1965-09-27 - German Gossip Goats and Spicy Salsa
Summary: Wayward goats are found. Fajitas are made. These are not related.
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It's getting colder and darker. Which of course means that it's time to go around the protective magical border that Amanda has given the circus an make sure it'll last until the spring. The barrier's point was twofold: keep the people in the circus safe, and make the area within warmer than outside for the sake of the animals - not noticeably warmer, but enough so it would be easier to take care of the animals. Amanda is bundled up (she and cold weather don't get along) and bent over one of the focal points of the barrier.

Danielle trudges up from the woods, a rope lead looped around a rather smug young goat. Her boots are muddy, but she seems in good spirits. "Found him," she calls as she crosses the unseen barrier. With a brief pause to adjust to the subtle change in temperature, she continues leading the runaway scamp back to the pens. Double-checking the locks takes just a moment, before she's clomping back towards Amanda. Clomping knocks off mud, see.

Amanda Sefton looks relieved when the goat is found. Then, and only then, does she start enchanting in earnest. The words are.. well, they're not English. That's for sure. When she finishes, there's a flare of purple light around the borers of the circus, which quickly fades. "There."

A grunt is all Dani offers when that bit of flare races and fades. She tugs her fur-trimmed jacket open and steps up closer, extending a hand to help her girlfriend rise. "That sounds promising. Scrap was enjoying himself out there, bouncing off everything he could reach. I gave up trying to chase him and waited until he got hungry. He's probably gorging himself now."

"Well. You know how goats are." On the other hand, maybe Dani doesn't. It never really occurred to Amanda before. "He probably thinks the German goats are talking about him, and he wanted to show how brave he is compared to them." Amanda accepts the hand up to get back onto her feet. "Silly goats."

"Goats are very silly. Or very stubborn. They don't really have a middle range," Dani agrees. "My parents' ranch was more horses, but we had a goat, a couple of pigs, a cow.. That goat was obsessed with being on top of everything she could reach." As she talks, and while holding the other woman's hand, she strolls over towards one of the stalls to wash her boots off.

Amanda Sefton follows, of course, though her gaze follows the invisible line only she can see, making sure everything's intact on this side of the barrier. So far, so good. "Not too much of that from the goats here. Mostly just 'what's out there'," she says. "And German goats are a bit nasty to other goats. If you think they understand each other, anyhow."

Danielle leans back against some crates to hose down her boots, then scuffs them through some straw and tromps to be sure they're relatively mud-free. "German goats. Hm. You think maybe they speak different goaty languages?" It's an interesting notion, to be sure, and she reflects on it for a long second, before shaking her head, "I'm frequently glad I can only understand their emotions. If I had to /listen/ to some animals, I'd go loopy."

"Loopier," Amanda is quick to correct. And equally quick to try to dodge the totally-oncoming-swat. She grins at her girlfriend. "If they do, I bet the three near the tent side of the fence are the ones that gossip all the time."

Danielle aims the swat at Amanda, but doesn't pursue /too/ seriously. "Oh, you know they do. Like old biddies, watching people come and go." Dani dusts herself off and slings an arm around Amanda's waist. "So the goats are safe, the barrier's solid. And I can hear your stomach rumbling from here. How about some food?"

Amanda Sefton playfully flails when Dani tugs her close by the waist. "Hmph. My stomach is not that loud," she protests… and then her stomach rumbles. She wilts, defeated, and pokes at her belly. "Well…. food would be a good idea, I /suppose/."

With a laugh and a snort, Danielle steers Amanda around and walks back towards their cozy vardo. "If I timed this right, the chicken should be just about done in the marinade. I was thinking I could whip up fajitas again, since you seemed to enjoy them last time…"

"How did you get chicken started without me smelling it?" Darn sneaky girl! Amanda narrows her eyes as she's steered back towards their home. "Wait… this is what you were setting up when you told me you'd catch up!"

Danielle looks almost as smug as a goat. "Mmmmaybe. I wanted it to be a surprise." And indeed, when the door into the vardo opens, there's a mouthwatering fragrance of peppers and spices lingering in the air. "Just wait until I get it on the flame." She doesn't cook all that often, and many of her efforts are… interesting. But she figured out how to cook meat and onions and peppers just right for fajitas, if nothing else.

Amanda Sefton has to mock-grumble about waiting. Has to. It's a rule somewhere. This is complete with mock-pouting and flumping into a chair with an exaggerated 'fiiiiiiiine' as she sits to watch Dani finish off the preparations for the meal.

Boots get left outside, and jackets end up .. somewhere. She's not paying attention. Instead, Dani hums to herself and busily fishes the chicken out of the marinade, drops it in the skillet with some sliced peppers and onions, starts cooking and cooking and humming. Tortillas from that nice Mexican shop down the road, sour cream and tomato from the grocery.. All in all, it isn't /too/ long a wait before she piles everything onto plates and carries them triumphantly to the table. "Ta-daaa."

Amanda Sefton looks impressed as she always does. She stands as Dani gets to the table and leans in, pecking her girlfriend's cheek. "One of these days you need to let me try to do lunch for us," she murmurs. "You don't always have to be the one to do it." Of course since Amanda does supper, it's fair. "But thank you so much, sweetheart."

Danielle smiles and gets things settled, before sinking into her seat. "Hey, lunch is where I shine. Sandwiches are hard to mess up, and fajitas are a breeze," she grins at Amanda, then oops and hops up briefly to fish out a small glass jar. "Lady suggested this.. salsa for some extra spice."

Amanda Sefton squints at the small glass jar "..what is it?" she asks, wrinkling her nose suspiciously.

Danielle chuckles and opens the jar. "Tomato, some sorta hot peppers, bit of sugar, bit of salt.. She said it's her favorite. Here.." She tears off a bit of tortilla, dips it in the spicy sauce and offers it to Amanda. With a grin at the other woman's reaction to the flavor and heat, Dani sits down again and starts filling a couple of tortillas with the tasty goodness. "Apparently, a little will go a long way, but I think I like it."

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