1965-09-24 - Milkshakes
Summary: Forge, Eva, Robbie, Diz, and Sage meet over milkshakes!
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It's the end of summer, and the start of school, a combination which has led a number of people to converge on a drive-thru joint out of town, a place complete with neon lights, rock and roll, (Though it's the Byrds playing just now,) and servers rollerskating around, well, some of them. Diz arrives with a car at least partly full of girls, the '56 Nomad tan-and-ivory paint waxed up for the occasion, perhaps. She replies to Jenny, apparently a friend from the old neighborhood about some teasing comment, apparently about some high school job, and she says, "Hey, it was a slow year and I had parts to buy." Smirks back and looks for a good spot not-really center stage, backing in with a rumble of exhaust. "See anyone we know, yet?"

Who the hell thought it was a good idea to skate with a tray in hand? Eva scowls as the wheels catch on a piece of gravel and her spine gets to saleem in a last ditch effort to stay upright. Fortunately she was on the return journey. The arms cartwheel and its just a tray that arcs its way out of her hand towards the ground. Even so, the face alters its expression to a smirk. She nailed it. Still up right. The headswivels about to look for where that tray gotto.

Forge goes out himself. So Eva is treated to the sight of a Ford Galaxie Skyliner driving in… with giant wings sticking out from each side of the front, he looks over and sees Julie with her friends, and decides not to interfere. She'll notice, and if she wants to say hello to HIM, that's up to her. He'll just crank down the window, and hang his elbow out the window.

Well, it's the start of school. Robbie already had to chew out a few kids just for bullying another little guy. So! Robbie treated said kid to some ice cream. Because why the hell not. Walking alongside this little kid, He buys the kid an icecream and gives him an inspirational talk as he can give…before he sends the kid away. He knew the way home, after all. With a sigh on his face, his eyes fall upon Julie. "Hey Diz." Robbie greets with a two-fingered wave.

Sage has remained relatively quiet the entire trip, listening to Diz and Jenny chatter on. Mostly Jenny, anyhow. Finally she offers up, "Had she not taken the job, I might have had to take my Vauxhall to someone less competent." Horror of horrors, right? Well no, but she's trying to offer a compliment. When they come to a stop, Sage tilts her head slightly to see around Diz. Nobody she knows, at any rate.

Julie laughs, a bit, to Sage, winking, "Oh, she wasn't talking about *this* job: just one year I had *that* job a couple months, or maybe it just seemed like it." She points at the rollerskating waitress, and waves a "Hey, how, ya doing, there, Mopar Guy. Where ya been?" to Robbie. Of course, in Dizzy's case, at least it likely would have taken a lot to give her trouble with the skating part.

There is a squint and a scowl. Where the hell had that tray got too. Eva begins to sweep down along the line. She starts with the Vauxhall. Then its a scoot about and check along the rest of the row. Even that new fangled Skyliner gets a once over and then under as she weaves along the pavement. She tucks her notebook into the waistband of her skirt, the pencil gets pushed back behind her ear. It was starting to look like she meant business.

Forge is definitely impressed with Eva and her determination. If he gets a chance, he'll call out "Is the line long? I've gotta jet later." The joke he manages to get out completely deadpan, from his flying car.

Robbie Simply chuckles a litlte bit to Diz. "Went out of town for a few months to see my little brother. He wanted to move here with me so…said why not." He shrugs. "Why, did ya miss me?" He teases Julie just a little bit before he looks on over to Sage. "Hey." then to Forge. "Yo."

Short greetings, short greetings, but greetings nonetheless.

Sage tilts her head at Robbie, as she brushes a lock of blue hair out of her eyes. "Hello." Though really, she could be nodding at Julie's explanation. It's hard to tell, and Sage's carefully neutral facial expression doesn't make it any easier. But seeing as how Robbie and Diz seem to know each other… She extends a hand when she has the room to do so. "Tessa," she says in that crisp RP accent of hers. "Tessa Valentine."

Julie smiles a bit to Robbie. "Ah, hadn't seen youse on the strip all summer, Carmine's been looking to go up against one of those wedges, you see. Anyway, who knows, we figured your number got called up or, you know, something." Cause, boys getting drafted happens. "Oh, hey, this is Tessa, and Jenny, maybe you met."

"Ten minute wait, five minute turn around on the food." Eva answers Forge. Her brain half engaged as she multi-tasks a scowl in the direction of the tray. It has been spied and she cants her head left, then right, then back to scowl central. The teeth grit in a moment of indecision before she's begun to undo the apron. "Though its about to get a lot longer."

Apparently Eva isn't the only one in the lot that can scowl. Another apron wearing skater is heading in her direction with a determination of a roller derby queen about to connect with her next mark. Eva just picks up a foot and begins to unlace a boot. Her hand reaching out to rest against a vehicle for support. Spying Julie she offers the other a'brows up' greeting. Short for sure, but she's about to get rained down upon by the supervisor so she just works at getting thsoe boots undone.

Forge waves to Robbie, and answers the 'Yo' with a silent nod. There is a man's meal to attend to. "Well, take your time miss. It is more important that I get my food in one piece, than it is that I Get my food quickly. Whenever you're ready."

Robbie shrugs just a little bit to Julie with a bit of a smile. "Yeah, well…guess in a way, it was called up. But I'm back now to smoke up the track. Just tell me when and where." His eyes shift to Sage, looking her in the eyes as he gives her a bit of a smile. "Hey. Robbie Reyes." he extends his hand to give Tessa a firm handshake. His eyes then shift to Eva, then to Forge. Well, Eva looks upset and Forge…well, Forge appears to be forge.

"A pleasure, Mr. Reyes." Sage's handshake is firm as well, though brief. Her gaze follows Robbie's towards Eva and over to Forge, though she says nothing about either one of them. "Is this yet another hangout of yours I only find out about at the last minute?" she asks, canting her head in Julie's direction.

"Oohh I don't think I can do that." Eva says to Forge. The grimace she pulls is apologetic. One skate off, the other soon to follow and that supervisors closed in. The stop kicks up dirt from the roller wheels. Handing across the apron, skates, pencil and notepad as she gets the heave ho, off you go from the supervisor. "And I think that wait times just gone up." Eva takes the time to inform Forge rather than pay too much attention to the screeching session going on about her. "Nice to meet ya by the way. Time for me to collect my boots and exit." she gives a short nod. Then she strolls casually back towards the lockers to collect her boots. It's time to get out of hearing range of the supervisor. With her things collected she hits the road, thumb on out to catch the next ride on out of here.

Julie smiles to the kid along with Robbie, then, still seeming a bit perplexed about Eva's predicament, and what she's trying to do about it, so plays that cool for now. "So, this your little brother right here, then? Howya doin?"

Forge needs to get the attention of another server. He is hungry, so two fingers are put in to his mouth, and he lets out a shrill whistle. It's crude, but effective. And he tips well, in advance. "Double hamburger, fried chicken, milkshake." is his order. That's right. Two main courses.

Robbie smiles softly to Sage, giving her a nod. "Pleasure is mine." He releases her hand before his eyes look to Eva as she leaves. "Nice to meet you. Safe travels." Robbie places his left hand in his jacket pocket while his right hand hangs at his side. His eyes watch as Forge orders his milkshake.

"Nah, this ain't him. Gabe is at home. This is a little guy I decided to treat to milkshakes and ice cream. He was bein' bullied." the kid is hiding behind Robbie. Because Robbie's the protector now.

"That's quite nice of you," Sage says, glancing at the kid for a moment. "I don't think I've seen enough people do that kind of thing."

Julie winks, "Well, maybe we'll just let on like he is, anyway." She smirks, and says, "Speaking of which, anyone for those milkshakes? Pretty good food here, too." She climbs partway out the window to look over the roof and scope things out, spotting Forge and his Galaxie, giving a wave and glancing around. Finally finds herself a server of their own to wave over. "I'll open the tail and you two could have a seat, too."

Forge now gives Julie a wave, figuring the young woman doesn't need too much attention from some guy from work, unless absolutely necessary. He gestures to the wings, and gives her a knowing nod. In fact, he pulls his head back into the window to start the engine, shift it into fly, and buzz the propellers, making the new server's hair blow dramatically for a moment. The car doesn't move, mind you. No rocket power to get it started.

Robbie looks to Sage. "Anyone would've done it. I was just there at the time." Robbie shrugs just a little bit, before his eyes glance over to Julie. "Sure, I'll take one. Little guy is already sucking down his." The Spirit of Vengeance smiles slightly before he looks to Forge, extending a hand. "Robbie Reyes." might as well introduce himself!

Sage doesn't reply vocally, she just nods. But she can think back to when she was young, and needed help. Nobody gave her a second look until she ran into Charles Xavier. So she knows, perhaps beter than most, that not enough peopleshow this kind and amount of kindness. "A milkshake sounds.. good about now, yes."

Forge will return the handshake, and nod. "Forge," he answers simply enough.

Julie smiles, then, and seemingly pops a hidden catch to unlock the half-wagon's tailgate, shortish wagons being reasonable hangout space, especially when backed up to outdoor tables. Smiles to the waitress, "Ah, vanilla malted and a basket of fries, " a glance back to Jenny, and "Ah, strawberry and a small rings," and then to Sage, not knowing her shake preferences, before relaying that along.

Robbie gives Julie a little smile before he watches people get their shakes. he glances to Sage, allowing his eyes to linger on her quite a bit. before he looks to Diz "So, Diz, what have you been up to?"

"The same for me," Sage says. "Vanilla malted and a basket of fries," she says, before adding, "If you please." She briefly glances in Robbie's direction, though she doesn't seem to realize his gaze lingers after that.

Julie smirks, shrugs, "Oh, bit of this and a bit of that, … couple Studebaker projects, one's, well, used to be my ride in high school, got her back from my little cousin, gonna see if that gets anywhere in the regionals, other's this woodie I came by that needed some help. Real nice shell, though… Ah, and, well, you know, putting a lotta flatheads in things with everyone moving on to newer stuff that can, almost. Couple foreign jobs, here and there." Well, it sounds like a fairly aimless summer. Nothing terribly unusual at all, really.

Robbie gives both ladies a kind smile. "ahh..I see. Well, if you actually want help one of these days, I?ll help you out." he grins softly. "But Hey, an offer is an offer." he chuckles before those eyes fall upon Sage for a few moments. "Well, I should head out. make sure my brother is doing good and get this guy.." he gestures to the kid behind him. "..home."

Sage pushes her pink-tinted glasses back up her nose as she nods in Robbie's direction. "It was good to meet you." Blue and pink, what IS she thinking? Her hand is offered to Robbie again. "Perhaps I'll see you helping Diz out one of these days."

Julie smiles to the kid, says, "Sure, we'll get him there. And, ah, sure. I'll try putting ya to work if I catch youse around." Eyes back to the kid, "Been for a ride in a street rod yet, kid?"

Robbie shakes Sage's hand one last time as she offers it, his eyes shifting to Julie as the kid shows great interest in her words. "Pleasure was mine, Tessa. Here's hoping!" Robbie's eyes go to Julie with a smile. "I'll see you ladies around." and off Robbie goes with the boy next to him. seems Robbie was walking him home.

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