1965-10-05 - Test Range Redux: The Goop Edition
Summary: Round two of testing the weird weaponry found on the streets. Next time, use steel, not aluminum.
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Forge got Steve's attention before last week when he tested some weapons he got ahold of. But after testing, he took them into his basement, and worked. But now, he's back.

Set up in the same field in the park as last week, he has one large bulls-eye, about 10 feet high, set up 200 yards from where he's standing. At that distance from the target he has what appears to be a rifle, but it's much larger. More like the size of an entire backpack, placed on a sturdy mount.

Forge paces the distance to the target, pats on the paper bulls-eye affixed to the thin wooden board to flatten it out, and then paces back to the gun(?).

And now here's Steve again, in a shearling-line bomber jacket and jeans, standing an appropriate distance away from this creation. He's got arms folded and he's admittedly interested to see what comes of this weapon even if he's got his concerns about safety. No one needs to disappear as a result of a sudden crater appearing in Cental Park.

A sip of his coffee and he looks away from the testing zone for a bit, simply to scan the surrounding area. It'd be good if no one else wandered by, but it's easy enough to radio in for assistance as necessary.

Who knows, exactly, how Lex heard about this weapons test- but there she is, bald-headed and sipping tea. She's set up a place to sit, some kind of camping chair. She's got a driver or someone near by who's holding an umbrella up over her head to keep the sun out of her eyes and she's quietly taking notes, one leg crossed over thte other. She's dressed in some of the finest clothing money can buy, of course.

Forge glances up as people start to show up. Wel that happens when you fill the park with goop. Steve gets a snappy salute, and Lex gets a faint smile. "Good afternoon lady and gentleman. I suppose you're here for the same reason I am. This is the Forge FZ-1 Pod Weapon System. It contains several components, activable with a single selective fire switch."

He brings himself around behind the weapon, and beneath it, getting the bulk of the weapon on his shoulder, arms around it, one on a grip to the side, the other over the trigger. Hand pulled from the trigger to a dial, then back to the trigger. "Like the Army's new M-16, it's a selective fire rifle with semi-automatic and 3-shot burst automatic use. But it also has a rail gun." He toggles past the first two slots and ot the third, then fires. A small needle-like burst 'fwiffts' out of the barrel, and 'thocks' into the target. "But that's not all."

Lex gets a pointed glance from the Captain. He recognizes her by face if not by name immediately. However, given he's technically in civilian guise and not actively representing any group of interest, he doesn't make an attempt at initial contact. Instead, he goes back to listening to Forge explain his creation. A tip back of the cup of coffee, scrounged up at a Park booth, and half of it is gone. Black, no cream, hot enough to burn his tongue, but he doesn't mind. He eyebrows at the rail gun ability, recognizing it from last encounter; he can think of two companions who would adore that concept in a moderately-sized side-arm.

One might assume, if they didn't know as Forge and Steve do, that Lex was there on behalf of someone else. Why else would a woman be at a weapons test. "Do you usually test your weapons in public parks, Mr. Forge?" she asks, with raised eyebrows while still taking her notes. Only pausing to sip her tea.

"How much electricity is required to accelerate the projectile?" she asks, then, still taking notes quietly as she goes- as one of the country's largest weapons manufactures, LexCorp is an obvious choice for a weapon demo.

Forge lets go of the grip to reach back and pat the large, blackened metallic hull on his shoulder. "I've gotten the electric power usage down. It uses a battery, but like an automatic weapon, I'm able to recover recoil to recharge the battery. But, that's a dodge. I'm still measuring the final Wattage to plan for." Steve gets a glance, but no questions yet from there, so the selective fire dial is hit again.

"In addition to the two NATO chambered bullet settings, and this micro rail setting, there is a heat laser. Nothing flashy, short bursts are all I can get out of this." He fires three times, and on the target you can see a smiley face drawn on the target, as the paper is blackened instantly. "Peace through strength."

That last comment garners a quiet snort from Steve. "Walk softly and carry the bigger stick," he mutters mostly to himself. He makes mental note of the relative weaknesses of this model, in terms of the battery itself as well as the dial — might be easy to get the thing stuck on or between settings if it were being wielded by someone else with less experience or fewer morals. He reaches up and scratches at the back of his ear, all the better to adjust the fit of the ear-piece on that side. It's not going to be the best quality of recording, but someone will be listening to everything later back at SHIELD headquarters.

"It's an interesting concept." Lex answers quietly, "But we'll need to get the size down if we want to manufacture it at any level. Cost, too, I'm eyeing several very expensive components. I'm not sure you've got a military ready weapon. If anything it looks like something a mad scientist would put together." she says, wholly honest.

"However, that being said, I'd rather like to see what you can do with a Mark 2. I am willing to supply some materials to assist in that regard, with a signature to consider LexCorp a partner in any eventual sales, of course." she says, as she continues to take notes.

Still, she watches, curious. Quiet. "Is there more?"

Forge gives Steve a smile and nod. He's got that part right. Lex though, he humsat. "Ms Luthor, it's worse than you think. Built into this weapons are several core components that… I can't build. I bought them off the street, and integrated them into this one off weapon. Good luck reproducing them."

Bearing down on the weapon again. "One more setting." *click* "Sometimes you want something that's non-lethal. And so here I have a… unique… restraining weapon. It fires a rapidly stiffening gel that.. well.. let me show you."

He pulls the trigger. It makes a sound but all that comes out of the barrel is a few drips of bright blue. "Uh…" Forge murmurs, before there's a *crack* as a hole bursts open in the 'backpack', and a *splorch* as a big pile of blue good surrounds and engulfs Forge's lower body.

He starts trying to pull away but… yeah, no.

Steve eyes the well-dressed woman and does his best not to smile in mild relief at hearing Forge second his own discoveries on matters. While the weapons are a liability, they're hard to acquire still. It would be better if Tony were present, but the genius-inventor is far too flashy even in his best civilian duds to not garner attention — and there would be no doubt of some sort of combative approach to conversation, especially in light of another weapons manufacturer present.

He can't help the frown and wince, however, at the critical failure to the backpack's containment system. Yikes, the goop. He recognizes it. With a brisk pace, the Captain walks over to the weaponsmith and dares to put a palm on the blue goop, not thinking twice about his own well-being. "This is why we test these weapons in a lab, Mister Forge," he says quietly to the man, looking back up at him, " — and not in Central Park." Remonstrative, sassy-pants Steve having said his bit, he looks over at Lex. "Stay back for a minute or two, m'am, we'll have this resolved shortly." Maybe.

"I'm sure I could figure it out." Lex says flatly, eyebrows raising as Forge's weapon fails. She takes a few more notes, "Quite alright. I'm not afraid to get dirty." she says simply as she continues to take her notes, "Why are you trying to assemble guns you don't know how they work, anyways? That seems like a bad idea… but, I make all my own weapons, so I always know how they work." she states as she stands slowly and comes closer to the goo.

Her chapparone isn't far off- umbrella still lifted to offer shade to Ms. Luthor. "Go on, fish him out." she says to her valet, taking the umbrella for herself as the man nods, "Yes, Ms. Luthor."

He goes to help Steve and Forge.

Forge grunts as his body is half-encased. Steve is't stopped, though if he puts his hand in, he'll have to give it a good pull to tear it out of the goop. Forge doesn't seem to panic.He just shoves his metallic hand into the stuff, punching it right in, and starts pulling the stuff out. "It was a green color originally, I got it clear, then blue." He says, breaths a little deep, pausing to take a hunk of torn gelatin to his mouth for a bite. "It's completely non-toxic. No nutritional value, but non-toxic." Hunks of blue jello are tossed behind him as he's tearing the stuff out.

"I'm surprised containment was breached. Whatever technology this is, is stronger than I expected. I'll have to use a steel vessel, not aluminum."

Steve's not about to go eating the electric-blue gelatinous material, but tearing it away? That he can do after grunting and eventually removing his hand from the initial contact with the gel. He frowns and then goes at it as well, handful by handful, working up a light sweat beneath his bomber jacket.

"This would be handy in another situation entirely, but not right not and not with fragile containment," he agrees with the weaponsmith. The Captain gives Lex's offered aide a side-glance, but the man does seem to want to help rather than hinder, so he makes no comment. Eventually, when he can tell that the situation is relatively under control, he takes a step back. Wiping his palms on his jeans, he then sighs. "Right. Mister Forge, we'll be speaking again in regards to your demonstration today. Thank you for your assistance, m'am," and he gives Lex a polite nod, manners ever present when women are involved. "I've got a meeting to attend. Can't be late." With that, the Captain departs from the group and goes to report what he's seen.

Once Forge has been aided 'enough' the valet returns to Lex's side, taking the umbrella once more and holding it quietly. "I'd like to see the weapon in my lab, if you'd be willing to let me take it apart." she states as she begins back towards the street and her car. "I expect to hear from you soon, Mister Forge!" she calls back, her Valet not far behind, taking the camping seat before rejoining Lex on her way to her vehicle.

Forge does, with help from Steve and the valet, manage to pull one legs out of the jiggly stuff. Flecks of blue coming off of his pants, and little pieces clinging to his shoe by static. He shakes his foot off, then grabs the thigh of the still-encased leg, and tugs.

"At least we see it works," he grunts, then the next tug pulls the legs out completely, sending him staggering to the ground. "Good afternoon captain, Ms. Luthor." he says on his rump on the ground, watching them leave.

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