1965-10-16 - If You Had Just One Question
Summary: A Norse person meets a Norse God in the Library.
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"It's a spirit," Halgrim says. "Bound to a stone. And to me." He frowns, thinking about that for a moment, shrugs. He makes no attempt to keep Loki from his books; the top-most concerns abbeys and monasteries in the Medieval European period; below that is a book specifically focusing on the Lindisfarne Abbey, and next to those two is a text concerning Scandinavian calligraphy. "Research and study, yes. I used to do field work—archaeology, in Northern Europe." He can't meet Loki's eyes for a moment, and there's a sense of something more than just himself reacting to that statement. Then he regards Loki again. "Now I mostly teach, and do my research in the libraries."

"Teach to mortals…now that is a difficult task, I suppose." Loki teases and leans against the table. "And you came across your stone in this…field research?" A dark eyebrow perks, and its obvious he's curious about it, but it doesn't seem like he's trying to take it.

Halgrim's mouth twitches in a smile. "It's certianly a challenge," he admits. "A rewarding one, though." He glances down at the the table, sighs, nods. "Ah, yes. Unfortunately, I did." He manages a rueful laugh. "I suppose I can't be the only person to find something highly unfortunate in a burial mound."

Loki lets out a sudden laugh. "Oh yes. You know there's a barrow out there somewhere that has an entire hive of fire bees in a jar that some grave robber will find most unpleasant." Loki smiles radiantly. "But…less often with spirits, I do think. So, can you talk to it?"

Halgrim tilts his head, blinking. "Fire bees?" He thinks that over. "Yes that does sound like an effective deterrant. Ah," he raises an eyebrow at Loki, "assuming those are what they sound like, which is to say bees that are…made of fire." He shakes his head. "No, not—not yet. We're working on that. We can't actually communicate at all. I have to rely on other people interacting with her when she's…" He gestures, makes a face. "Well. When she's manifested."

"Yes, quite uninventively named…honestly. They come from the fire realm though, so, naturally, they are a menace, like everything else there." He seems very curious when Halgrim mentions that he doesn't get to communicate with the spirit. "Ohhh…now that is interesting. A total possession, in a way. Hmmm. Well…if you are working on it, good. It sounds like a good thing to do…gain some perspective."

"A difficult perspective," Halgrim says, though he doesn't sound like he disagrees. "She's very old and…alien, in her way, which makes it difficult." He clears his throat.

"Fire realm," he echoes. "Muspellsheimr, then?" He uses the Old Norse name, pronouncing it as best one can expect him to given the language is long gone. "Is everything there made of fire? My ancestors believed it was the first elemental world to form from the primordia." It occurs to him Loki probably knows that, and he can't help but feel mildly silly for saying it.

"Its a bit more complicated than that. It is not made of an ever-burning fire, but there are places that are constantly on fire, certainly, and the land is cracked and black, from lava flows. There are passages and tunnels there, and a surface to the place, that is walkable, but not in any way pleasant. There are creatures…hounds, dragons, the fire bees, elementals that are sentient bits of flames in what forms they choose. But the most fearsome are the fire giants. Though, like Jotunheim, the place has been conquered by Asgard…no one goes there. Not even criminals trying to escape death would. Someone might hide and survive a while on Jotunheim, but on Muspell? No. The ground itself is hostile." A pause. "I can take you there if you wish."

Halgrim listens to the description, fascinated. "So it's…like an entire world which is a volcano. Or a volcano field." He's thinking of Iceland, of course, since those are the volcanos he's seen up close (for relative values of 'close'). He scratches his beard, trying to picture it while knowing he's coming up short. "I…can't imagine I'd survive, at least not without serious injury." He says this apologetically, in the manner of someone who'd like to accept, but knows their own limitations. "The spirit doesn't give me any power to heal. Would that she did." He huffs a laugh. "Hunting is more her style."

"It would be possible…to protect you, perhaps with something to help you breathe. But…mostly, I was jesting. It is a terrible place. I dislike it greatly. In fact, it may be my least favorite place, and I am including Hel in that." Loki seems to muse for a moment. "So, what is your full name?"

Halgrim relaxes visibly. "It doesn't sound like a place to visit," he says. "Maybe, to view from a very safe distance, as we" he pauses, thinking of vulcanogists, "well, as most of us do with volcanos." Hel, of course, also has him curious, though that he doesn't ask about. Setting aside the question of whether or not Loki is Hel's father, if he's been there and comparing it to an inhospitable volcano world it's probably not something he wants to discuss overmuch.

"Halgrim Stellan Lindqvist." He seems to find it funny to say the whole thing, probably because 'Stellan' means 'calm', and he stopped being that at roughly seven years of age.

Loki exhales a breath, puffing his cheeks for a moment. "I think you laugh at your own name, and I can see why. It all means rather peaceful things…and here you are toting around another spirit." He chuckles as well.

"Eh, it's not like my parents could have expected that, mmm?" Halgrim shrugs, resigned but not put out. "I suppose they might have changed one of my first names once I was older and proved to be, ah," he pulls a face, "an intractable child, but the paperwork probably wasn't worth the effort." A small smile, then he leans back in his chair.

"And what brings you here, Luku, if you could go," he raises a hand, indicating the wide world beyond the library, "anywhere else? That's something I've been wondering—why powerful beings come here, or stay here, of all the places."

"Midgard has always been an entertaining place. Consider it…a dalliance of a few years in a playground. I have been here a few short years…to heal, to build myself into something capable of withstanding my own destiny, or changing it. And, I have succeeded. So, you are right in that. Why should I stay? Why shouldn't I go everywhere else…around the worlds, across the stars. Maybe. But, there are things left unfinished here. I need to uncover them all." Loki insists. "And you? Your future cannot be the same as it was."

Halgrim tilts his head. "Change your destiny?" He seems about to inquire about that, then thinks better of it. By his ancestors' accounting, Ragnarok is a bloody affair and Loki has a large part in it. Best not to wonder if that's the destiny in question, or something worse.

He frowns, surprised by the question Loki's posed, and folds his arms. "I'd never thought of that," he says, and licks his lips. "I don't—expect a family is in the cards anymore. And if I do reach some level of understanding with the spirit, I can't expect she'll tolerate being in a city like this forever. She's a creature of the wild, and hates it here." He sighs, shakes his head. "No, I suppose it can't be. But what it will be…that remains to be seen."

Loki pats the table. "I hope to see more of you again soon…to find out how you are coming along in this affair with a necklace." He grins and rises from the chair. "I should get going…not overstay my welcome on the first true meeting."

Halgrim nods, and opens his notebook again. He pauses, then says, "You might see her, in the parks sometimes. I have to let her manifest or…it gets ugly. She calls herself Fjorskar." It's an odd, Old Norse construct, and not really a proper name; 'heart that is torn'. Not that giving Loki her name is entirely necessary, since she's impossible to mistake for anything else, but maybe it can't hurt. Who knows how she'll react to him.

Loki nods once. "I will keep an eye out. Eagerly, in fact." Then he heads into the stacks…and there's a vague sense of magic use.

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