1965-10-06 - Post Gardengeddon
Summary: Jay and Elmo convince Carson to leave the ash of his dead plants and go to a hospital.
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Jay holds on to Elmo while he grounds out, expelling all that excess energy out into the world and finally calming down a little bit. Singed wings stretch and wrap around the smaller man to insulate the scream from anyone else nearby. Patient until he's done. One final squeeze and Jay nods, retracting his wings and giving Elmo a look over. "Yeah, okay." Agreeing simply, the odd weapon dangling from one of his fingers while he turns, a hand staying on Elmo's shoulder while he turns and starts to walk back to the wreckage of the garden.

The gravity of the ruination finally really settling in as he looks over the space as a whole now that the people are gone.

Carson is also still, barefoot, pants singed, hand burnt, curls all awry, ash, one knee pulled up to his chest as he tries to understand what just happened. "I don't understand…" He murmurs, not to anyone in particular, he doesn't seem to know that he's bleeding, that his skin is burnt, that there are and aren't still people here.

Elmo scrubs his face, the way he does when he's trying to get a grip. He's happy to keep Jay's hand on his shoulder while they walk back to Carson and the wreckage of his garden. "Oh, no," Elmo groans, looking it over while Jay does. "Oh, Christ." He touches Carson's shoulder, hesitant. "Carseleh, yer a mess. Let's get you cleaned up, yeah?"

Jay pauses at the remnants of the fence momentarily, heaving a deep sigh before continuing on the rest of the way to where Carson is knelt. Brows coming together in a sympathetic cringe, Jay reaches down likewise to touch Carson's other shoulder. "Yeah, come on, Sunshine." Then looks over at the shed. Or. What's left of the shed. Oh. "The club is just down the block. You can clean up there and try t'figure out what next."

Yeah, Carson couldn't sleep here, that much was clear and his father's home was Harlem, a bit of a trip and Carson's not wearing shoes. He slides a hand to cover Jay's hand and then tries to reach for Elmo's and hisses when he is reminded that that hand is burnt. "I'm a mess. I'm a mess?" Carson sounds like he's gearing up to start yelling at someone or what a normal person sounds like before they start screaming but he just nods. "Yes, you.. you're right. Okay." He starts to stand, shaky at first, keeping his eyes fixed on the ruins of his garden. "Can't fix it right now, right?"

"We're gonna fix it," Elmo promises quietly. "First, we fix you. You're bleedin'. Those burns are gonna get infected, we gotta clean 'em. C'mon, upsy-daisy." Plant joke. He can't take Carson's hand, though, it's a blistered raw disaster. Elmo glances at Jay, worried, silently asking if he should come along.

Jay exchanges that look with Elmo and rolls a shoulder into a shrug that seemed like an 'if you'd like'. "It's not open jus' yet, so it ain't full of people yet. An' nobody is usin' the apartment. So. You'll have some privacy." His wings slick tight against his back, held low against his shoulders. "We got a big med kit just in case, but…you really should go to a hospital." Reluctant as he was to admit it. His hand spins around to give Carson's a squeeze. "Either way, y'can't fix it if you ain't fixed up first."

"Hospital, right. I had told Jean that I would go. Such a lovely lady." Jay gives Carson's hand a squeeze as he stands and somehow it grounds Carson in the moment. Carson squeezes back and runs his thumb along the outside of Jay's hand gently. "I think that's where I should probably be. Do you.. happen to know where the nearest is? Not that you, Jay, should be anywhere near one. I wouldn't want you to get hurt." Because someone, you know someone wants to experiment on mutants, especially pretty ones like Jay with their wings and their healing ability. He presses his shoulder lightly against Elmo's own. "I could call a cab at the club."

Elmo slips his hand to the crook of Carson's arm and gives him a gentle squeeze, too. "I'll take ya." His shaking has settled down to just shivering. He lets go to start collecting the rest of the alien tech left behind by the troublemakers.

Jay's brows arch slightly at Elmo, a hint on the lost side for a moment, he blinks back in a moment when Carson squeezes his hand back. "It's all raght. Not every hospital is just someone waitin' t'cause trouble." Green eyes bounce between Elmo and Carson again, uncertain. "But. Sounds like. Elmo's gonn' take you." He swallows and unsticks his tongue from the roof of his mouth, taking a half step back. "You don't wan' any of that to get infected or nothin'."

"I do suppose you could just fly away, couldn't you if someone wanted to be shady. Me, worrying about you, Feathers, when there's all of this, when I'm bleeding." Carson laughs a little at himself and straightens up. "Come then, escort me to the hospital, I'm afraid that it won't be quite as romantic as I would have liked for the pair of you, I will do better next time. Perhaps I can even treat you both to some hospital jell-o, my treat." He looks at Jay finally, noticing the missing feathers. "Oh… that must have hurt. Are you alright?"

Elmo picks up the second, uh, whatever it is. He slides fingertips along it, eyes going unfocused as he feels it out, sensing its construction and its power source. Then grimaces, grumbles something to himself, and comes back, the thing resting on his shoulder. He raises his eyebrows at Jay; now he's lost. "Better'n a cab, that's all," he says, uncertainly, apparently to Jay, before looking at Carson. "Or the subway. Don't wanna touch anything public, you got no skin on your hand, buddy. I…gotta stow this stuff where nobody's gonna get their hands on it."

Where to stash weapons? Well. Jay shakes his head mildly, unknowingly. "The only places Ah got are mah apartment or the one above the club's. There's a, uh, hidden hollow shelf in the apartment, but it ain't like a safe or nothin'." Both of his hands slide down his front pockets, but don't stuff into them, instead they fumble a little bit and plant on his hips.

"Romance isn't really necessary, Sonny. Not raght now." There's a whole slew of reasons that Jay may not be looking for romantic get aways right now, and the ruins of the community garden and Carson being hurt, Elmo being a trembling wreck, are all among them. Glancing behind his shoulder to the bare spot on his wing's wrist, Jay shakes his head slowly. "Ah'm fine. They'll grow back. It's jus' like gettin' yer hair pulled out. No big deal." Just expressly more painful. But what's pain compared to everything else that happened tonight?

"What, you don't want to bring me to the hospital holding… guns? What on earth are those things, even? Regardless, I feel you could have assured I got the best quality care if we turned up with them." Carson teases around a laugh, it's soft but this time it's geunine and not just a sign that he's losing his damn mind. "Could leave them at your garage, I'm sure if anyone can figure out what they're made from, it's you, Elmo. Then, we'll be on our merry way." Merry was not the word to describe this occasion.

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