1965-09-14 - Posters and Promotions
Summary: Julie brings a new pal by the garage, and Gearhead surprises Julie with promotions he commissions for her
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A fairly-substantial older tow-truck rumbles to back up to the bay doors, carrying what seems to be a rather heavy steel plate slung between its boom and bumper-cradle. The horn honks a couple times, and Diz looks over to Forge, setting the air brakes. "We could need a bit more muscle to unload this, but let's see if anyone's home."

Forge came along with Julie, even if he'd rather be in a much nicer, more comfortable car to comeinto the city. "Some sort of stabilization beyond what two people can do, could help, yes." he nods, as he gets out.

Gearhead's Garage was it's own oddity. With the Zydeco music playing adding cultural flavor to the odd assortment of this end of Mutant Town the garage offered affordable services, sometimes just in trade to keep the lower end of Mutant Town up and running. No fancy custom jobs really, thought he mechanical brontosaurus in the shop that JP was currently welding on might suggest otherwise. Suuuure the scrappy Cajun dancing up on a ladder with a welding torch fiting a stolen mecha-dino. What could possibly go wrong?

Julie nods to Forge, "Stable, I think I can do, but I know a guy we can ask a favor from if we need." Smirks up at the mechanical dinosaur, shielding her eyes a bit from any welding glow. "Ay, JP, what's this, working for Hollywood now, are ya?"

Forge chuckles. "Oh right, you can control the thing from torquing?" He chuckles and closes the door solidly. He look saway from teh welding as well, and comes up behind Julie, letting her speak.

JP switched off the torch and let that easy grin warm his face with amusement, "Awww, Jules, you callin us pretty enough t'be fameous?" No she wasn't. "I'll take it." Of course he would. When he turned to look to Julie and Forge the large mecha dino moved her head down to look at them too. JP thumbed in an easy good nature to it, "This' lil girl? She go into this exhibit wit' her parents an' touch the dinos lightin em all up. They end up shuttin the thing down. Sparkplug an' his buddy wen' in and rescuge this one f'me." He looked back up eyes full of near child-like adoration. "My people 'so good to me."

The dino got a pat and he climbed off the ladder wiping his hand twice on his coveralls offering it to Forge in greeting. "Heeey, JP. People roun' here call me Gearhead. You got food I don' care what you wanna call me" To Julie he continued like the Cajun chatterbox he was, "I got no less than three people ask me 'you sure you only got one daughter' an' I was like ya know I ain't been in New York tha' long. But at 5 years old doin that alread? Meeerde I wanna meet this kid. Tha' pretty amazin. Jules an' friend what we owe this visit?"

Julie gives a playful wave to the dino, and says, "Well, I dunno about food, but maybe we can go get something." She indicates the big steel plate with some square tubing welded on for legs and trusses. "Came up with some extra steel plate, figured you could use a good welding table. Or something not up on cinder blocks," she winks. The plate may be left over from the newly-upgraded Danger Room project, but perhaps it looks much like it came from a shipyard or road repair. "Ah, this is Forge, figured you two could meet."

Forge will offer his metallic hand for a shake. Great thing is people can TRY to catch your fingers in a power play, but with him, it'll never work. "JP. I'm Forge," he says simply enough. "So you're turning an exhibit into a functioning vehicle?" Now his eyes wander onto the dino, plotting.

JP smiled to Forge and grinned wider as his hand caught metal; some part of his will and his power trying to investigate it; every hinge, every point of articulation. He didn't try to make it move. That was a great way to get punched BY said metal fist. Wonderment abated he let the hand go. "Heh if future plays out like we seen I gotta talk to your guy bout one o'them." He looked up to the dino. "Yeah. I'm thinkin we ever seiged? I wan' somethin cool. But… it cheers up the kids an I want it so people don' fall off… not fast though."

Julie smiles. "You'd think people would learn better than to show up in this neghborhood with torches and pitchforks by now, but I bet she'd make a real impression, that way." She adds. "Forge is a real inventor type, I can see she's got his interest."

Forge smirks when the man shows such interest in the hand. Forge does not pull his hand away first though. Afterward, he lifts it holding it out, flexing it briefly, before slowly pushing it into a sportcoat pocket. "I mostly develop military and weapons systems, but I have some side projects going on my own, for a private association."

JP churtled and pointed to teh stump where there /was/ a payphone. Most of it was cleaned up leaving bits of glass and metal in the cracks. "You think it' normies come through an' do that t'my phone? Naw." Still a sticking point with him!BUilding? Military and weapons?! "Sweet! You buildin, buyin an' sellin then?" Pausing he looked back to the dino and sloooowly arched an eyebrow, "Tres bon, mon ami. You can look at her if ya like. I' afraid I cheatt'run her tho. Won' find a conventional motor." And then he remembered looking to Julie, "B'fore I f'get I got somethin f'you."

Julie looks where payphone was. "What, someone else did that?" She hrms, as thouh trying to recall when she last saw a working phone there. Then tilts her head to JP. "Oh, yeah?"

Forge chuckles. "I built a flying car to get myself between Washington and Westchester easier. And I'm thinking about building a satellite communications grid for some mutant friends of mine."

JP swiveled his head back to Forge slowly and said "Merde, I' gon' need your card, mon ami. There projects I might be able t'hire you for." Slowly he panned back to Julie with that look to her, and the slight grin of You knew I needed this. I owe ya. "Well, I hung you flier. An I know you have a problem hangin em at you' uncle's place ya know cause… oui. So this cat owe me a favour for bustin up one m'boys-" He waved a hand like , nono it's fine, "An that worked out but he real talented drawin an' stuff sooo I had em draw up three posters, big, fancy art, f'here, Atomic, Eightball, an' the Community Center t'advertise for ya." He pulled out one of the four posters all done up with the art style of the day deco swirl advertising custom mods by Dizzy movie poster style like.

Julie looks the thing over, and smirks. "Hey, now *I'm* looking like the big time, all's of a sudden. "Dizzy's, that'd look pretty good on a speed shop or something," she muses, ambitiously, giving JP a side-hug so as to not damage the things. "And, yeah, but at Uncle Sal's it's just part of the family stuff anyhow. But around here people sometimes got, ah, special requests and all."

Forge chuckles. 'Well, JP, I don't really work that way. I don't design things on cue. I have a talent for inspiration. I Get an idea, it'll just work, and later we have to figure out how it works. I'm not a traditional scientific engineer. I'm open to pitches, but with me, it's different."

Julie smirks to JP, about Forge. "Figure it out later, is right. I know some aviation mechanics, call me Igor Sikorsky if I could figure out how that Ford of his argues with gravity." She winks. "We still oughtta baffle that oil pan. W-blocks ain't meant for flying."

JP blinked and lookeed back from Julie to Forge to Julie and then to Forge eyes getting bigger the longer Julie went on. The crux of it was not that the car flew it was, "Why wouldn't you use a Chevy?" Really? That was the part confusing him. "But yeah I'd love t'get more pieces t' soup mah' trusty steed up wit'." He paused and looked back, "Think we cna make the dino fly? I dunno if helocoptor blades is historically accurate… I'll hafta have Elmo check but I think we should try it."

Forge chuckles. "Stick a rocket in it and it'll fly, but controlling it would be the hard part."

Julie laughs, "For that you'd need *me* cheating if you didn't want to build her into a whole other helo. Err, 'chopper.'" She's a little used to Marine-speak when it comes to aircraft. Adds. "I made kind of a flying harness outta a cut-down tail-rotor I brought from out West and some other stuff. Haven't figured out a use for it, really, but joyriding once in a while.

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