1965-09-07 - Better Than Expected
Summary: In which Jeb finishes the dresser commission and delivers it.
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Jebediah wipes his forehead with the shirt that he took off awhile ago as he stands back to look at the finished chest of drawers. A bruise blooms in the center of his chest but it doesn't seem to be bothering him any now, but Jebediah always falls head first in his work, art had a way of shutting his mind down from wandering elsewhere. He fishes out the glasses from his bag, putting them on his face so he can get a good look at the finished product. With constant use of his mutation, his eye sight fades to what it used to be before the mutation corrected it. He breathes in a deep breath and nods, deciding he was finished, he smiles, stepping up to run his fingers over the wood, around the design.

"Hey, JP?" He calls, stepping back and away from the chest of drawers. "Ah think it's done."

JP was wrapping up in hate shop, appreciated what started to be cooler days. A little sloppy and covered in a smudge of grease hear and there he worked on wiping his hands on the shop rag as well as possible which, in the middle of the work day, was not a great amount. Still he came around the other side of the wall into the back lot looking curious? Hopeful. Definitely excited. "No way for real?"

Looking at the top of the dresser with the stylized fox those dark eyes lit up, "Mooooon dieu… C'est… tres, tres manufique- THis… is… this is amazing." He just blinked and lifted a hand, wiping it off to be safe again, "Can I… can I touch it?"

"Sure you can touch it. Ah burnt it into the wood, it isn't paint so you won't mess it up or anything. Wood might still be a little warm, shouldn't burn ya though. Touch it, it's safe." Jeb says, adjusting the glasses on his nose and gesturing JP forward with his hand. He is smiling, hearing all of JP's compliments, both English and French, it feels good, it really does. This feels good, making art for someone else, having it make them smile.

JP had to marvel at it for a while longer giving it the eye of a craftsman. Finally fingers ran over the surface where the wood was slightly uneven. Eyes, large and curious, smiled withthe rest of his face discovering the nuissance of it. "Heh check that out. Still warm an' everythin'" He looked up to Jeb withthe widest most wonderful grin, "This a gift. This… gon' make someone real fuckin happy lemme tell you. I mean" He looked back to the chest of drawers and laughed just enjoying the hell out of it, "I seen the future once- been there ya know? It…" He paused and squint looking back to Jeb, "It didn' look too good for us. You had a weird had in helping fix that so… F'this. That? Merci beaucoup."

Jeb watches JP marvel at the chest of drawers and then cocks his head to the side when JP starts talking about the future, about having been there, about Jeb himself having been a part of it, making the future better. "Well, you're welcome for this and Ah guess for whatever Ah do in the future too. Ah meant what Ah said though, even if we made up, Ah punched Elmo and wrecked your garage, this is free." He says gesturing to the chest of drawers with a smile. "Ah'm glad you like it. Ah did leave my little symbol on the inside of one of the drawers."

Jeb approaches and opens the second from the top of the drawers, showing JP a small symbol of a sprouted plant with a plug in the center. /Power Plant/. It's small, burnt into the back of the drawer, likely unnoticable.

JP really hould bring Luce something

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