1965-10-14 - Gifts From Above (Pt.1)
Summary: Nate, Maximus, and Leo all happen upon a crashed pod with Kree writing on it and somehting else. Curious
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For those that follow or can intercept strange communications a signal came in jsut over fourty minutes ago. It wasn't clear but it was was overriding other radio frequencies. TO those that could understand what sounded like 'Russian gibberish' was, quite pointedly a patterned distress call? A homing signal of some sort that was causing brief irregularities with some tech. There was an impact felt and by far and large regular folk assumed it was crime being halted in the most irresponsible manner heroes can manage. To three engineers? That might be a different story following whatever methods to GOvernor's Island where the signal got stronger and there looked like a broken … maaybe a secure crate of some nature?

Maximus likes to monitor for…funsies, and also because its never certain when the Kree might try to attack Inhumans, so, he's pretty curious about the alien-like distress signal and moves his way to the impact site rather swiftly, and, also covertly. He's wearing a long white and black trench coat, with grey pants, black boots, and a black and white shirt. Black curls toss about his face in the beach wind and he blinks with curiosity as he approaches, eyes looking out for any ohters that might have gotten here first.

Nate was just having a beer on the roof of JP's garage. Simple livin'…but then something on his belt starts to beep…and boop…then beepoopeepoop! He takes it off of his belt and starts to follow the communication, jumping into the sky in high speed flight. Eventually landing on the beach, Nate is shirtless, but he wears a black leather jacket and black leather pants, combat boots on his feet and gloves on his hands. His left eye glowing with psionic energy as he approaches. But he doesn't seem to notice Maximus quite yet as he approaches this weird alien object…

Fitz was not shirtless. No one has ever expressed intention to ask him to be either. This was left to the professionals. Fitz, on the other hand, was clad in a cardigan casual slacks and very broken in Oxfords. There was a bpox clamped in his mitts not much smaller than an etch a sketch really and it definiately had a series of beeps coming from teh osciliscope style screen display. Head down he was also wandering into the area. With this many rocks on the beach it wasnn't entirely apparent at a glance where it was other than on teh beach or jut off the beach into the water. "Awww don't be in teh water. it's filthy. C'mon… beepy, give me somethin." OH the Scottish brogue on the laddie could not be thicker.

Maximus had the vague sense of other minds nearby, just that he knew they existed, nothing more than that, but he progressed in a quiet manner, forwards, watching Nate, then watching Fitz and their equipment beeping away, while his own device just glowed a sort of sickly green, and had three, silent buttons on it. The green grew a little more intense the closer he got to the same spot as the rest of them. "If its in the water…he can get it." Maximus chirps with a manic grin. "Tra-la-la…do you want to fight about it? I don't. Well. Curiously, maybe, but intrisically, no." Another grin flashes.

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 18

Nate glances to Fitz…and considering the fact of how he mumbles to himself and he's poking around a device explains enough. But Maximus? Maximus is the guy who Nate needs to keep an eye on. He can just feel trouble from him…like a bag of cats. However! Nate approaches the crashed object before he looks to Maximus. "….you're new."

Fitz paled, somehow more and almost bumped into a trash barrel. It was around them things went a little haywire and reading started to alert on the devices. Fitz looked up and looked concerned. He looked at both men, and then down at himself and up again feeling very underdressed, or at least under trench coated. "Oh umm… ooh complicated. Hi?" The human seemed to read normal if he was being scanned, but also had unorthodox armaments underarm flashing under the jackt. Seriousl, the pencil pusher was packing heat? Hilarious. Looking down he sighed as Nate and Max started to sniff at one another. "Umm guys? You have a bit of rope or something because if you're here to look for the same thing? There's a hole here."

Maximus noticed how Fitz's device started to act haywire, the closer they got. He makes a humming sound and looks down at his own device for a moment. "New. I suppooooose. Rope…rope rope rope. Ah…there's probably something around here. Looks like a bit of line at least." He looks around the beach for something that might suffice. "I am Maximus…and who are you both?"

Nate turned his head to look at Fitz. "Hi. You know what this is?" He looks down into the hole. "Was never a problem." Never never cared much for such idle limitations. So he just jumps straight down! Though some time after his jump, he just started to hover down. Though, Fitz and Maximus will notice that the rope fence to keep people out of the beach (which often fails), start to unravel itself, moving over to the hole to kinda help out Fitz and Maximus in getting down there.

See? Nate cares!

Fitz blinked and looked between them stammering, "Ummm Dr. Leo Fitz. Just… Fitz usually. Maximus?" An eyebrow went up and he nodded and looked to Nath words drifting off, "And you-… fly. Oh. Lovely. Right, well…" He was going to ask his name but that was moot though, oh hey a climb on down. Looking back to Maximus he hooked the B.F. Reader to his belt and carefully leaned over the hole taking the rope. "Well at least he seems a rather inclusive fellow?"

The Scot took the rope and braced feet carefully making his way down into the hole that seemed to be in a widened sandy cavern with the target right there. WHatever it was was bust like a cracked egg. with symbols on three sides and a small screen with a monitor. There was steam coming off of it but likely from something entering atmosphere on a collision course and landing in cold water.

Maximus glanced to Fitz, then the hole, then he tipped his head back and forth. "Careful about him though. People who can move things with their mind or powers…are potentially dangerous." Then, he winks. "That's a nice bit of tech you have. I would love to have a look at it, Doctor." He climbs on down following Fitz.

Nate eventually lands on the ground…that's covered in cold water. Seems Nate took the time to at least wait and see if they were coming! His eyes glancing on Maximus and Fitz, a smile on his face. "Oh hey, brave ones after all." His eyes shoot forward, trying to get a good look around. "hmmm….."

He'll try to move forward, if he can.

Fitz snerked at Max's warning. "People without powers can be dangerous. It's just a different danger. The rammifications of- Oh… hullo." Soem of the markings immediately noticable were Kree and there was a secondary language that seemed to be on it as well. Looking to Max he asked, "The B.F. Reader? I suppose." He tilted his head and walked around the think that was maybe 30" in diameter at its widest point. A series of panels, some looseseem to be removable if there is a release or effort. That doesn't mean it isn't an explosive though. Nat and anyone is able to get close to lay hands on it and the water is maybe 5" deep and very cold.

Maximus has boots on, which will repell the water for a bit, and the moment he notices the Kree writing, he has zoomed over to take a look. "Kree." He determines. "Hmmm…and what are you for, you interesting thing? Probably ought to stop it broadcasting the distress signal though…before the Kree show up. Its a little heartwarming to know they aren't close enough to be here already!" He seems like a crazy person at first, pressing seemingly random bits of the tech, but the fact that it doesn't explode means that maybe he knows what he's doing. He digs his fingers under one panel and tugs. "People without powers are my favorite." He smiles over at Fitz. "They have to try harder."

Nate approaches what looks like that egg-shaped end-table lookin' thing. "What the hell…" he looks it over. "I'd prefer it if an alien race didn't try to come here and blow us all to hell." Nate never did like aliens. Even in his future, they were an extreme pest.

But, he lets his hand run over it. "….looks like some kinda shell. Like a treasure chest, hiding the treasure inside." a glance is given to Maximus. "Can you open it the normal way? or do I have to break it open?"

Fitz nodded to Max with eyes scanning the device, "We…do at that. yes. The Kree already threw one surprise party for Earth this year. Not…eager to invite them back so soon." Squinting he pointed out on the side he was closest to, "I think these are Kree numerals here. Part of measuring something either by coordinate maybe or solar cycles? Serial number maybe? And… I think that's the word for …revive maybe?" Okay the human kid was reading Kree. He looked to Maximus and Nate to see what their take on this was not ruling it out. Now he pulled out the BF reader and pulled some levelr o nt he top. Oh it had a built in 35mm camera inside. Lovely. "Honestly? Science generally suggests looking it over, see if there's a door, and if ti's not ticking? Whack it with a hammer." The BF reader was out and it was, if Max was looking, going through filters: Heat reading, then florutie scan, geiger counter. Fitz murmured, "Jeeees' don' let me get irradiated twice in one year… "

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 8

Maximus rubs his hands along the egg. "Yes…you are close. Its…a power source. Possibly a delivery through space that has wound up off track…pulled into our atmosphere. It could be very old. And its not Skrull writing, here, so, that is very good. Someone else they are trading with, or were, perhaps." Maximus looks over Nate curiously. "Can you break it open with precision? We don't want to /damage/ the power source."

Nate looks to Fitz as he attempts to science things. "Good to know science agrees. But I don't think something like this has a serial number or code that we can see without the proper tools." his eyes looking to Maximus as he asks the question. "Probably. yeah. You might want to stand back though. I can protect you from possible explosion if you're behind me."

Then Nate starts to focus….trying to pry this 'box' open.

Explosion? Oooh right. Fitz reached into his messenger bag and- no not a fancy device. Jus plastic eye protection with an elasticstrap around the back of the head like science lap. he was super glad some days he kept that in his bag. Bizzarly useful. So now if he melts? well his eyes will be safe? Hey it was a subconscious effort here. "Riiight. Well it's that or we cna stare at it. Just, well I suppose it's easier than moving. Be careful of roof collapse." That said he found a place further back and covered his hears in case watching this like a hawk.

Try as he might? Well, the trying is successful. With some screeching and popping from what was now an unintended hatch the side shielding came free and popped open.

Inside were six rectabgular blocks. Perhaps comtaining something that was liquid and was currently crystalized in some form of composite? Some form of plasma frozen. Could be for an energy weapon, or a power cell, or even transfigured for a number of purposes.

Maximus arches his brows. "Oh, how nice…four for me, and two for the big guy to keep quiet about it all." Maximus grinnnnns overbroadly, though its unclear if he's joking or not. "Who did you say you were, after all? I missed it." He moves behind Nate while the thing is pried off and pulls out his little device and pushes the middle button which makes an odd, warbly sound from it, checking for radioactivity!

Nate looks surprised that he was able to open the alien casket of a device, but when it opens, he seems to tilt his head at it when he notices the rectangular blocks of some kinda blue substance inside of it. "I wouldn't touch that. I don't think an alien would even think about sending something like this without adding somekind of countermeasure."

A glance to Maximus. "WOuldn't you want to know." Seems Nate refrains from introducing himself!

But he looks to Fitz. "You can come out now. try not to die." his eyes glance then as the trio try and figure this weird stuff out.

Okay no blips on the geiger counter but the floriscope was giving some odd readings. Huh. At the mention of 4 and 2 Fitz looked up, "I'm thinking that math isn't going to work out. Look I was sent to collect it and as you seem to be here for teh same, whyyyy don't we say divide evenly or just let the authorities handle it?" Which is easy for the young doctor to say being from the government, not that he'd mentioned that. the safety goggles slid up to the top of his head.

Maximus nears the device to see if he can figure out what sort of energy the pods are…and if they were to get to room temp, if they would become more volatile. Some things are fine, frozen. "I am not sure if I want it or not, " he glances to Fitz, "I try not to collect inferior technology. But, it IS curious."

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