1965-09-25 - Forging Answers
Summary: SHIELD has discovered an individual who goes by Forge is looking into the weird weaponry, Natasha is sent to follow and see if he is a problem, or a potential recruit in helping solve this issue.
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Forge spends a good bit of time in Mutant Town, andt his is no exception. Parking his (non-flying) Ford Galaxie in a nice parking spot outside the neighborhood, he walks in and stops by a hot dog vendor. Not a chatty guy until he walks down the street, and steps up to a man standing on a stoop, trenchcoat and hat, hands in his pockets, just in the shadow. Then a quiet conversation begins, before Forge salutes, and breaks it off to resume walking.

A figure in a trench coat and a fedora just so happens to arrive shortly in the vicinity after Forge's exchange, hands dipped in pockets, as it moves rather casually in the same general direction as Forge is. Coincidence or someone interested in his doings?

Forge does catch that out of the corner of his yee, but hey, he mistakenly thinks it was his contact. He whirls around to see… it's not. Biting into his hot dog, he chews as he steps forward, and swallows. The trick with the petty criminals is to be firm. "May I help you?"

The figure approaches Forge, his direct question suggesting that there's no need to keep playing hide and seek. "Well spotted," the voice is clearly feminine, and as she comes in closer, it becomes even clearer. Rather fair complexion, somewhere in early twenties would be a good guess. "I think we share a common interest, so I've been keeping tabs on you on behalf of SHIELD, I assume you've heard the name…?"

Forge takes another bit of the hot dog. Finishing it, he dusts his hands together to brush off the crumbs. "Indirectly, unofficially, every way but directly, yes. If you're tailing me, I assume you know exactly who I am and who I work for down in Washington, too. And here in New York. And what might our common interest be?"

"Weapons…out of the ordinary, heard of them?" Natasha follows up in a more direct question, now walking up along Forge, so voices can be kept even softer. "My question is if you have a hand in disseminating some of the more unorthodox ones…"

Forge nods. "Well, you know my business is weapons. Arming the United States in defense against the aggressive threat of international Communism." He looks her over, at least what he can see with the coat on. "I don't have a hand in them. But I am trying to get a hand on one. Or three."

"Quite," Natasha answers, her immaculate American accent serving no giveaway of her Russian heritage. Eyes are covered in shades, but some strands of red hair that escape underneath the fedora are notable. "Is that for government or private hands?" Natasha poses the expected follow up, "you of course would understand why SHIELD must know of this particular issue, it's been a bit of an unexpected hazard. Naturally, there is an investigation underway."

Forge lifts his metallic hands. "It's for my hand. Dual use. I'd like to do what I can with them, both for my own use, and to incorporate them in designs for the Army." He pauses. "Bluntly. Are you going to try to keep me from getting any?"

"Now there's something you don't see everyday," Natasha comments in a surprisingly flat tone, though despite the shades, one could get the sense she's studying that metallic arm very closely. "Have you been approached by SHIELD before?" She tilts her head slightly, and then muses, "largely depends on what else you intend to do with them, SHIELD's current mission is to identify the source and get them off the streets."

Forge flexes the hand. "I lost it in the war. Building this, is what led me to my current occupation. Once it seems like she's had a good chance to look, he folds his arms. "No ma'am, I have not. I could work with you. I imagine our goals are roughly aligned, unless you decide you're going to side with those forces within the government that seek to eradicate mutants." He has a high enough opinion of SHIELD that he doesn't hold anything back.

"That would place you with the most brilliant minds in the world, this kind of tech is very rarely seen," the tone that the redhead takes suggests she speaks from knowledge, rather than estimation, "what are your feelings in regards to working towards a safer world? SHIELD deals with a wide scope…any military service? Subterfuge ops in your past?" Sure, SHIELD can look on their own, but never hurts to ask first hand. When the mutant issue is brought up, Natasha smirks, "skills, abilities, it's all the same to me. Nobody should be begrudged what is a part of their being, there is only what one does with those abilities or gifts or what have you."

Forge smirks. "I was a soldier on the front line of the Pusan Perimeter. My hand got blown off as the tip of the spear of the United Nations effort to bring peace and freedom. I'm willing to serve my country, and the cause of freedom and peace, in a new way. " He then pauses. "As long as I can keep a couple."

"Then if you don't mind, I'll put your name up for recruitment…maybe your weapon expertise can help with this particular conundrum…" Natasha seems pleased enough with Forge's character to not buy that he's behind these weapons being distributed to the public. Of course, that doesn't mean SHIELD won't be keeping an eye on him, "you'll here from someone within SHIELD soon enough, have a good evening, Sir," she tips her fedora and starts to casually walk away, unless he'll try and stop her.

Forge nods. "Thank you. So.. you have me at a disadvantage, stranger in a coat and hat. I suppose that's the intent. Good luck."

Judging by the lack of reply, it seems Forge has a solid read on the situation. Maybe down the line, should he join up with SHIELD, he'll get proper introduction with this woman.

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