1965-10-17 - Wizardliness v. Sorceroritude
Summary: Loki aproaches the wounded should bird with an option for better health care
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Invasion!! If the tech were better and the concern greater, perhaps alarm bells would go off at the sudden teleportation intrusion. As it is, there is no warning whatsoever! POOF! There is a Loki, dressed in high Asgardian fashion, sans horns.

|ROLL| Reno +rolls 1d20 for: 19

Reno has had a long autumn. The death of Tio Rico was hard on the family. Reno was starting to look better and could shift back and some days just had to be convinced to. Bruised and broken, the hilarity of =Loki popping in and Reno just being paranoid resulted in the bird man whipping around on Loki and whapping him lightly in the chest with a spatula.


Reno's eyes went huge and the apology was almost instant. Turning he set the cooking utensil down and started hunting for a napkin, "Dude dude dude dude I'm so sorry You got um… cheese… empinada?" He shook his head, "I mean I got… a… you have cheese. I have the empinada."

Loki looks down at his chest, slowly, then back up at Reno. He watches him, listens to him flouder with a steady expression, then finally the slow arch of a dark brow. "By all means…I am certain you can get it off the leather. You are looking better, more energized. Good. I was concerned."

Reno was working on fighting the lethargy. He picked the cheese off. He looked. Squint. ert-ert-ert polished the little offending spot clean and handed Loki a plate. "Tyin to keep busy. Robbie's been trying to get me on my feet but… I dunno. Goes slow. Like, I always try to tell people that but it's different when it like, ya know happens to you?" Not up to full speed but the bruises looked like they were fading well. "Gracias, ya know. for… helpin. Been thinkin about what you said a few months ago about long term retirement."

"So have I. I think a lot about the things you say…and the things I have said to you." Loki takes one of the plates and moves towards a seat. He's heavy, so he sits in it carefully. "I feel rather like you belong to Asgard. And, perhaps this power you have is independent, completely, but I cannot help feeling the way I do. I even suspect that if I took you to Asgard, you might heal faster. Ravens are sacred. And eternally lived there. Who am I to say that Hugin and Munin were not both men, or women, long ago? We have legends of the beginnings of time, but the cyclic nature of it all has muddled matters beyond ever knowing the truth."

Reno thought about that and furrowed his brow a bit considering this. He hurt. Hell he was till in a sling and being beaten within an inch of his life still wasn't sitting splendid with him. "I'd like… have to leave a note. Like… Strange findin out I'm missin, he an' mi primo worry. Then they call you names and that ain't prolly feelin too good. Yeah, man.I think," Did he think? Everything hurt his soul but he was willing to take the help. One doesn't get out of a hole, emotional or otherwise, by sitting down in it. "I think that sounds pretty good and it sounds like super interesting. Really want to meet other birds. Maybe get, like, some pointers."

Loki nods simply, though notably he tightens at the mention of leaving a note for Strange. "That man who thinks he's a wizard." Eye roll. "Right. Best to leave a note. Not that he could even travel to Asgard to do anything about it."

Reno blinked and lifted a hand and chose his next action very carefully as, ya know, he was pretty certain Loki could downgrade him to pigeon if he felt the whim. "He rest the hand on Loki's sleeve giving it a pat. There there. "Hey like, I'm not out to like rate wizardliness or Sorceroritude or what the hottest pajamas are to wear into battle or nothin. I just feel, as my friend hwo looks out for me, I should, ya know, make sure my people don't have the wrong idea 'bout'chu."

Loki makes a humming sound. "Indeed. Well…a note when you are ready, but perhaps I can have a chat with him about…you being your own man. I will admit, I do kidnap people against their will sometimes, but…I always bring them back."

Reno smiled faintly. It's been over a month since he really smiled but he went and one-arm plating himself food. "Ya know… I see like what your'e tryin t'do and I think that's pretty great. I appreciate it. We need you like a full time public relations guy. Or like ladyperson. Someone. Really though Strange is like Earth-Janitor and ya know I think he likes his job. Not an easy job cause… ya know… Earthlings, right? But like he's not makin anyone get permission t' do things. Robbie might need convincing."

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