1965-10-17 - A Thorny Situation
Summary: In the aftermath of a magical fight, the girls lick their wounds, both physical and otherwise.
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"I hate her," grumbles Amanda. She's sitting in front of Dani, her usual sorceress cloak pulled down. Both arms are a litte scorched, hair's a bit singed. Her arms are a little cut, too. "Thorns spells. Who casts thorn spells, and then sets them on fire!" She mutters to herself, well, to Dani too, as she sits there wincing whenever something is applied to a cut. "Honestly!" she says. But with that pseudo-German accent it sounds a little less.. uh. Pretentious.

Danielle gently sponges, dries, and massages soothing ointment into Amanda's left arm, a little at a time. As she goes, she wraps soft bandages down from bicep towards wrist. "A dirty trick, but gotta admit, it was effective," she uses her comforting voice. "Hold still. This one may sting a little." The ointment is good for nicks and cuts, too, but that initial 'tingle' isn't always fun. "You'll get the better of her next time she shows her face."

Amanda Sefton winces, gritting her teeth as she does so. "But there's nothing here to come for," she protests. They're in the Winding Way, of course. In one of the structures that will, no doubt, be gone tomorrow. "I can't even guess why she came here, or why she'd come back." Unless someone sent her to find Amanda specifically.

Little by little, the bandages are wound and snugged into place. Comfortable, not tight. But that extra bit of protection while things heal a little. Dani makes sure the left arm is finished before shifting to repeat the process of cleaning and dressing with the right. "There's nothing that /we/ know of, anyway. She could be looking for something we don't know about, for whatever perverse reasons she's got. Or… she might just be trying to mess with you." Her tone makes it clear which is the greater sin, in her eyes. "Whatever her reason, you drove her off with her tail between her legs."

Amanda Sefton leans back into Dani's legs. She sighs a bit, her gaze on the ground in front of her. "I'm not sure I want to know the answer." It was probably - definitely, in fact - the fact that both Dani and Amanda we here that had the witch reteating as quickly as she did. Still, spells and punches were exchanged. "Good thing it's too cold to wear a t-shirt outside," she says, nodding to her arms.

"It's almost Halloween. I could keep wrapping, make you a Mummy," Dani offers oh-so-innocently. She's not as worried about that damned witch. They beat her. Should she try again, they'll beat her again. But she does lean forward enough to kiss the top of Amanda's hair. "But you should heal up pretty quick. It could've been a lot worse. And I'm quite happy it wasn't."

"I'm a sorceress," Amanda says, mock-pouting. "I'm fairly confident that's against the rules."

Danielle laughs. "What rules? Who says a sorceress can't be a mummy for a night?" She grins, then shifts her position a bit, sliding to the ground behind Amanda, slipping her arms around her girlfriend's belly. "When I was a kid, there was one year when all the boys in my class were going to be cowboys and 'injuns'. They all thought I'd get all dolled up like an 'injun princess' or some nonsense. You know what I went as?"

Amanda Sefton considers for a moment, then looks at Dani for an even longer minute, deep in thought. Finally, "….Robin Hood?"

Danielle looks momentarily startled, then eyyyyes Amanda with mock-suspicion. "Who told you? But… yeah. I had green tights and a big floppy hat and everything. Mom wouldn't let me take my /actual/ bow and arrows with me, but I had a good enough toy bow to terrorize some of the little idiot bullies around our neighborhood."

Amanda Sefton looks terribly smug for a long second or three, then pauses. "…May I ask a stupid question?"

Danielle relaxes back against the chair-stump-thing she'd been sitting on, arms still comfortably looped around the other woman. "You can ask me anything you like, honey. From you, no such thing as stupid questions."

Amanda Sefton nods thoughtfully. She's silent until she finally asks, "….why do they say 'injun'?" she wonders. "I understand 'Indian', and I know it's not correct.." Thanks to Dani, "But why 'injun'? Are they just so lazy…?"

Danielle exhales slowly, taking her time to pick her words. "When it started, a century or two back, it was just the way the white settlers spoke. Very few of them came from the 'upper crust', with refined elocution. Almost none of them, at first, had much direct experience with the tribes of the plains. It was just a simple 'slide' from In-dee-ahn to In-djee-un to In-jun. They didn't mean anything cruel by it. They had much worse names when they wanted to be cruel." She pauses a moment, then continues, "Eventually 'injun' was just part of the local vocabulary, and when Hollywood picked it up for those god-awful westerns.. it roared back, but much less….. neutral."

"Oh," Amanda murmurs softly. "I really don't like the sound of it." Probably because she says how Dani reacts, even as the other woman is sure she doesn't react much to it. "It just sounds… awful."

Danielle hugs Amanda tighter, lets out a slow breath. "It wouldn't bother me so much, except it's only a weapon now. We don't live in the Old West anymore…. if we ever did. The Cheyenne have always been a proud people. As have the Apache, the Pueblo, the Cree.. But to idiot racists, we're all just primitive savage 'injuns'. We were nomads, riding horses and hunting on the plains, so clearly we must be inferior, even if I've had the exact same education as any of my white classmates."

Amanda Sefton returns the hug tightly. She nods as Dani talks, clearly bothered by the idea of someone - anyone - thinking her girlfriend was inferior. She sighs a little, tilting her head so she touches Dani's shoulder. "You mind if I teleport us home now?"

Danielle grunts as she twists slightly, reaching with her free arm to gather her first aid kit close. Trying to do so without jostling the other woman is a tricky challenge, but she manages. "There we go. Let's go home."

Amanda Sefton can stand under her own power, which is, at least, something. She smiles faintly and nods. "Okay." One arm hooks (gingerly) around Dani as she wiggles her fingers about and murmurs some not-English words. The building of the Winding Way vanishes in an instant, and the duo repair within the confines of their vardo.

Danielle is getting better at anticipating the other end of such teleportation feats, and hunches ever so slightly to avoid bonking her head when they reappear. "Hah." Pleased with herself, and her girlfriend, she gives Amanda a quick smooch, before taking the first aid kit towards the front. If she doesn't drop it off somewhere prominent, they'll forget to refill and stash in the right spot. "How're the arms feeling now?"

Amanda Sefton waggles her arms a bit. "They still work," she says. Which… of course they are. She used them before! "Thank you for bandaging me up."

Danielle returns, after shedding her boots and her favorite stabbing spear. "My pleasure. Though, you'll forgive me if I hope it's a lonnnng time before I have to do it again," she quips with a grin, as she gathers her girlfriend close and settles in for a long, well-deserved rest.

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