1965-09-01 - Patrolling and Ice Cream Preferences
Summary: Darkhawk and Spider-Man go patrolling, and stop for a snack.
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Patrolling isn't exactly something the Avengers do: they're the big guns, something big happens, they hear about it, and they go off and save the day. That said, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has never stopped his activites. Its as important to him to save little old ladies who get their purses stolen as it is to save the world. He invites Chris along, and so patrolling they go! With Spidey swinging and flinging himself with abandon through the urban jungle that is the city, and Darkhawk flying, they go looking for trouble.

They just don't find any.

Spider-Man lands atop a building in Greenwich Village with a light touch, and waits for Darkhawk to set down, and once his friend is landed, he asks, "So what's your favorite kind of ice cream?"

Chris has never really been much for patrolling. He usually gets a call to do something, or something happens, and he does something. But the idea of heading out and keeping an eye on things seems to appeal to him, and so he agrees to head out and patrol with Peter. The Darkhawk spreads his wings and soars high above the streets below, scanning, searching. And for once they don't seem to find anything. He eventually comes to land by Peter. The avian mask tilts its head a bit to one side before the strange altered voice says, "Spumoni." He grins, "Cherry, pistachio, and chocolate all layered together. You?"

"That's like a fancy neopolitan." Peter laughs sfrom behind his mask, lifts a hand up in a hold gesture, and flips off the roof. There's the tell-tale splat of web, as he lowers himself down and settles. They are parked above a fancy ice cream shoppe, of course. In mask and everything, Peter pulls out a few bucks from a pocket he hides, and makes an order. Soon enough he's out and running up the side of the building one handed and two toed, which is a little awkward. Still. Once he hops up and lands sitting on the edge of the building, he offers a pint with a spoon tucked into it of Chris' favorite over. "Mine's chocolate pecan." He grins from behind his mask, looks around, scoots so he's on the alley-side once he's sure there's no windows looking right at him, then he pulls his mask up.

"Just a variation on a theme," Chris says with a grin when Peter laughs, but then he pauses when suddenly he's gone. Looking over the edge, Chris can't help but laugh, and when Peter returns he looks at the ice cream for a moment, and then holds up a finger. He ducks behind some machinery on the roof and that amulet glows briefly before the suit is gone and Chris returns. He triggers that bracelet Peter gave him, and takes a slow, steadying breath before he comes back out and wanders over, grabbing the pint and the plastic spoon, then sits down against the low wall of the roof. It's high enough that they shouldn't really be seen sitting up there. "That's good stuff, too. I like pecans.. and chocolate."

Peter Parker is either fearless of falling or a little reckless, so he stays sitting for the moment, and scoops some ice cream into his mouth. "My _favorite_ favorite is this swirled with butter pecan. Double the yum, double the nuts." He offers his pint down to Chris, hesitates,t hen scoots down to finally sit there like the other is, since that makes sharing easier. "Wanna try?" he asks with an almost shy grin out of the corner of his mouth.

"Butter pecan and butter crunch are both really good. I like the little butterscotch crunchy bits," Chris says, and then grins, cleaning off his spoon before reaching over to dip it into Peter's pint, taking a modest scoop from it and then popping it into his mouth. "Mnn," he says, "That's good. And it would be even better with butter pecan swirled in." He then tips his own pint in Peter's direction and asks, "Want a try?" He smiles over, wiggling the pint a bit.

"Oh, Chris." Peter sighs in a tone that is almost lustful, "Butterscotch is about the best thing in the whole world." He laughs, and reaches over to scrape some of all three onto his spoon and taste it, considering, and he grins, "Not a big cherry fan, so you can keep that all to yourself and fear no thievery. The other two though? You're on warning, good sir, that there might be piracy in this here roof."

Chris squints his eyes at Peter and says, "There might be a dueling of spoons if you encroach too far into my pistachio, sir. You keep to your own nuts!" He then cracks up laughing, unable to keep a straight face, and also unable to stop for a moment or two, coughing, and holding his sleeve in front of his mouth. "Ice cream piracy is a serious offense in these parts!"

Blinking for a moment, Peter bursts into warm laughter when the moment expires, and as it lingers into a snicker he shakes his head and digs into his own ice cream, "I think I could win a spoon duel so I am not afraid, buddy. Besides, I could make an argument to the magistrate that I'm just recovering my own property: do _you_ have a receipt for that there cargo in your shipping manifest? Iiiii do."

"True," Chris admits, "I am at a disadvantage on all counts in this contest. So I guess I submit my ice cream to your mercy." But he scoops out a too-large scoop and puts it in his mouth quickly and mumbles around it, "But you cannot reclaim what has already been eaten!" It comes out very mumbled, however.

"Hey, if you wanna die of brain freeze, its no skin off my back." teases Peter right back, leaning over to bump a shoulder with Chris' and grinning as he does so. He then goes in to steal some pistachio and chocolate, though. "Don't worry, for every nut I steal from you I will allow you to have one of mine."

Chris does wince just a little bit, but it's not quite a full-on brain freeze. He gives a bit of a nudge back since his mouth is still full, and then reaches over to steal a little bit more from Peter's pint as well, popping it into his mouth victoriously. "Sounds fair to me," he says with a chuckle, tipping his container so that Peter can reach into it more easily. For all his joking, he seems to have very little problem sharing. "This was a good choice. Thanks."

Peter is all for sharing, and so continues with the one from one one from the other, "I always make all the best choices." he says in a faux-wise tone of voice, "How's the bracelet going for you?" he asks with a tone that is half-curious and tone sounding half-evasive, though he does have a bit of a smile still.

Chris seems content with this arrangement, taking a spoon from his ice cream and then some from Peter's. The fact that he takes mostly the cherry in each spoonful and leaves more of the chocolate and pistachio is subtle. Though he does glance over at Peter as he tries to decipher that tone, his own expression turning curious. He holds out his wrist and turns it over and back again and then says, "Pretty good, actually. I still have the headaches and all the weird.. dissonance. But I don't feel all amped up, like anything is going to set me off anymore with it."

"I might be able to add something to the cocktail for the headaches. Though not the weirdness, as I suspect that's not physiological." Peter muses, not making obvious what a tone was about. "Also…" he notes with a broader smile, "You haven't tried to bite my head off which I count as a plus, not that it really bothered me once you explained what was going on. Still, though." He nudges Chris' shoulder again.

"If you can throw something in there for the headaches, I will be your best friend forever and ever," Chris chuckles, and then says, "I don't think the weirdness is something that's going to get fixed as easily, but hey.. fixing part of the things has made it a lot better." The tips of his ears color then and he glances down at the nudge, "Yeah.. I'm uh.. glad that stopped happening. I really didn't want to snap at you."

"Even if its just some concentrated aspirin, its better then nothing; though we can probably do better then that." Peter agrees and nods his head, continuing to work through their ice creams together. "So what are you up to for the rest of the night post-patrol? I was thinking of going to a matinee and maybe a late night I don't know. Something. After. I'm just not tired at all."

"Aspirin would be good. It'd probably help, at least a little bit," Chris agrees as he dips his spoon into his own pint once more, his scoops having grown more modest as they continue to eat, perhaps finally reaching his limit on icecream consumption as the pints grow lower. "Going to the movies with you," he says when Peter asks what he was going to do for the rest of the evening, giving him a sidelong smile.

Peter immediately returns the smile, "What kind of movies do you like? Thriller, drama, romance, comedy?" he wonders, and for his part he does not especially slow down in the eating front. But Spidey has a deep and abiding hunger for sweets that doesn't go away lightly.

Chris purposefully finishes off the cherry ice cream and then he passes the remainder of his container to Peter, because he has no problem admitting defeat in the face of ice cream. Then he says, "I like thrillers, and comedy.. and I kinda like romance too.. but don't tell anybody." He smirks just a little bit.

Since Chris is offering? Peter tilts his container over to plop the non-cherry bits into what remains of his— and since both are by now a bit on the melty side, he swirls them together and spoons some into his mouth, sighing contentedly and leaning against Chris' shoulder there. "I like all the things." he admits, "But thrillers and comedy most. Romance it depends, there's only _so_ much I can take before I want to hide." He laughs and shrugs, ducking his head.

Chris finishes off the last few soupy bits of his pint and then sets it down next to him to take with them when they go, and draws his knees up, wrapping his arms around them a bit. He leans back a little, too, seeming content as he just lets his eyes scan over the sky, watching some birds as they flit from building to building. Then he grins and says, "Well, we should go see what's playing and if there's a thriller or a comedy — we should catch it. Important question.. popcorn… butter? No butter? Salt? No salt?" He looks at Peter sidelong. This is apparently an important question.

"What madness is this?" Peter declares in tones slightly too outraged to be anything like serious, "Butterless, saltless popcorn is like eating paper. Me, me… I like salt, but not too much, but if they'd get me a bowl of melted butter I could dip each individual popcorn into I'd be happy." Wistful sigh, "As that dream is not likely to come true, asking for extra butter is the best I can hope for. Then carefully shaking the bag or bucket a bit to hopefully let it drip down." He grins sidelong over to Chris, "I've a weakspot for butter. If I could afford it I'd eat at a french restaurant every night, since they slather everything in glory."

"Okay," Chris says, "We can still be friends. Extra extra butter needs to happen, with just enough salt, but not too much." He then laughs and says "Butter is amazing. And popcorn needs all the butter." He gives a little shoulder-nudge then and says, "You are therefor an acceptable movie companion."

Finally, Peter finishes off and conquers the ice cream challenge, and leans back a moment, sighing wistfully. The grin he gives Chris is light and lazy, but that was a lot of ice cream there. "I'm glad I past muster and am accepted into the Movie Companion Corps, I've always wanted to join." He grins, "I swear, Aunt May sometimes looks at my eating habits and suggests I think of maybe going a bit easy on things, but its hard to explain to her how much acrobatic exertion swinging through the city every night is." He rises, reaching out to snag Chris' arm and tug him up too, and his other hand going up for the top of his mask

"It's a prestigious organization and not everyone can pass muster. You, my friend, you are in," Chris says and then chuckles. "Well, Aunt May hasn't quite seen you flinging yourself all over the place all the time, flying through the air without smacking into buildings — that takes some skill. Plus, your brain needs calories too, and yours is kind of impressive, so I'm pretty sure the icecream just keeps it running." He is then snagged by the arm and gets to his feet. He wraps a hand around the amulet beneath his shirt, and in a moment, he's replaced by the suit, the Darkhawk saying, "Meet you at the theatre?" It might be grinning, but there's no way of telling.

"See you there." Peter names one of the nearby places, even if he has to go snag some clothes and hide them in a crook before changing and dropping down below. That's easy and pretty quick to do. But he's got his mask back on again, snags up both empty pints, and lifts his free hand up to wiggle fingers in a wave, "See you soon." And then he jumps off the side of the building.

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