1965-09-20 - Car Healers
Summary: Diana runs into Julie and learns about a distinct profession
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It's a late-summer evening around Washington Square Park, the sidewalks full of various kids, and colorful, sometimes shiny, often loud vehicles pulling in and out of spots in various social circulations. Transistor radios can be heard between such noise from the park, mostly, thankfully, tuned to the same stations. Dizzy's leaning against the hood of her cameo-locket two tone Nomad, glancing through a paper's classifieds section while distractedly having occasional puffs on a cigarette.

Diana is dressed in a blue tracksuit as she makes her way about the park jogging, taking in some exercise to remove her thoughts from daily concern and refind some focus. Man's World is no easy place to navigate, and holds endless strings of frustrations. When she comes by Dizzy, she slows a bit to give a friendly wave, "good day to you."

Julie glances up, seeming a bit distracted by the papers. Dizzy navigates a 'Man's World' in her own way, perhaps, but there, Diana rather stands out. "Hey, Diana, howya doing?" the local girl greets. "Someone got you on PT, or something?"

"It's important to keep in good shape, strong stamina can make all the difference in whatever endeavor you may pursuit," Diana says with a grin as she comes to a stop, looking over at the paper in Julie's hands, "what are you reading if I may ask?"

Julie nods, "Gotta keep up with the other kids, anyway," she smirks, and indicates the papers, "Ah, just checking out the classifieds, about time to start thinking about the next project, don't hurt to keep an eye on what's out there."

"What sort of projects are you undertaking?" Diana asks with peaked interest, not accustomed to many women in Man's World having free hand to pursuit projects of their choosing.

Julie ohs, and smiles. "Oh, kind of in the mood to build something for a road courses, try and keep up with some of these Jags and probably Mustangs before I know it. Falcon Sprint, maybe, if I can get hold of one…" Pauses, and smirks, remembering perhaps Diana seems a bit out of place in modern America. "We rebuild cars, my brothers and cousins and me. Race em, too, sometimes, maybe sell em on so we can do the next one." She points at the Nomad next to them, a future classic '56 Chevy, only a two-door station wagon of sorts. "Did this guy here up with my uncle Angelo and his boys out in California, but pretty much me, apart from upholstery."

Diana looks a bit awed as Julie invokes name that would suggest she was somesort of spirit animal conjurer, if not an animal conjurer, "you dabble in magic…?" Diana asks hesitantly, "I see," she adds when an explanation is offered, looking at the vehicle pointed at, she asks, "are you a car healer than?"

Julie laughs, quietly, "Heh, not really, sometimes people make jokes like I do. Besides, you never know who you're gonna run into out here these days. But, ah, yeah, car healers. That's what my family does, mostly. Mechanics and all that. We do a lotta custom work, too. speed, paint and body, pretty much everything."

"That's impressive, if ever I hear of someone in need of such services, I'll be sure to refer them to you," Diana promises, before motioning onwards, "if you'll excuse me, I should get back to my laps. Nice meeting you, Julie."

Julie smiles, taking out a business card for a place in the East Village, called simply 'Uncle Sal's Garage'. "You could get a hold of me here, or, if you end up needing a tow or something," Hey, have a good run, good to see you again. My friend and I'll be kicking around a while if you want a beer or something."

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