1965-10-23 - Don't Pick On Mutant Freaks
Summary: Lorna deals justice on the down low, while making nothing of it, as she happens by Forge and Amelie.
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A group of three goons can be seen fleeting from the direction of the Tenement, screaming bloody murder about mutants. They seem to be rather heavily banged up, and judging by the blood soaking their garments, they've potentially been cut as well. Whatever just happened in the direction they are running away from, they are quite scared.

Forge isn't in his car, unfortunately. So he comes across these people on foot. He gets in front of them though, putting out his metallic hand, making sure they SEE it. "Hold up, kids, What's going on?" he asks them, gently.

Amelie herself? She was here, not so much working as simply…resource gathering. With her coat worn over her form and buttoned up, the young woman turns her gaze towards the screaming trio as she moves from the alleyway where she'd been making the exchange, a small briefcase resting in one of her hands.

Two of the three don't stop to answer Forge, the third does, pointing further towards the Tenement, "a psycho mutant tried to kill us! Better watch out man, she's dangerous."

A short while after, Lorna is walking towards the subway, coming from the direction the goons pointed out. Her looks, on the other hand, doesn't suggest there was anything going on over there. She seems calm, relaxed, and there's no sign of any injuries on her person.

Forge makes a jazz hand. "Better watch out, punk. I'm a mutant too. We're people, you hear me?" He then sighs, and well, starts walking in the direction where the punk pointed. Maybe there's something to it. And there she is, a woman. He clears his throat, adjusts his tie, and steps up to her. "Good evening miss. Did you see a disturbance in that direction a minute or two ago?"

So far, so much the same. Despite the insanity of the very idea, there were always some people trying to cause trouble around mutant town. It may well be the one place in the city mutants outnumber humans, but still some tried. Of course, it -could- be the case they were telling the truth, so the French woman walks a little closer, her impossibly sharp perception sweeping over the exchange.

The hoodlum that stopped to warn Forge doesn't try and challenge him, he's apparently had enough for the day, as just hearing Forge is a mutant makes him run away from him without a word.

For what it's worth from Amelie's perspective, the guys seemed genuinely frightened, but there's little to go on beyond that.

As Forge approaches Lorna, she looks at him with impatience, "disturbance? No…but I did see a bunch of idiots trying to goon it up on a mutant kid…"

Forge raises a finger, nodding to Lorna, and smirks. "That would classify as a disturbance." He folds his arms, and looks back where they went. "They seemed quite scared of you. And beat up." Glancing at Amelie, seeing if maybe she was the one, but that seems unlikely given what Lorna just said. "Name's Forge."

"It is crazy, non?" Amelie speaks, her steps drawing her closer while her delicate fingers maintain their grasp on the handle. A frown remains on her lips as she watches the fleeing hoodlums, but she doesn't move to intervene. Were it not for those deeply amber irises of hers? There'd be no indicator that she herself was anything other than human. Perhaps that was why she wore glasses so often? "To come here and pick a fight…"

"Depends who you ask, some cops call it a good thing," Lorna snorts big unpleasantly, clearly having some some behaviours she didn't much appreciate. She shrugs at Forge's assumption, "who says they were scared of me…? I heard them screaming about some mutant bitch, you're not suggesting I'm a bitch, are you?" Lorna eyes Forge haughtily, either she wasn't there for the incident, or she's going to pretend nothing happened. "Forge is an interesting name, I take it you're a mutant?"

"Yes, some idiots think it's a good idea. Fancy crying havoc about mutants being dangerous, and then picking fights with them…" Lorna tsks and shakes her head in dismay, "that's what you get when the government is looking for wars and monsters and doesn't invest in education."

Forge shakes his head to Lorne. "I'm sure they've said many things about mutants that I disagree with, both individually and as a group. Look, I'm not a cop. I'm not about to run to their defense. I'd just like to know what happened, before I go running around looking for someone causing trouble."

Amelie herself? She just shakes her head. She was hardly going to push the issue with Polaris, she hadn't even mentioned it. As long as people weren't dropping bodies around her and making her life (and work) difficult? What did she care? A tilt of her head and she turns her eyes towards Forge and his concerns. She was staying out of it, but it was fairly clear she was watching.

"If you must know…someone gave them a clue about why they shouldn't be picking on mutants," Lorna sums it up without being too specific, eyeing Amelie curiously as she draws nearer. "Look," she quips at Forge, "there's a pretty girl, why don't you offer her a drink…" and should he follow her eyes to look towards Amelie, she'll take the chance to rush towards the subway.

Forge chuckles as he watches Lorna head off. Arms unfolding smirking, shakes his head and walks over to Amelie now. "Sounds t me like she's the one who took care of it, don't you agree?"

Lorna's departure has Amelie watching, but the woman just shakes her head lightly before glancing sidelong at Forge and shrugging her shoulders. "I imagine so. Let us hope they do not come back with a grudge and more friends, or the next time there may well be more violence needed."

Forge looks Amelie over in light of what Lorna was saying, and smiles. "Did you see them? They're not coming back. Whatever she did, was rather intimidating."

Amelie shrugs her shoulders yet again at that before tilting her head to the side. "They are lucky she did not maim or kill them. With how many interact with mutant-kind? It would be simple to be pushed to violence."

Forge hums, still smirking at the woman. "Yes, they're lucky they didn't get much worse. Either from someone else, or from her. Did you see how cool she was? She's been in mucn more intense combat than that."

Amelie laughs at that, a soft an melodic noise with her accent flavouring the edges. "No doubt, but it would hardly matter. A wild animal can be just as dangerous as a skilled predator if you're in the wrong situation."

Forge hums, and smiles. "So everything seems fine. I suppose that means whatever you were going todo, you should be able to do safely. I was going to eat, myself."

Despite herself, Amelie laughs once more and looks up at Forge with a shake of her head. "I never had any doubt," she speaks, a smile still on her painted lips. "I am certainly capable of handling myself, even if I lack mechanical parts as you have."

Forge hums. "Oh you are? Well, if you're in this neighborhood, that's not surprising, I should say."

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