1965-09-05 - One More Wednesday Night
Summary: Why are some people mutants, why are some people English? Can anyone get a drink? Where's Doug been, anyway? These are questions asks by mutants kinda-sorta meeting.
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Club Atomic has been one of the number of places that serve as Lorna's lurking ground about Mutant Town, the only place when she doesn't immediately stand out with her green hair, because there are so many other mutants. Some more jarring, visually, than just oddly colored hair. Her rocker styled attire, on the other hand, is becoming more recognizable by some, in particular for the myriad of badges, patches, and pins covering her biker jacket. Of particular note the Omega spread across the back, made entirely of pyramid studs.

She's currently hanging by the bar, her back pressed against it, while her eyes sweep the room. In her hand she's holding a mint julep, which she occasionally sips from.

JP strolled in like he owned the place. He didn't. His place was two streets over and signifigantly less nice unless you were a '57 Chevy. Leather jacket on, white t-shirt with some grease smudges, jeans t'mach making Gearhead really have that whole James Dean/Steve McQueen thing on lockdown. He didn't seem to honestly care one way or the other. First stop was the same predictable first stop as always and that was to 'tag' the Jukebox so he could change the channel without coughing up nickles and dimes. "Boooonjour, bonjour." Greeted he.

Dizzy comes on down the stairs, giving the big bouncer a friendly nudge with the elbow, as she and Sage come down, amid gestural 'She's all right' signals, notably, perhaps Sage's hair color. Says to Sage, "Here's that place that's where you can get a good Manhattan in Mutant Town."

Sage tried not to dress like she belongs on Wall Street. It's rather difficult for her, since she wore that look for years in London as a CEO's assistant, and nobody really told her to dress differently as a teacher. So in this place, at Dizzy's suggestion, she is dressed as casually as she can muster. Slacks, t-shirt, jacket. She adds Dizzy's offered bit of information to her knowledge on the place, nodding as she sweeps her gaze across what she can see. "And that's the only reason people come here?" She can't imagine that's true.

Lorna gives a friendly wave of her hand at JP, "fancy meeting you here," she says with a grin, before her attention swerves to the people coming down the stairs. More precisely, Sage, who looks a little out of place. Her sort usually don't hang out in Mutant Town, judging by cursory first impression alone. Which one should never do by the way, Lorna knows that, but sometimes, one cannot help it.

Julie smirks to Sage. For her part, she seems fairly-at-home here, if perhaps not so much as in local places like the Eight Ball. "A lotta people come here. It's just, ah, the classiest joint in. the mutant," she stops short of saying 'ghetto' " …Ah, neighborhood. When they got live music, you oughtta see. "

JP warmed a grin that smacked of that bullshit Bonaventure bayou charm. It was arguably his actual mutant power; being at ease withthe world. "Ahhh, I'm always fancy." Lorna Dane was a welcome sight. The sound of Dizzy coming down got a wave hailing her and- oh hey company. Hullo company. His hand flicked in a wave and the Jukebox stopped playing halfway through Frankie Valley and JP snickered, "Merde, I didn' mean f'that to happen. Uhhh here we go." And back to Crispi St. Jpohn and a jaunty tune that would keep the music to move to going. "M'oiselle Dane, how is you is? FUnny 'nough we were jes' talkin about you yesterday an' here you are."

Sage doubly seems to not belong because she's got that Received Pronunciation/BBC English accent going. Ah well. With every step she takes, she becomes more and more aware that her pesence is attracting looks. Oh well, she promised Dizzy she'd come along for the evening. "You are going to get a talking to for bringing me here the instant I'm out of an earshot," she notes simply. Various people get little nods of acknowledgement - among them Lorna, who ends up nearby when Sage finally stops to get a better look around the place.

"Wearing some nice cologne too, is it called Confidence?" Lorna muses, she did rather fancy JP, he was so very different from most she dealt with on daily affairs. Must be that charm. She does tilt her head curiously when he mentions a conversation about her, "just who is 'we'? Hope it was nothing but flattery, I don't take kindly to being badmouthed." She then looks over at Sage having overheard her, "that's a funny accent, are you some rich lady or something?" Yeah, bailing on schooling isn't always advised.

JP needed to put up a warning sign. Caution: Mutant Revolutionaries at Play. The grin held though and one eyebrow went up. He leaned on the bar out for his own damn good time and not even to impress and had teh posture of everyone was invited. "Naaaah, bella, They say somethin' like that I' put em through a staircase so they stay still while you have a talk wit' em about manners." WHen Lorna called out Sage for having the accent in the room he had to laugh and take taht moment to order himself a beer. "Nate. Me. Was talkin' t'Sparkplug about a project you… might be interested in cause it' fun an'… might help out very long term."

Julie smirks to Sage, the probably-blue-haired lady, her own accent very local New York Italian, to be precise. "Whatcha want, I told you we could get a nice drink here: I know the guy that runs the joint." This could mean the drinks are nice, but Diz definitely 'Knows A Guy.' She does swivel eyes toward the green-haired lady. "I didn't ask, she's just from England."

Sage shrugs a little at Diz. Did she eally complain? Her retort is lost when Lorna is so… blunt with her. She turns, arching an eyebrow in tha way she does. Good thing she left those pink-tinted shades at home. She'd end up giving Lorna a look over the lenses, all serious and teacher-like. "I'm from England," she says simply. She manages to reign in the rest of her usual response. "But no, I'm not a rich lady."

"You know, I really like your methods, JP," Lorna smiles somewhat maliciously, apparently visualizing what JP just described and approving it through and through. Indeed, imagine pointing out an RP speaker for having an accent while talking to a Cajun, the gall of Lorna. "England…? Land of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, nice. Ever been to a concert?" Question aimed at Sage, an empty sort of conversation maker. She's not really interested in the answer, as much as studying the foreigner.

OUTSIDE: "I'm here to see Mr. Davalos.", Amber says to Ogre once it's her turn in the queue. "He's expectin' me.", she adds.
"Huh, Davalos? Davalos?", Ogre replies, pretending to look thoughtful. "Yeah, yeah, big flashy guy, haven't seen him lately.", he sighs. "You're welcome to go in, though, miss.", he adds. "By the way, I like the hat."
"Shit.", Amber sighs, stepping into the club proper. "And I was feelin' it, too."

JP was idly pleased she was pleased because the mental image was amusing the hell out of him. Soooo good. The languid Cajun watched the interrogation offering, "Well d'pends on what you call rich. You got a car? You afford t'eat out on lunch? You got you' own place? Eeeeh some roun' here think that the jackpot." Poverty was relative, especially in Mutant Town where the definition varied wildly. Looking up to Lorna, amusement abound he put all his thoughts to one simple statement, "You should come have dinner with me. I got many more methods t'amuse you an' one involves a train, stickin it t'the man, an assuring the mutual survival of oooooour people." He really did know how to sweet talk a gal. An easy shrug followed with an afterthought, "An' the best jambalaya this side th'Mason Dixon."

Julie smirks to JP, gives an apologetic sort of shrug to Sage, "Well, it's *usually* a fancy place." Thuds JP in the shoulder, scoldingly. Seems to be on those kind of friendly terms with the Cajun. "Whassamatta you, you think they don't got everyone, like maybe our kind in England, too?" She gives a wink and a mirk to Lorna on that. then glances up to JP. "Besides which, I got hold of some extra bits of real thick plate steel so's you can have a real welding bench, but we need some strong guys to unload it, so be nice."

Sage knows empty conversation when she sees it; she's used it a time or two to get a handle on someone for her employer. Still, it's a harmless enough question, and she's hardly offended by the studying. "I've been before," she confirms with a nod, the next breath providing the actual concert date. "But I should confess, the tickets were a gift from my employer at the time, and I was not the only one he treated in that manner." Dizzy gets a nod for her shrug; as before, Sage doesn't seem offended. She holds out a hand for Lorna, adding, "My apologies. My name's Tessa Valentine."

Lorna finishes her drink, and places the empty glass on the counter, "I might be inclined to see how else you could amuse, JP, that train for one is something I would enjoy." She doesn't shy from Sage's hand, offering a rather firm shake, before introducing herself in turn, "Lorna Dane, and I need to bail. Careful around Mutant Town, like JP said, for here…you are quite rich," a wink follows, if only to disarm a notion Lorna might be after Sage's possessions, before the green haired mutant turns to leave.

Amber steps into the tiny little club and immediately spots Julie. "Well, at least there's decent company.", she notes, pausing at the bar to pick up a bottle of beer before moving to join the others.

JP left that eyebrow up there. As Lorna bailed he gave the emerald haired woman a salute with his beer and watched her go. He wasn't inclined to give anyone a hard time. He just was who he was. "Amber, we always show up at th' worst of times." Right when he's headed out. It wasn't planned that way but he found himself a mark for a mote. He looked back to Julie that thwaped his shoulder without so much a reprisal. He winked back to her, "You know I miss you. Also, did some work on the mecha dino at the shop. Come take a look at er' t'morrow. Can almost ride it f'a while." Oh yes, Mecha dino . Ridable mecha dino even. To Sage he said, not with a polish of a good education, but just Southern Manners, "Miss Valentine, pleasure meetin you. Be seein you aroun'." He gave Julie that look of don't let her get herself shot out here. Finally flirting with the room done he reluctantly stood off his lean and said, "Gotta go talk business. Catch you up in a bit."

Julie smirks to JP, "Well, you know me and Thursdays, I was just letting Miss Valentine know the proprietor's bringing a bit of civilized jazziness to the block, here." She glances around. "Actually it's kinda funny he ain't shoving mixed drinks in our hands, he out of town or finally taking a night off or something?" She holds up a finger toward whoever's tending bar. "Ay, I promised someone a drink, here!" SHe doesn't yell, but, well." Inclines her head to JP. "I'll seeya tomorrow, assuming."

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