1965-09-25 - Let's belay that train robbery
Summary: Where in Nate tells JP to slam on teh breaks on teh train heist
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JP was back to poking at personal projects. Today it was using sitting in the garage peering at the hydrolic lift, foooooor…what? Who knows. He repositioned his stool and peered at it harder. Yeah. the neighbours got nothin man. Uh huh.

Nate seems to exit his room, walking right into JP watching him….stare at something. Oh, the lift? What, trying to get stylin' and profilin'? Either way, Nate, still shirtless, but in his full leather garb as per hte usual, tilts his head at JP. "you uh….you okay JP?" Nate's come down to refraining reading people's minds. Got boring after awhile, despite how often spontaneous the minds ofh is teammates were.

JP had a filthy mind full of crime, bad ideas, fun ideas, very inappropriate ideas, and food. Almost always if it wasn't food and cash it was about the future he visited and his emminent death and hunting down of their race. So, ya know, the same ol shit if you're into time travel. Whatever. He was choosing to focus mostly on food in that case. "Eeeh just tryin to see if I can tag somethin from range. So far? " He looked up to Natewith a shrug, "So far no, man. Also tryin t'think abou' stealin a train but we ain' got no place t'put it yet."

Nate never questioned that for a second…but even JP's words make Nate raise a brow. "…beg pardon?" A train?! "Where the hell would we put a train, JP? What's even on it?" Nate moves to take a seat on a nearby chair, wondering what the hell is going on in the mind of their 'fearless leader'.

JP replied in reverse order. "People, mon ami. Our people. Soooo been havin recurrin nightmare, hmm? ABout tha' future I been to. The one where I die a hero or somethin but, ya know, I still die. That… sucks. An' I been thinkin aboutwhen we talking last about preparing f'the future while tryin t'change it. THeyhad these big robots that could like scan for electronic and heat or somethin soooo in tha' future I had the idea t'tell Elmo we need a mobile base cause in that future? Someone burn down our garage which is, to all sides of this? Jes' rude. Soooo I wanted t'get a heads up and is fun. Then again… we ain' had a team meetin in a while. We will ahve to adopt one of these."

Nate sighs a bit as he leans forward, his hands clasped together. "JP, how many times do I need to tell you to stop worrying about the future. It's never set in stone. You could die of old age in that rocking chair of yours." he smiles. "Besides, you just focus on your kid for right now." he sighs. "And tell Elmo to stop fussing like he always does. Time is time. Let me worry about changing the flow." he shrugs a bit. "fair enough."

JP rubbed his face and took a deep breath. There were two people taht could get away with saying that to JP in a way he might actually listen and Nate was 50% of that population. The other was in his club right now doing…whatever.

Pulling his hand from his face he shrugged, "One, maybe. Two? Why it on you to do it alone. I might die in a rockin chair bein all busy bein old. I might get caught. I might run off chasin a fox into the sunset tryin t'get my wallet back. I might die demo'in a factory that manufacturein' giant robots. All that said? This registration business scary as hell, mon ami. What' we plannin t'do about that?"

Nate knew that JP would at least listen to him just a little bit as they have a brotherly talk. "Becuase unlike you, I'm the one who doesn't belong in this timeline, my friend." he grins lightly. before he turns more serious. "Yeah…it is. Polaris and I have been working on it, honestly…but I'm still not sure." he sighs.

"We can only convince so many senators…the best thing we could do right now is to not look like a threat. But, with powered people out and about…" he sighs.

JP nodded slowly and arched both eyebrows shaking his head in approval. "She got bite like a rattlesnake. She good people. A'ight sowe don' go overboard, maybe but wether that true or no? I'm thinkin havin a way t'move mutants safely? That lily gonna be imprtant regardless. F'now? Eeeh I can't move that thing from here. Wanna go grab a pizza? While you out of time and slummin with us? Eat well"

Nate nods lightly to JP. "Yeah…some kinda system. But ya kno what? Pizza sounds great." and off they went!

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