1965-09-07 - Happiness
Summary: Vic comes home to Kaleb and Maximus, and he brought dinner.
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Kaleb uuhhhs… walks over and pushes the lamp over. Yay now it's a crazy party.

Vic comes in from work, and he's got bags of takeout from Saganaki, which is one of the benefits of working there. Classic Greek cuisine that even a man of expensive tastes would approve of. He's in jeans, a striped t-shirt, and a brown leather bomber jacket. "I'm home," he calls.

He prompty starts setting out plates. Of course he's hungry. He's always hungry. The burning furnace of energy goes through a lot of fuel. "I brought roated lamb." In case the appeal of cooked dead animal appeals.

Kaleb was back to having cotton in his ears given recent events. He's accepted that regular tinnitius was going to be hazard and a lfestyle. He was in serious casual mode though enjoying Max's company, and not at all dressed for public consumption. He was listening to the new Herbie Hancock jazz pianno album pausing mid-conversation with an amused grin. It shadowed and he jooked ready to be disappointed, "Dragons didn't attack Lambert did they?"

"I would eat his lower half and never notice, I'm certain." Maximus remarks…insanely. He's also not dressed for going out, and his feet are notably barren.

Vic beams at both Maximus and Kaleb. "He can see," he says. "I don't think there were any dragons involved, but his eyes got fixed." He loads up each plate with plenty of roasted lamb, roasted vegetables, orzo prepared with olive oil and oregano, and all sorts of goodies. He sometimes forgets not everyone eats food by the trough like he does. "How are you two doing? Phew, it was a busy day."

Kaleb snickered and shook his head at Max's delirious view of the situation. He had these moments but he was safe away from the judge eye of peons that didn't' get the bigger picture of things. Turning back to Vic he responded glibly, "As of an hour ago. Pretty damn terrific. Taking this part of the semester off to help Jay soooo I get to spend the id-afternoon working on whatever I want and figuring out how to run an enterprise. Turns out? Pushing a whole lot of people about? Not the most fun but we're getting there."

"Kaleb…you know that I am the best at pushing people around. You should just ask me for help with that." Maximus smiles amiably. "So…what did you do to yourself, Vic? Busy day in what way?"

Vic delivers Kaleb's plate to him, and then Maximus is offered a plate before Vic fixes one for himself. "I had classes today," he says, "and then work. The boss is back so we're all on our toes." How much lamb did he order? A whole sheep's worth? "I was going to swing by mom and dad's, but there wasn't time. Maybe tomorrow."

Kaleb blinked and looked up to Vic, "You're the best, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Have them see me for details and they better come loaded with bribes. I'll cut you in 20%." He looked to Max, "I think I made the right choice moving out of my family's house cosidering. Which… I got a phone call from them." He looked from max to Vic, "Speaking of 'mothers'…She asked how everyone was. I don't think she knows who everyone is. What're your parents up to? The world need that much saving?"

Maximus blinks, unable to really keep up with the conversation, since he's missing some details about the two of their current events. But, he listens anyway. "That sounds like so much work. How exhausting. I prefer to excel at where my actual talent is. Why do you still work at all?"

Vic finally settles down with his own plate of food. Which he starts in on without ceremony. Starving Vic! Always starving. "It needs more saving than you'd think," he tells Kaleb. "But I'm the one who ran out of time. They're doing well, though." Munch munch munch. To Maximus, he says, "I like to be reliable, and to know that I can earn a living if I have to."

Kaleb nodded slowly and considered, "Actually if your father ever has time, and… he won't, but if, I have a question that he might be able to answer. He know anything about the future folding into the past or anything? He's got a repository of weird knowledge." About the job though… he looked to Max and to Vic for an answer… the answer wasn't actually… seeming to make sense to him as many times as he's heard it. "Yes, but how is kowtowing to the general public proving you are more worthy as a person?"

Maximus points at Kaleb and nods. "Exactly. A person…truly flourishes under different circumstances. Though, there ARE those who are meant to serve…who truly do enjoy it. For them, serving is life, not just a job. My servants are like that. They are the best kind."

Vic says, "Gosh, I don't think it makes me more worthy, certainly not more worthy than anyone else. I think it broadens my experiences, and it makes it easier for me to be human." He nods emphatically to what Maximus says, his curls bobbing. "I like being of service. I can lift heavy stuff Mr. Petropolous can't. I'm learning how to fix things. It feels good to see a job well done."

Kaleb just blinked and looked back to Max and shrugged, "I got nothin. I have no idea what the obsession with humans is, but he's happy and I think we just have to accept that or die hipocrites. I neither wish to die nor become a hipocrite soooo," he turned to Vic and nodded finally, "Then I'm happy for you." It was honestly beyond him but withthe weirdness as of late and coming off of one month of zen from totally not being around near any living souls? He was willing to accept what he could not grasp. "And if it means you are liing here nad coffee is happenign and youre' happy? Doubly thrilled, man."

Vic smiles at Kaleb and says, "I'm very happy, thank you. I know I can count on you to support me, even when I don't make sense." He munches more food, then says, "I hope you're happy doing things how you do. I want nothing more than for you guys to be happy."

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