1965-10-15 - Gifts From Above (Pt.2)
Summary: Nate, Maximus, and Leo all happen upon a crashed pod with Kree writing on it and somehting else. Curious
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Nate looks to both Maximus and Fitz as they decide what happens to the alien container and to whom it goes to. "As long as it's not in the wrong hands, I don't give a damn who it goes to. But this….is dangerous. Especially since we have no idea what it is." He looks to Fitz.

"You're the scientist right? Think you can figure it out?"

"Oh? A scientist? Perhaps you can figure out what this third button on my own device is. I believe its another case of working while being very tired…and I have completely forgotten." Maximus grins manicly. "As for this…hmmmm." He leans in very close to the device, listening, observing, trying to get any clues.

Fitz paused and crouched down attuning the 'BF Reader' though he's not said what B or F stand for. "Well these are excellent points. I-' He paused looking sloooowly away from Nate and the blocks to Maximus one eyebrow arching."You built," his eyes flicked down and back up to Maximus, "That and have no earthly idea what the third button does? Well… have ye even pressed it?" It could have traps or open some poor old lady's garage somewhere. He knows this because he's made things //do.. that before. He was, though, curious. "Well if you'd care to collaborate or have me take a poke at it we could." He looked to Nate and turned red across the ears. "Um, yes. Nuclear and partical physics. I'm a um… I'm an engineer." The scan on the meter seemed to still be taking what might be portable x-ray of the contents of the box.

Nate kept his arms crossed before he watches the two, his left eye still glowing with that mysterious psionic might. Wait, Maximus has a button that he's never even USED? Well…He guesses things could be a little worse on that side of things. Poor Maximus and his insanity.

Eyes glance to Fix as Fitz seems to crumble under peer pressure. "Good, you know about this than I do then." don't they know the same about it…?

"Alright, so is it safe to touch?"

Maximus straightens himself up and then taps his device on the shell. Tap tap tap. "Its not…exploding the engineer here." Grin. "And its not sentient, which is good."

Fitz looked up to Nate and tilted his ehad, "Well I don't know I just started scanning it but-" It's not sentient? That drew an eyebrow from Fitz. Iiiinteresting. "Yeah I'm not picking up anything that registers as a bio reading but it seems to be some sort of lithium fluoride base at the very least so … a lot of very concentrated reactants but it seems to be inert. I would refrain from dropping or licking it but it seems by all accounts to be safe." Yeah, fancy ass salt? Really? "If what Maximus was saying is true? It seems to be some nature of block catalyst, but for what?"

Well, thank god it's not sentient! Nate would have to bust a psychic can of whoop-ass on that thing. But he seems to just look curious. "You know that for a fact?" he asks curiously before he looks to Fitz, giving it a small nod. "Nothing is ever truly inert, you realize that, right?" Seems Nate is a bit off-put by this mystery substance.

"I agree with you…Glowdust." He is clearly referencing Nate, though since he doesn't know his name, he's made up a stupid one. "And this isn't either. Dr. Fitz…I do believe this sort of thing just needs the proper thing to combine with and you could have quite the fuel cell…or…something very exciting. Compounding the nature. Yesssss. Yessss. Mix it with fuel, so boring. Mix it with electricity, what are we…complete Victorians?! No! No…mix it with something exciting…like…an electro magnet and maybe you could pull planes out of the air…" He wiggles his fingers.

Fitz cracked a grin to Nate with a wry humor, "Well nothing's inert if you detonate it." Truth. "Well, right now the compound looks entirely stable. As for the rest? I," He looked to Maximus curiously, "You're an engineer?" Surmised that much. "Electromagnetic current to destabilize the molecules or, even try to bind it with some sort of cobalt that could… what? Keep something gyroscopic going? Gravity displacement? Make jello set faster… could be anything. I'd really like to test it back at the lab."

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