1965-10-07 - Chili Dogs
Summary: Just some folks getting chili dogs in the park.
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Evening is turning into night, and through the park walks one Vic Delano. He's got his hands in his pockets, and there's a bounce in his step. He usually has little to fear from the dark, and there hasn't been a Hellmouth-related zombie attack in almost a year. Neither is he particularly stealthy. He hums as he moseys along.

What brings Yuliya to a park at night? Well, it seems that she's up to some shady business, which is slightly out of character for the insurance assessor. She sits beside a man in a trench coat, on a park bench in a harder area. She takes his briefcase, he takes hers and it seems that their business is concluded as they both get up and start to move in opposite directions. She walks confidently, making her way back towards the better lit paths.

"Okay…Okay, I think I got it…", Amber says, her head stuck out of the window of her beloved Bertha as she tries to parallel park for maybe the third time in her life. "Do I got it, Diz? Aw, Jeez, please tell me that ain't a Fleetwood behind us!"

Julie just wiggles fingers, from the passenger seat. "I won't let you hit 'em, Don'worry about it, just cut the wheel a bit harder, and easy with the clutch cause you got more power now. She peers though the back window, "Probably oughtta wash this window good one of these days, though. " …as the car starts cutting into the spot, "Ok, back the other way, now," she says, at the right point, actually turning the steering wheel a bit, telekinetically, for a hint. She'll just stop the tires from letting the truck go too far if necessary.

Vic looks up as he hears footsteps and people. He's a tall youth. Ladies out on their own might have reason to be nervous. He just looks so earnest, though. Like a Disney Prince stepped out of a film. If the Prince were in jeans and a pullover, with a leather jacket. He slows down as he spies Yuliya, and he smiles at her. "Hello, ma'am," he says, ever deferential and polite.

Yuliya slips her free hand inside of her jacket for a moment, and then casually brings it out as she starts to approach the tall youth. She slows up when they get closer to each other, and she considers him thoughtfully. "Haha! It is the western spy!" she teases in an accent that's a mixture of Yugoslavian and French. "I really hope you are who I think you are. You went to that Russian bar, yes? The bartender gave you a hard time?"

Slowly, and I do mean /slowly/ and with no small help from Diz's abilities, Amber eases Bertha into place between the Fleetwood and a hulking Pontiac. "Whew.", she sighs, killing the engine. "Let's not do that again…ever.", she chuckles. "So, chili dawgs?", she suggests happily, eyes dancing. "You know you love 'em."

Julie laughs, a bit. "I'm usually good with just the mustard, but I know a place should still be open, if we cut through, ah…Over there somewheres. She reaches over to the seat and puts on a baseball cap, one with an NHRA logo on it, and winks. "I don't wanna hear no complaints about New York chili, is all." She hops out of the door. "Anyway, you just get used to it. A lot of people in this town don't see a need to drive at all."

Vic grins broadly, and he laughs. "Yes! I remember. How have you been?" He thinks for a moment. "I want to say your name is… um… Julie? Something like that. I'm Vic. Vic Delano." He offers his hand to Yuliya. "I promise I've only been spying for good, not evil." He glances toward Amber and Julie, and he flashes them a smile, too.

"No, no, there's a /real/ chili dawg place down yonder.", Amber grins. Catching Vic's smile, she returns it and tips her hat politely. "Sir.", she says in reply. Then spots Yuliya. "Yuliya?", she grins.

Amber says, "No, no, there's a /real/ chili dawg place down yonder.", Amber grins. Catching Vic's smile, she returns it and tips her hat politely. "Sir.", she says in reply. Then spots Yuliya. "Yuliya?", she grins. "Hello there, been a span since I seen ya. Still workin' for the insurance company?", she asks, giving a playful, conspiratorial wink."

Yuliya offers a bright smile to Vic. "I have been well, thank you. Oh, I am Yuliya. It is almost said the same. It's good to meet you again, Vic." She reaches forward to take his hand and give it a shake. "Only for good? I heard that the east have vodka and borsh." She blinks a couple of times spotting Julie and Amber. "Hello you two! It's been a while since I've dropped by. How have you both been?" She then pauses for a moment and nods. "I'm still at the insurance company, causing problems for those that try to defraud the system. Julie and Amber, this is Vic. Vic these two are Julie and Amber." She also motions to both in turn.

Julie laughs, a bit, as they happen along to run into Vic and Yuli. It does seem to take her a few moments to place Vic's face, "Hey, Yuli. And, ah, hey, it feels like it's been ages, howya doing, Vic?"

"Yuliya, that's right," Vic says. With laughter in his voice, he says, "I've never tried borsh, but if it's good, I'll have to reconsider my priorities." He inclines his head to both Amber and Julie. "Hello, Amber. Hello, Julie. What brings you all out on a lovely night like this? I was going to get a hot dog."

"Well met, sir.", Amber replies in her unmistakable West Texan twang, offering her hand. "I know a good'un, down this very path here. Real chili dawgs (yes, you can hear the /aw/, might as well spell it. ^_~), "Glad t' know you're still on the job, miss.", she smiles to Yulia. "We was just doin' a bit a' driver's ed in city-type landscapes. Diz here figured I needed a refresher for New York. She wasn't kiddin', neither, I woulda clobbered that Fleetwood back yonder, she hadn't helped me."

"Then you are missing out, with all of this American food. You should try French as well," Yuliya comments cheerfully. A nod is then given towards Julie. "It has been a while. I have been busy with some sidework, so no time to come past and drink your beer." She then glances towards Amber and laughs. "This is a very hard city to drive in. I know the van is annoying to drive when it is really busy. Amber, did you need to get insurance? I know a guy."

Julie smiles a bit. "Talking like you're from this town already. Sounds like we're on the hunt for dogs, though." She eyes her watch, and says, "I still got a couple hours or so anyway."

Vic perks up. Chili dogs? Yes, please. "I've had French food," Vic says dreamily. "It's so good." His stomach rumbles, and he lays a hand over it with a sheepish duck of his head. "Sorry. I get hungry just thinking about food. I got a, what do you call it, fast metabolism. I'm always eating." He pats down his pockets and says, "Why don't you let me treat you ladies?"

Yuliya pokes her tongue out at Julie and shakes her head. "Hey, I've been living here for over a year. I do pick up things. like that. It helps me to blend in a bit easier." She purses her lips at the mention of chilli dogs, and tilts her head to the side. "Okay, I will bite and try one, Vic. Are they like a hot dog?" She seems puzzled by the prospect of trying one.

"Why thank you, sir.", Amber replies to Vic with a smile. "

Amber says, "Why, thank you, sir.", Amber replies to Vic with a smile. "It's just right down yonder.", she adds, starting to lead the way. "Should still be open, they keep odd hours.", she notes. "An', yep, drivin' hereabouts' a mite trickier than it seems at first. Don't help much nobody knows about blinkers when they're turnin', or how to stay in their own damn lane.", she grumps. Yuliya's question elicits a chuckle. "Same thing, miss, hot dawgs with chili on 'em. Damn good eatin'.""

Julie smirks and shrugs a bit to Yuliya. "Eh, takes some getting used to. You should hear what the locals say about out-of-town drivers," she smirks to Amber.

"Yeah, they're hot dogs with chili on them," Vic says. He gestures to Amber to lead the way. "I haven't been to this place before. I'm always happy to add another one to my list." The man knows where to get food in New York, generally speaking. He makes it his business to find out. "I don't like to drive in town if I can help it," he mentions. "I can do it, but I'm just as happy walking."

Yuliya gives Amber a strange look. "Your country has bacon that goes into a toaster and hotdog casserole." She then glances down towards the case she's carrying as it starts to tick. When she glances back up, she offersn an apologetic smile and remains the picture of calm. "Well, I think it would be an interesting experience. But I'm kind of tired. I'll have to try one with you all later. But it's been great to see you all again." With her free hand, she waggles her fingers and then starts to make her way back into the park, walking briskly, muttering something in Russian about Albanians.

"The mainstay's in Mid-town, does a thrivin' business, but I heard tell they've opened a little booth down yonder.", she says, following the path. "And, yepper, there she is.", she grins, finding a simple hot dog cart with a sign reading 'Hatch's Hatch's Hot Dog Stand, Central Park'

Julie smirks a bit, "Like she didn't plan this," she teases, glancing up and down the way briefly,from old habit. "Didn't know we had any yonders around here."

Vic falls into step with Julie and Amber. "I haven't seen these guys before, they must really be new," Vic says. His stomach complains again as they draw closer to the cart. "Get whatever you like, ladies. It's on me." He then orders for himself one loaded with everything. The bigger the better.

"Yonder's just a term of speech, Diz.", Amber explains, probably not for the first time. "Like you'd say 'it's ovah thehe'.", she says mimicking Julie's accent. "We say 'over yonder'.", she says. "Four chili dawgs, onions n' mustard, please, want a Dr Pepper, sure you do, two Dr Peppers an'…Fritos.."

A Hatch's Chili Dawg is just that, a dirty water NYC Dog drowned in authentic, home-made Texas chili, no beans, no fuss. Not too hot, not too sweet.

Julie laughs, "You gonna eat all that? I'll have mine with some hots and, got a Pepsi in there?"

Vic orders a second for himself, and he pays the man. "Ooh, I've never seen chili like this before," he says. City boy from the North, what can be done? Once the dogs are handed over, he steps away so it's at least a little less impolite when he digs in. He would wait, but he's starving. The boy burns fuel quickly.

Amber finds a bench and tucks in. "No beans, but this ain't quite /real/ chili, got most of the seasonin's right.", she expounds between gobbles. "Beans is a stretcher. Use 'em when you ain't got enough meat. I'll make y'all some real chili, just gimme a day or so of notice 'fore ya want it."

Julie props herself on the bench's armrest, raising the chili dogs in thanks. "Sometimes you gotta watch out about street food, but it's kinda part of being here." She says to Amber, "Maybe for Halloween, could go good with the hayrides."

Vic makes quick work of the first dog. "This is so good," he says between bites. "I'd love to have real chili, but I don't want to impose." Munch munch. The stomach is a bottomless pit. "I wonder if my boss can make chili. He mostly makes Greek food, though."

Amber says, "You are welcome anytime you want, both of you.", Amber grins. "Been a spell since I made a real pot a' red.", she says. Amber eats not daintily, but just this side pf politely. If she's eaten any of the wax paper, she'll never tell."

Julie makes steady progress through her own first one. "Well, I don't think anyone would mind at school if you cooked. The kids can really put it away, if nothing else." She smirks. "These things, I dunno, maybe they should have em at Englishtown, they'd go good at the races. I mean, if you ain't driving at the same time, anyway."

"You go to school?" Vic says. He goes to school, too. The same school, even. He's just usually got his nose in books. "What do you study? I study History." He starts in on his second dog, eating more slowly this time. "I'm not sure what I'm going to do with History, but I love the subject."

Amber says, "I'm just the groundskeeper.", Amber replies humbly, polishing off her last dog and taking a moment to wipe her mouth with a bit of napkin. "She's the teacher.", she smirks, jutting her thumb towards Julie. "I am takin' some night classes, Prof's keen to see me get my high school diploma, whatever that's worth.", she snerks."

Julie smirks and nods, "Hey, I take classes, too. Engineering, technically, but you know how you get some of anything and all." It's a lot to juggle, sometimes, perhaps. She nods to Amber, "Hey, life's easier than not having one. You know, there's always the family business, but who knows where you could end up, these days."

Vic peers at Julie. "Hey, don't you teach shop? I thought you seemed familiar. I was thinking of taking a few classes. In case I never need to learn how to be more than just an average handyman. I do okay on my own, but I've never had any actual training." He munches on more of his dog, chewing with relish, no pun intended. He swallows, then says, "It's better to have one if you can get it, I think."

Amber collects her trash and hops off the bench to place it into the nearest trash can. "I dunno.", she shrugs, resuming her seat and taking a long, thoughtful swig of her Dr Pepper. "Seems t' me kind of a waste of time, to be honest with ya.", she shrugs. "It's not that I'm again' learnin', I /love/ it. But th' stuff I'm bein' taught don't seem to have any practical function, if you take my meaning. What in hell am I gonna do with Algebra?! Like I'm apt to join NASA or the like."

Julie nods to Vic, smirking, "Guess I maybe been holed up a bit too much." But she does look over to Amber, "Well, anything you do, there could be a business to run and all, even raising horses. And, well, sometimes come to valve lash or other things like that, you gotta calculate, especially if you're doing your own machining."

"We use Algebra a lot," Vic says. "We just don't realize that that's what we're doing. We grow up doing it in our head, and it just seems like common sense. Then it gets written down with Xs and Ys, and we don't recognize it anymore. When I'm doing Algebra, I pretend that X is how many sandwiches I'll end up with. I find it very motivating."

Amber snerks at Vic, "Well, said, sir.", she replies. "We use this stuff, well, /I/ use this kinda stuff instinctually /all of the time/, but I'm not basing it on anythin' but what I know.", she says. "It's not an abstractoion, it's /real/. I know this stuff, hell, I've had to, all these years, but putting it into terms of numbers makes me want to take the gas pipe!"

Julie smirks a bit, "Well, I'm kinda the same way, mostly. The math ain't the fun part, but not-knowing it can get in the way of a lot. And also it's so the state of New York can say you *do* know it, all officially and everything.

Vic says, "It's just more fun to solve for sandwiches. It's not my favorite subject, but I don't mind it." He polishes off the last of his dog, then rises to his feet and stretches. "I should be on my way. It's getting late, and I've got to get up tomorrow and do it all again. Maybe I'll see you two around school."

Amber rises from her perch and offers her hand once more. "Thankee kindly for supper, I owe you one.", she smiles. "I make that chili, I'll be sure to let ya know.", she winks.

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