1965-09-06 - Can We Return Him Without a Receipt?!
Summary: Max and Kaleb examine what is behind Door #2
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The device comes on, well, finishes its work, and the large box opens. Inside is fascinating. And horrible. There IS a person inside the device. Exposed to the mist, long ago, but…apparently not Inhuman. Not human, either, for instead of ash, the body is formed of what appears at first to be crystal, but…no…its diamond. Its a gigantic chunk of diamond. They could be richer than rich!! Except that its super creepy. Maximus oggles it up and down and whispers, "I want it for the house." Sadly, the sculpture is demonstrative of agony. The body is in full panic, and pained struggle as whatever powers and spells the person had were in full force to combat the destructive tendancies of the mist.

Kaleb would point out they were both already richer than rich…and with resources there was always welcome room for expansion. Kaleb walked around it very carefully. Did he have curious fingers? No. Not after the last time they were here and Max said… something something certain death. Kaleb was still fulfilling his vow to pass on certain death for the forseeable future. Still there was horror of… someone on their face but a detached…not apathy but curiosity on Kaleb's face. DIstracted he said, "Well… alright but it might not last too long. I yell once and it busts apart? And… we wildly profit. Sure… Why's he like this though." Blinking he turned to Max, "Can you reach his mind in there? Is taht a stuck person? Can I touch it?"

"It is not terrigen." Max comes over closer and reaches out to touch it to be sure of that though. He searches for a mind and then shakes his head. "There is one. But…it is beyond mad. You're right. Shattering this with your talent is the best course. Probably a sorceror. They came here after us. Perhaps they recognized tha-," Suddenly Max clamps his eyes shut and his face strains.

Echo watched curiously actually having a vague look of sympathy, "Well that's unfortunate. Like a cautionary tale of hu-" His words were cut off when Maximus' demeanor shifted. The tone shifted from idle curiosity to one Max knew very well to teh tune of Who is touching my things? "Maaaax…?" One hand lifted two fingers like a tuning fork in effigy. "Max if the bad mad man is trying to poke your brain… I will fucking break him." Truth in its simplicity. He wanted to say that out lout in case there was any conscience that would heed warning. He wouldn't put money on that bet. Fingers found Max's side; an anchor, a touchstone, a subtleintimate assurance.

"Hundreds…years…isolation…" Max grits out, clearly in some distress and unable to be as loquatious as usual. "Help…!" He finally croaks rather than do any more explaining.

|ROLL| Pietro +rolls 1d20 for: 11

Kaleb was very careful as a rule, and more so with things that messed with what little equilibrium Max's mind had to work with some days. Hand went to Max's other side resting on his hips watching with a lover's concern and a scientist's interest the process to understand if what was happening was of any future value to them either. Ever the opportunist but really he expected no less were it the other way around. Especially if he broke something still attached to Max? That could have disasterous echos if the volume was shared between them. "Max, who is asking for help. Point."

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 11

"Me." Maximus whispers. "He won't let go."

Pietro winced. Well shit. He said very clearly, letting just an edge of the frequency be as sharp as the words used, "Let… Go. of him." He pressed a kiss to Max's head whispering "Max? If you can't make em? I don't want to hurt you on the backlash… Tell me I'll fuckign do it now." His fingers tightened on the once King's sides, his poker face wearing.

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 10

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 17

Maximus still manages to not collapse in on his mental self, but he doesn't answer. The encouragement tells him to take care of it, and he's clearly trying to hold back the onslaught of insane loneliness. Like a drowning man trying to grab onto a half-inflated raft. He isn't sure he can support this amount of flail. Then he suddenly lets out a scream and leans in towards Kaleb, holding the sides of his head.

|ROLL| Pietro +rolls 1d20 for: 2

Kaleb wrapped his arms around Max stepped to put himself around Max pulling his head to him covering his ears best as he could. Kaleb was the wort of man that gave one warning and if you were hurting what was his one was lucky to get so much. Traditionally panic was not his friend and today this was no exception. THe problem with panic is it caused reactions and his long vision became very shirt and that wailing shrill pitch meant to take the head off the statue was… failing to be controlled, contained, and reverbed on itself and the sound went everywhere out splintering and bringing the glass on teh triangular chamber down. The only thing Kaleb managed to do was to push the sound away from Max as he could. He really hated being Kaleb Room Breaker, but it was the room OR Max and Max was going to win.., if they weren't crushed to death.

Maximus doesn't react too great to sound either, but thankfully Kaleb is bending it all away from him, and he does that successfully. Glass shatters and there is a sag of some relief from Maximus. Though the being in the diamond statue is not gone, all the sound and vibrations must have helped to break him loose of the connection. "He's a wizard…been trapped for hundreds of years. There's nothing we can do. I changed my mind, I don't want it. Surely they knew though, before they left him here." He shudders.

Echo likely also tried to keep Max between he and the glass to use as a shield for practical purpose knowing the Inhhuman could shrug off getting hit by a car and Kaleb? Was not adept at withstanding being hit by a dog. For now he just held onto Max and offered, "Well… we Can sell him in bitty pieces if we want and he can see the world and we can benefit off of it. He owes us." Yes he'd sell chunks of diamond wizard for a profit and not blink. "Just take a moment and then we'll go find you something pretty for a souvenir. Maybe the whole island." He paused and eyes the statue, "Minus this guy. Give him to Strange even as a present. That could be entertaining."

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