1965-10-04 - The Prettiest Garage in New York
Summary: Carson comes over to meet JP and spin him Elmo's idea of decorating Mutant Town with all kinds of flowers, starting with the garage.
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Carson has decided to make the introduction part easy on Elmo by arriving on his own and well, deciding that it might be better to come with Elmo's idea of planting flowers all over Mutant Town instead of as just coming by to meet him. He is burdened by multiple flowers in pots that he is toting behind him in a little wagon, not unlike a boyscout peddling popcorn or cookies. He has celosia and chrysanthemums and pansies and asters and basically all the fall flowers, in a variety of bright and pretty colors to give JP and Elmo to pick from and of course, Carson can just tell them to bloom in any color, doesn't neccesarily have to be the colors they come in. As Elmo has seen, Carson can even make flowers dual toned. He pulls it carefully over the cracks in the road as he parks it gently outside the garage and peeks his curly head inside.

He's wearing another low cut shirt, blue this time with the same grey sweater from before, and this time he hasn't removed the smudge of dirt from his nose that is inevitably always there. "Hello?" He calls, softly, like he's afraid of interrupting all the car-ing going on.

There is car-ing going on! Elmo has one on the lift, doing some kind of unknowable mechanic thing to it. He's clearly at the end of a long day, coveralls smudged generously. So is his face. When he hears Carson, he glances over his shoulder, then grins at him. "Hey, Petals!" He comes over, wiping his hands on the rag hanging from his back pocket. "Oh, wow," he says, seriously impressed by the vivid collection of flowers. "Lookit that!"

|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 12

JP glanced over, only seeing the wagon at first when Elmo was like Oh hey lookit. JP stood up so fast his hand caught the edge of the hood at the last moment to prevent himself from slamming his head into it. "Woah." Yeah steady there car. Don't eat your mechanic. The grease smudged Gearhead poked his head around the corner of the blocked view and looked… relieved, "Oh merde is you. Thank God." He made the sign of teh cross briefly and gripped the hood taking a deep breath. "Bonjouuur. Wagon got a flat?" He looked at the Radio Flyer and then the hoist. It woudn't be needed but it WOULD be hyterical. Was JP just startled by a tiny wagon? Really?

Carson jumps at the way that JP reacts to seeing the wagon full of flowers and starts to fidget nervously with the wrist of his sweater. "Hey, Elmo. I brought all of my fall flowers. Um, you must be JP, right?" Carson stops fidgetting and offers his hand. "My wagon does not have a flat, not just yet but whenever it does, I will be sure to bring it to you to have it upgraded." He smiles, still a tadbit nervous at having somehow inadvertently startling JP. Also, JP made a /cross/. "I.. ah… I'm.." Wow, JP is really handsome? Does Carson have a name? Did he ever have a name? What was it again?

Elmo on the other hand just gives JP an amused glance. Like this daft behavior is totally normal. "Watch ya head. Yeah, this's my partner, JP. Co-owner of this here garage. This is Carson, he grows plants. JP, whaddaya so jumpy for?" He crouches to investigate the flowers, not touching them, because his hands are well grimed.

JP looked Carson up, and down, then shifted those brown eyes to the wagon, an arched eyebrow to Elmo, and back to Carson. His expression shifting to an easy grin, then humor, "Meeeerde, I saw th'plants in the wagon. Thought it was mon soeur Yvonne." Grubby hand wiped on his coveralls; palm, back of hand, palm again before offering it to Caron in greeting. "Was her birthday. Diiiiid not call on time."

"Oh!" Carson smiles then, a little less nervous now. "Does your sister have a botanical mutation as well?" He asks, shaking JP's hand. "It's quite good to meet you, Mr. JP, I actually came over because Elmo here had a fantastic idea and I thought that perhaps I could start here at the garage." He holds up a finger, he's talking a little too quickly because JP is really, really attractive. This isn't unlike when he first met Elmo, he just hasn't started speaking in facts instead of words… yet. "You see, he had this brilliant idea, and really, all of his ideas are brilliant but this one in particular was especially brilliant. See, he would like for us to plant flowers all over Mutant Town, add a splash of color to it. By doing so, we will make the air cleaner, additionally, planting flowers will help hold soil in place."

Now he was speaking in facts.

Elmo raises his eyebrows at JP. "Yer in trouble." When Carson calls him 'mister' JP, Elmo snorts in surprised laughter and stands up. "Yeah, if Carson can grow flowers anywhere, I thought, why not, yannow, everywhere? So what colors ya like, mister JP?" He elbows his partner.

JP arched an eyebrow, that grin hanging there in reserve. Mister now? He listened with the indication that was bpaying attention being the other eyebrow arching to join the first. WHen Elmo translated for him there was a snappoint to Elmo as the Cajun glibly retorted, "Hey, tha's Yardboss t'you." THere was that wink. He rest hands to hips looking at the cart and answered the primary question Carson gave him as he nodded his support of the idea, "Pretty sure she just is a plant. ometimes she got the bark bits an' teh leafy bits an all. She a stunner. Sadly not e'eryone gets that." The grin relaxed as he assessed Carson a bit with a slow nod, "I think you two get on."

"Well, I certainly haven't met a plant I didn't like and you say she /is/ a plant, so I am sure I would adore her." Carson says with a smile. "I was thinking that we could start here at the garage, I could plant some around the outside if you would like, I've brought all my fall flowers," He explains, gesturing to the wagon full of brightly colored flowers. "I thought, perhaps, you would like to pick which ones and which colors. I can also plant out of season flowers, it just.. takes a little more work to keep them alive but I could do that if that were something you would prefer, Mr. JP." He continues to be as polite as possible despite the fact that this is clearly funny to Elmo. "Um.. would you prefer Mister Gearhead?"

Elmo smirks back at JP's wink. He nods, though, agreeing, "She's beautiful. Normies got trouble with it." He's surprised into laughing again at 'Mister Gearhead'. "Ain't he cute?" he asks JP, grinning, then to Carson, consideringly, "I like them orange ones."

JP pointed to Elmo all of a sudden regal like he's got corporate manners and shit, "Do not you mock the man f'givin respect, Sparkplug." Cute? Try awesome! He looked around and back at the wagon. "Well keep em out there. Ya put em in here they gon' get run over. Be hell t'keep em from messed up. That door o'er there is ours too. Can put stuff like on teh sides? Like I dunno how the colours work though." He considered that and shrugged, "I'm for it?" It wasn't a vote!

Carson blushes a brilliant red when Elmo calls him cute, ducking his head to shyly smile. "The orange ones? Do you just like the color orange or do you specifically like the chrysanthemums? They are /quite/ the mouthful. Did you know that they get their name from the Greek word Chrysos, which means gold and then Anthos which means flower?" Oh no, facts again, well, Elmo did call him cute. "I would put them outside your shop, they will need the sunlight. As far as colors, tell me your favorite, Mr. JP. Elmo likes orange. Yellow could compliment it, or a red. I would suggest pink but I don't know if you particularly want pink flowers outside your shop, they would make a pretty compliment to orange, though."

Carson picks up a potted celosia, which look a bit like red feathers. "Pink in this with the mums? The red… would compliment your eyes- I mean, your shop. Would… would be like… would garner compliments from your clients."

|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 19

Elmo protests, "I ain't mocking him, I said he's cute! How's that mocking him." The banter has an easy feel to it, him and JP just giving each other a ration. "Hell yeah we're for it. Chrysanthemums, yeah, I like those, they're ruffly. Kinda remind me of fireworks. Hey pink would work real well, what's wrong with pink? Gonna threaten our masculinity? And hey. I didn't know that." He smiles at Carson, then up at JP, eyebrows up whimsically.

JP managed to follow enough of… whatever was happening with words and Carsons's face to not march him out on the sidewalk for talking shit about his mama. "Wait why we pokin me in teh eye wit' a fleur? Uhhhh, Elmo?" He looked to Elmo and back to Carson. It was interesting. Too fast. Too cerebreal. "Look all I know he talk pretty, a way too damn fast. You wanna talk about Chrissy's anthems or whatever, do a thing but like I dunno anythin about colours." He looked at the pots and boggled, "What wrong withthe pink'uns? They broke?"

"No, they aren't… broken. And I apologize for talking too quickly and too.. pretty. I will work on not doing that." Carson apologizes and gets self conscious fast, casting a look to Elmo that reads just that. "No.. I.. I was saying the color, it makes your eyes look good, I was.. doing a rather poor job of flirting with you while I was trying /not/ to flirt with you but you are… I hope you don't mind me saying, gorgeous."

Carson gestures to the orange flowers, the ones that Elmo said looked like fireworks. "These are mums, it's a tough word, most people just call them mums." He explains to JP and he does slow down now. "I would like to plant them and the celosia which," He gestures to the red featherlike ones so JP knows what he's refering to. "Outside your shop. Orange and pink."

"He says they'd make ya look pretty," Elmo translates. "Like you need more of that." He bumps JP's boot with his own, affectionately. "Carson, English ain't his first language, lighten up on the big words some. Sorry, shoulda told you ahead of time." He looks over the flowers, then at Carson. "Yeah. I like it. Orange and pink. Real bright." Thaaat's how he likes things. Bright.

JP worked on following pulling the key words with interest. At the clarity there was a slow, thoughtful nod, serious expression like htey were discussions different options about saving an endangered species or repaing a bridge to save orpheans, "OooOOoohh. Oui. It is true. I am." Serious consideration there. He looked from Carson to Elmo who seemed to grasp this concept and back to Carson, "Well can ' no we jes do all of em? All teh colours. Start at one end an' go right on to the other where they ain' gonna be run over? Oh, and M'ozelle Peterson next door. She need a thing for her porch. She put up with m'music."

JP cannot possibly take himself too seriously. Going whole hog on a project to make it look like a box of crayons exploded? Totally on board.

"A rainbow?!" Carson's entire face lights up and he does a little hop at the concept, clearly excited by this concept enough to completely forget to be shy. "Yes! Yes! That would be lovely! Oh, I would love to do this!" Carson claps his hands together softly, bushy curls bouncing as he backs up a step to look at the garage. "All very bright colors, of course," And he tries to wink at Elmo but instead just blinks both his eyes hard. He'll work on that. "You'll definitely pull in customers then! So bright and /pretty/! Yes, yes, Mr. JP. I like this idea a lot." He hops again, so excited about this concept.

"And of course, I can leave her a potted flower. I will even get her a fancy pot if you would like. I will leave her one that is easy to care for." He promises.

Elmo smiles sidelong at JP. "See, Petals, this guy. Always with better ideas than me. Yeah." He looks at Carson, eyebrows up in encouragement. Yay, look at him being not shy! "Let's plant 'em all. Gonna have the prettiest garage around."

JP couldn't argue that one and laughed, good naturedly, "There ver' many pretty garages? We might have the only 'pretty' garage, but eh, fuck it. It make people happy? Start a trend. Should put some memorial flowers out by tha' lil metal post out there where thephone used' go." Oh, JP and his payphone. He glanced to Elmo with a grin of conspiracy. Uh oh. He was up to something. He took a slow step towards Carson and then another letting that French drawl float, "Some… ver' bad men kill mon phone. Usually… I get t' be the very bad man, usually in th' best a ways…but I don' disconnect no one's phones. Jes they brain from eom concerns f'a bit." There was taht wry grin with a wink, for Carson. Perhaps just to see him shift hue once again.

JP takes a step closer to Carson and all his vibrating in place stops along with his breath. He starts to fidget with that sleeve again, because JP is really, really /hot/ and Carson is really, really affected by it. He doesn't back up though but then JP is talking about what a bad man he is and /winks/ and Elmo is calling him Petals, Carson flushes a deeper crimson, even more so than his flowers, pulling on that sleeve. "O-Oh.. well.. w-we should definitely make them regret it by leaving flowers in it's place." He pretends to cover his mouth with his hand, like he's telling JP a secret, though Elmo can still hear him. "I can even make the flowers bite if those bad men come to hurt the flowers instead. I certainly wouldn't want any more phones to get hurt."

"Bitin' flowers? Sounds just like our style," Elmo says, watching JP fluster Carson, with a damn smug expression. Hah, someone else is getting flustered for a change. He exchanges grins with the rascally Cajun, hooks his thumbs in his pockets, and looks at Carson, sly and pleased. "We'll have the only pretty garage with attack flowers. Clear advantage over the competition."

JP tilted his head. Noooo shit! Well that grin got a little wider and a little plottier . He didn't have to look at Elmo, nor to confer with a cat up in the window above watching the street in lazy style. "Tres bon. Treeeees bon. A'ight. Double what'chu got. I got an idea an Halloween? Aw this'll be hysterical." Oh good lord no!

"Biting flowers for Halloween? I would teach them not to bite any children that show up, just threats. They listen to me. The flowers, the trees." Carson explains, casting a look over to Elmo reading something like how did Elmo survive this man every day of the week when he smiles like that? Carson dips his hand into one of the pots and the flower changes from red to a bright purple, demonstrating for JP how he can easily give him every hue of the rainbow if he wants it.

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