1965-09-24 - Let's Go Fly a (Drone) Kite
Summary: Fitz and Chris build their own 'drone' electronic kites to race, catch up, and enjoy 'normal' among powered giants a while
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Fitz was back from his mission. He did not want to talk about the mission. It also helped that it was super classified. How field agents did that stuff regularly could boggle the mind.

Really, heroing is hard!

Back home again Fitz buried himself in his work and ventured to place a call to the conspicuously named Avengers Tower to see if Chris wanted to meet him out on Governers Island for 'fun with science'. He was as one would expect to dind thim, buttonup (unbottoned at the collar), cardigan, slacks, sneakers. He was easily findable sitting on a bench as Governor's Island was not as densly packed now that school was back in session.

Chris has no idea about Fitz's mission and thus would not likely ask about the mission. He did, however, like that Fitz had called, as he hadn't seen him in a while, and readily agreed to anything that combined both fun and science together. He arrives, dressed in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a windbreaker to, well, break the wind, as it was starting to show occasional chilliness as September waned toward October and Fall officially began.

Fitz broadened a grin lifting the defice in his hands by way of greeting, "Chris, glad you could make it. Wheeelp," said the Scotsman, "We were talking kites before and I thought with the weather change and a need for a small holiday, I thooooght, you might be game for making working on kites with me. I mean I could just build em, but where would the fun be if ya don't get to build your own?" There was some faith in Chris' skills there. "You work with Tony. I imagine you get a fair share of soldering and fixing things?"

"I'm game for working on just about anything," Chris admits with a little bit of a grin as he makes his way closer to take a look at what it is that Fitz has in his hands. He grins broadly and says, "I'd like to help build my own. That'd be fun." He shakes his head though and says, "Oh, no, I don't work with Mr. Stark much. I mean, missions, sometimes, I'm there. But I've never even been to the lab."

Fitz relaxed, still grinning. "Yoooou have no idea how nice of a change this is for me lately. Like," He paused looking around and turning sideways on the bench where the other parts were and a tiny tool kit, "something fun that's not oh hey we need to inconvenience the hell out of a ton of people with great ferocity but this? This is just fun!" He pointed to the parts, "Right so we're looking at kite frame and there's a couple colours you can snap in there. Plastic so we have something to fit the small fans to, and these small propellers to snap to these frames we're going to make conjoining this corrugated aluminum body to soooo we Can keep it aerodynamic. Might turn out an eeeensie bit like a Frisbee but if it does? Eh we'll put streamers around the edges and make it as cool as possible. the fans we're going to hook to this little radio pack and IF," He held up a finger. It was a big big If. "If all goes well we can control them remote and race them. I'm… sure the government will want cameras on them eventually like pigeons but for now let's just let the creations be kids a while, yeah?"

Chris wanders over to the bench and plunks himself down on the opposite end from Fitz, listening as he lays out the use of all the parts in front of them. Then he picks up one of the frames, the one that was designated as his to build. He reaches over and begins to assemble the parts that Fitz pointed out, and it's actually remarkable about how quickly he seems to figure out exactly how it all goes together. For a kid without much book learning, he seems to have a natural aptitude. He chooses blue and green for his colors, and snaps them into place. "This is kinda fun, and sure, I'm sure once we figure them out, they'll want to do something military with them, but this is kind of cool to do just for fun."

Fitz grinned faintly to Chris putting his own frame together checking it for shape, "We might have to play withthe frame shame but that's half the fun and," There was that knowing nod, "You know i'm not always inclined to report everything I build. Some things the world might just better be without. You know, until they can prove responsible with it." His nose wrinkled wobbling his head, "I dunno abotu you, I always get worried about that stuff." Looking over he grinned "I like the blue and green together. If it starts spinning it'll look pretty far out like a peacock that's really confused. Mine?" He pulled out Scottish red and white, "Will look like a pepermint swirl."

"Yeah, there are some things that really shouldn't be out there. Sometimes just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should," Chris agrees as he continues to work on putting the little propellers in place, picking up the right tools and affixing them where they ought to go. He nods and says, "Yeah.. I do too, a lot actually." He then laughs a bit and says, "I like that.. peacock that is really confused." He then nods and says, "Peppermint swirl sounds pretty good, too."

Fitz laughed shaking his head handing Chris soem fo the clamps and taking teh time to briefly go over the install of the radio component and hwo to keep in mind the antennae and receiver and design struggles he's run into with it up until this point resulting in positioning it in a certain place now for fewer problems so Chris could walk away withteh knowledge and apply it elsewise or even improve on it for future use or give Fitz ideas how they can improve the receptoin without making it exposed and fragile. "You worry about that stuff too though? I think it's good. I mean trust is good but questioning ourselves is important too. I recently had to tell a director I wouldn't work on a project… dunno how that's going to go. We'll see though, right? Alright, how close are ye to finishing? How's things been otehrwise? And how can we make these more fun with Halloween around the corner?"

Chris takes up the radio portion and the clamps and listens carefully. He nods his head a couple of times as Fitz explains where things need to go and what he had to go through to figure that out. It doesn't take him long to get it affixed in the right place and going in the right direction. "Sure, I mean, I worry about stuff all the time. I mean, we make decisions all the time, to help people, to hinder others — how do we know that what we are doing is the right thing? If you don't stop and question yourself, then maybe you stop doing the right thing after a while, you know?" He continues to fiddle with it and says, "Not quite done. Um, I'm fine, I guess." He smiles a little lopsidedly. "You know, getting by." Though he considers and says, "Well, how much weight can they carry? Can we make them drop candy on people?"

Fitz grinned slowly not saying it. He wasn't saying it. The tech just fit his wires to the fans and paused , eyes going big, "Awww if we could make them look like glowing pumpkins for holiday that would be even better. Ummm I dunno how much weight they can carry but I think this is definitely a worthwhile expenditure of government assets." There was that grin gone wry. "Ooh or put something gooey in there. Give Medical something to squak about." He considered this and wondered out loud, "I'd say maybe work on making them look like little space saucers but after the Kree showed up in January? Prolly poor taste."

"Or we could suspend the goo or the candy or both in the center between them, make four of them or so to share the load at the corners, rig up something to let the payload drop," Chris contemplates as he studies the little thing, turning it around in his hands. Then he frowns slightly and says, "Yeah.. I'm not sure I wanna freak people out too much, just you know, a little."

Fitz hrmmmed. "Maybe like very tiny reindeer though I wuppose those wouldn't be round. Streamers?" He paused shaking his head, "That's just a rubbish idea, Fitzy. Alright so we get a few, I like this, and maybe attach them with some sort of tether or a frame so they stay in relative formation to distribute the weight?" He paused and squint lining up his futura peppermint swirl-o-tron and said "Okeeeeey. Important scientific question then…who do we drop it on?"

"Tiny reindeer would be great for Christmas but not really Halloween," Chris points out with a little bit of a chuckle, "And I would say a tether maybe but we don't want to build a frame, I don't think.. that might add too much weight and then we'd be back to them being unable to really carry anything beyond the weight of the frame." He laughs then at the very scientific question and considers, "My brothers?"

Fitz paused laughing, "Your brothers?" Oh that is delightful. "You from New York then, Chris or we going to have to manage fuel and range consumption for this?" Oh yes this was happening. He wrinkled his nose, "That I don't think they'll let me borrow the Quin Jet for. How many? Younger ones or is this a revenging on older siblings here?" This actually caught his interest having no siblings of his own.

"Oh, no, I live here in the city." He nods in the direction of Queens. "We can get'm without having to leave the island." Chris then says, "Unless you want to hit someone else over at SHIELD." He then chuckles, "Two, and younger."

Fitz looked around and still had that tint of the rose in his glasses as they say observing, "It sounds pretty great. Growing up in a place with so much to do. Really I'd love to hear what that was liske sometime. The place I lived with me mum? It's lovely but I kinda hated it. A lot of very, very beautiful things very spread a bit far apart from one another with some goats in between for variety. Just hard to get moving forward, so like," He paused pulling in his cheeks and nodded with approval to Chris, "I have a deep appreciation for people who are self-taught. That's something they can't teach to you; that want to know stuff and how to find it or make it."

Chris grins over at Fitz and says, "Did you have goats? We never had any pets. Dad didn't want any animals in the house and mom is allergic. But dad's been gone for a while now, so it's mostly just mom's allergies at this point." He pauses for a moment and then says, "Well, growing up in the city was fun, but I don't really know what it's like growing up anywhere else. We were always doing something, going somewhere. We could hop on the metro and get wherever we needed to go. We were pretty independent early on." He then finishes off the remainder of the little drone and holds it up for Fitz to inspect it.

Fitz snickered shaking his head, "My mum did growing up. We didn't though, no. I think if me da were allergic to goats she'd have had pleanty early on." There was some history there but it didn't kill his mood. He grinned and offered, "Weeeeell if you have a mission taking you to the greater Glasgow area I'll wire my mum and have her put the kettle on for ya. Oh, let's see what ya got there." He took it and pointed out some of the assembly that aligned rather well. Good job on that, Chris. "I think we are in good shape for a test flight."

"Then lets give these a test and see how they go, hm?" Chris says when it is handed back to him. Then he smiles and says, "I'd like to see Glasgow sometime. Maybe I will have to go there someday." But there is serious flying to be done, and so he gets the control for his own little craft and gets his game face on. "So where are we racing from and to?"

Fitzset his flier down and said "First they have to switch on. Barring that? We try to race them over there and up around the crown of the lighthouse, then that tree trunk there under the branch part, and then back here. And then… hope we don't crash." Leo paused and added with a snicker, "We lose double points if we hit a lady with a baby soooo best to avoid." He flipped the switch and tested it and… WE HAD LIFT OFF!

Chris follows the path that Fitz lays out and explains, looking from the lighthouse to the tree and so on, then gives a nod. This is serious business. The little flyer turns on and then says, "Got it. No casualties." He powers his own on and it comes up off the gorund as well, hovering and buzzing. "Alright," he says, "On three.. two.. one!" And then they are off.

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