeans looking like he had massive bedhead but thankfully not exhausted though he could probably make out like a bandit with about 5 hours of good sleep. He spoke quietly as to not wake anyone else up still passed out. "Yeah had t'listen to the scanner. Made yous guys a promise. Prosperity, but I ain' gonna let you get pinched., and I promise Sparkplug we ain' goin back." He took a bite of his eggs with a shrug, "You pop ain' got no say in it anymore an ain' a prosin can stay shut if I tellin it otherwise. You guys ain' livin in no box." There was that grin.

Door open, door shut as Elmo goes into the bathroom. Water runs for a while before he comes back out, only wearing very thin pajama pants. Skinny everything is on display. He looks bleary and needs a shave. The coffee pot is his goal and he goes straight for it.

"You're a good man, JP, great boss, but you gotta take care of yourself too. That involves more sleep and orange juice." Yes, Vitale was bringing JP a glass to drink. He looks over when the Elmo-Zombie enters the kitchen, smiling at the bleary way he stumbles about the kitchen. "Hey, sleepyhead, good to see you." Vitale says, careful to keep his voice low because the Shocky mutant hasn't had his coffee yet and one sure fire way to gets his nuts tazed off was shouting morning greetings at Elmo before he's fully awake.

JP lifted his eyes up and followed Elmo over across the room with a glance and looked back to VItale taking the juice, "Merde, Ain't like I ain't goone three days b'for and it ain't even been two. I am stayin healthy. Is why I ahve you an' also keepin the cops out of our garage cause it good for my heart."

Elmo grunts, pouring coffee. It's the stuff he really likes, the chicory coffee from New Orleans from the yellow tin. He comes over and curls up on the couch with his mug, not quite looking at either JP or Vitale because he had way, way, way too much stimulation yesterday and looking even his best friends in the eye is a challenge today. "You did promise me," he murmurs, behind the mug.

"Take the orange juice and drink it and quit whinin' about me lookin' after you." Vitale fusses back at JP before he goes over to fix himself a plate. He doesn't seem to mind that Elmo can't look at either of them. "Sparks? You want me to fix you a plate? I can bring it over to you." Elmo more than any of them has energy to make up and well, probably Severin too, turning into a giant moose. Vitale was content to let his partner sleep though. "No one going to jail ever. Not while we got each other."

JP took the juice and boggled, "I …ain't whinin? Jes sayin I'm fine. I know me. When I need t'nap I nap promise." He wasn't fatigued but he would still need rest at eventually. "We was jes talkin tha' went over real well. It was a good start. I gotta talk t'Nate though about some things an' figure out a time line but I gotta say? Pretty happy wit' it."

Elmo smiles, one-sided, looking down at the reflective surface of the coffee. "Went real well. Almost plotzed when my radio controller fritzed out." He shakes his head, admonishing himself. "Sure, V, thanks," he adds, tired. "Is there any without bacon?" Because that smell is distinctive. He almost looks up at JP when his partner mentions 'the timeline'. But he doesn't say anything, because JP will surely clam up if he does, but if he doesn't…then just maybe… JP will say something else.

"If there isn't I can make you some. How do you like your eggs, Sparks?" Vitale asks. He was getting better at this cooking thing and liked all the practice that he could get. "You improvised fantastic, Sparks, saved the day. I'm real proud of our whole team, we fit together great." He looks over at JP. "Timeline?"

JP pointed "Left side 'th' pan." He'd been cooking for Elmo for the better part of 6 months to learn a couple things there. "I knew you had it. Honestly, Elmo, for the one guy that ian't been on a job before you did really fuckin well." Looking up to VItale JP waved a hand, "That mutant Reg crap. tryin t'pinpoint out from future events when an if we cna figureout jes' when it happen. WHen I went forward I didn' get that great a timeline. NAte didn't get taught a lot of history so we at an impass."

Elmo shrugs, grinning a little now, proud and embarrassed. "Eeeeehhh you had my back. I knew what I hadda do. Just followed your lead." He flicks an adoring glance up at JP, then drops his gaze again. "You're the guy held it all together, Jeanushka."

Vitale fixes up an Elmo safe plate and brings it over with a fork to the shocky mutant, setting it down beside him on the couch so that Elmo and he don't have to brush hands. He remembers what he and Elmo talk about, remembers that Elmo sometimes gets overtouched. He goes back to fix himself a plate and sits down in the armchair next to JP. "He's the glue, yup. And mmm, well, we'll fix the future. I am not lettin' anything bad happen to anyone here, JP, even if I have to sit on you to keep you alive. Told you, all of you are going to be the only ones over 90 that never needed a hip replacement in the future."

JP laughed quietly withthat looks of mischief in his eye, "Good cuase I plan on wearin mah pelvis out up t'the very end." It was a bitter sweet htought but one promise he could keep to himself. It was an attainable goal! "Jes don' over do it. You got limits. We ain' exactly some of them big all powerful guys you read about in the paper. Someday though, we can make one hellavua bang tho. F'now?" He leaned back and stretched moving the other leg under the first geting comvy. His chair now. "Hmmm sure. I just a box guy with experience. , but is experience I' happy t'lend. Sides it's fun an we can use it. Also…" He looked to ELmo and laughed, "yous got no idea what we took do you?"

"Thanks, Vushka." Elmo's honestly grateful, he has coffee and Vitale brought him food and NOBODY DIED. JP's pledge to keep his hips swingin' to the last makes him laugh and get a little red. "Yeah, happy to help. …Uh, no, actually, I don't know what we took. You want you should tell me?"

Vitale laughs at that, trying to keep it soft when JP says he's going to wear his pelvis out. "I expect nothing less of you, Jean-Pierre. When you stop screwing everyone who makes eyes at you, then I will know that you're an imposter and take you out." Vitale teases, nudging JP's knee with his own. "Shh, yeah, yeah, I know I got limits." He sets the plate down on his lap and pulls up the leg of his pants to show them his jagged scar. "Got myself a reminder." He looks between Elmo and JP. "Money, right? That's all we took last night."

JP tilted his head up "One, it ain' everyon. Two? Pretty lucrative and never boring." He grinned with amusement trying to hide it and failing, "An three you can' no take me out if I were imposter me becuase I don't take food outta mon frere's mouth." Har har. JP considered pressing his lips together and grinned, "Nope." Nope!? that was not all. He gave Elmo that knowing look of yes ye shall plotz a plotzing like he's never plotzed before.

"JP!" Right on time, Elmo sits up fast and hits JP with a glare. "You better tell us! Or I'll…I'll…mess up your hair when you least expect it!"

"Well that sure woke Sparks up, should just have all kinds of secrets every time he's first waking up." Vitale teases, finishing off his plate and then looking expectantly at JP. "What else did we take, JP? What else can they steal from a bank than money?" He's shocked too.

JP looked ENTIRELY too smug. Oh he was eating his omelette slower with pride savoring the big news. Slowly he dragged that fork back out from between his teeth giving them the eye. Seriously was he trying to undress the room or jsut withhold information. The eyebrow popped up and finally he said, "We also got us a second phone."

Elmo immediately starts looking around for something to throw at JP. There's nothing at hand. He gets up, stalks into the kitchen, gets a dishrag, and throws that at him. "Fershlugginer mamzer!"

|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 15

Vitale chokes on his orange juice when Elmo goes into the kitchen just to get a dishrag to throw at JP, laughing hard and wiping his hand on his leg. "Damn it, Sparks, inside of my nose didn't need a vitamin C shot." He says around a cough as he smacks his chest to try to regain control of his airway because orange juice was not for breathing.

JP moved his plate in the zero hour there and looked genuinly confused, "Whaaaaat? That a good score! Oh an we got th' book thing with alla numbers in it. I dunno what it does or what it used for but I figure Vitale might be able t'do something with it. He picked the rag up off his face and boggled, "You ain' happy about not havin t'go alla way downstairs t'make a call!?"

Elmo sighs a huge aggravated sigh and goes to JP to pick up the towel. Wraps an arm around his head and kisses his bedhead hair, then hangs up the towel, taking extra long to line up its edges and corners precisely. He doesn't do it to his satisfaction at first and has to redo it a couple times. Finally he comes back and slumps on the couch again. "Jerk, of course I'm happy," he grumbles, getting his plate.

"It was you drawin' it out, I think." Vitale says as he continues to cough and wheeze. "Sparks, tryin' to fuckin' kill me. Is this because I picked on you when Mini Sweet Tea punched you?" Vitale teases, still smiling as his coughing dies down. "A phonebook? I can show you how to use it, JP, it just has all the phone numbers for people who live out here and got their own phone and it'll list the different restaurants and shops too."

JP still looked genuinly confused and slightly concerned but accepted when Elmo said he wasn't in trouble. Unfolding he waded over to teh kitchen to drop his plate into the sink and hike his jeans back up so they weren't hanging off his bare ass, He pulled from behind the cupboard what looked to be something else. A business ledger? He handed it over to Vitalechewing on his lip curious admitting quietly, "I, um, I can' make it out but I thought you might know if we can use it for anythin or not."

|ROLL| Vitale +rolls 1d20 for: 3

Elmo's eyebrows go up when he sees the book JP gives to Vitale. "'s their ledger, huh? That's not a bad score, either." He finishes breakfast and sets the plate down, tucking himself into the corner of the couch and leaning his head against the back cushions, looking exhausted. Dark circles around his eyes combined with stubble and the droopy body language makes him look older, too.

Vitale looks at the ledger when JP hands it to him. The names on it were only belonging to women though, which was confusing as Vitale flips through the whole thing. "I'm not sure if it's real or not though, might be fake names to throw someone off who picked it up because almost every name is a woman on here. Can't every single person that has a debt with them be a lady right?" Vitale says, eyes narrowed while he looks through it. "You mind if I keep this for a little? Look it over with a fine toothed comb?"

JP shrugged and made a gesture like 'it is yours'. "YEah I mean… I brought it f'you. You know how all that works, but if it sometime I found en. Honestly?" He shrugged and it might be very telling how JP's luck ran, "I was jes fuckin aroun with that desk while I was waitin in the office figurin out the PA sys'em. Desk had some cool hatches in it but I figure ya know mos people don' hide common things. Oh, an we got the stuff out a' that safe too. Also as a note? Careful any guns you know is hot and the police maybe lookin for." He knew Vitale knew mob and gang basics but he didn't know if Elmo new being less active in any organized crime. Really he is the boy your mother warned you about Elmo. Oh and he used to be such a good kid.

Elmo makes a dubious sound and shakes his head. "I ain't touchin' no guns. I mean, not to use 'em. I'm gonna take one apart and find out how it works." To be fair, he was never a good kid. A troublemaking kid, a lightfingered kid, a kid who did terrible in school because he couldn't sit still…just like he is now. The only reason he's sitting still is because he's tired beyond all previous definitions of tired.

JP grew up running jobs on the side and getting involved with everything that made the law super unhappy as a carreer for hte fucking thrill of it to see if he could. It really made no sense but even from two different sides? THey both were there for the same reason. "Hell I got a piece you can take apart. I show you." He did get that one of the one job they were on. He looked to where Elmo was sprawled on the couch, grilled and sat down on him. "Now that we on our way t'makin ourselves filthy rich, what'chu wnat most?"

Elmo oofs, laughing quietly, and winds his arms around JP's waist. "Mmf. I dunno. Been makin' do so long I can't hardly think about anything else." He noses against JP's bare chest, eyes mostly closed. "Can't hardly think right now, anyway. I want to give my parents some money. I'd love a bigger workshop of my own, move outta Rex's garage. Uh…I dunno." He snuggles his partner, stifling a yawn. "How about you?"

JP grinned and said, "Save up. Start buildin an underground base. Buy up old plots of land. Get like… a shelter system in place in case. They got them dummy corporations can so that stuff. Might have t'call Bobby up in Brazil or somthin about that… prolly use someone's whole share for the phone call but maybe. I dunno. I doooo like the idea of just stealin a subway car but those is free." He paused and grinned, "Sorta." He snickered and holled where he sat squashing Elmo a bit but even so JP wasn't a bulky dude capable of crushing anyone with any impressive stature. In his mind he was a giant. Rar! Squish! The snuggle though got him to stop and slouch back. "Invest it. I wanna invest it so we can take on bigger jobs. Get some better investments goin. Get prepared."

Elmo blinks drowsily. "You been thinkin' about this. 'Course you have. Dummy corporations, the mob uses them all the time. Vitko knows about that stuff too. That's why you're the boss, Jeanushka, and I gotta fight to get anywhere near ya." He grunts as JP squishes him, and snickers. "Jerk."

JP shrugged and looked down at Elmo slouching so he wasn't squashed directly. "Well I may not know everythin but I know enough t'be dangerous, enough t'be useful, and enough t'know you ain' ever gotta stand in no lie. WHat the hell you talkin about?" He grinned and he laughed, "I don' even charge you."

"I mean I ain't sharp like you," Elmo says, taking it seriously. "I mean you got vision. I don't. Not like you." There's no unhappiness as he looks up at JP, only honest admiration. "That's why we all listen to you, yannow. We all know that." Smirks again, when JP says he doesn't charge him. "Whaddaya talkin about, you charged me a whole garage," he teases.

JP looked up, eyes sparkling bemused, and enthralled, "YEaaaaaah… I did. An' I enjoyin the hell outtta it." He looked down lacing his fingers togehter tapping his thumbs idly o his elmo bench. "I ain' a cheap date, but I sure as shit am worth it." JP: Proof one could be smug without any actual ego. "Ooh hey you see the paper? You know there a moose on tha' loose in New York?" He grinned, "Sev made the paper."

"Yep. You are." Elmo eyes JP up, appreciatively, squeezes him around the hips. Then buries his face in JP's chest, snickering madly. "The way Nate yelled at him for licking him. Oy gevalt." Then, sighs. "I'm about ready to go back to bed, sweetheart."

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