1965-11-04 - Cabbage Bucket List: Pt 1
Summary: Jeb comes to visit Kaleb equipped with more food than either of them can eat, ice cream and a plan that starts with a Pillow Fort, something that Kaleb's never participated in.
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When Jebediah made a decision, he stuck with it, regardless of whether the other people involved with his decision making had any objections to such a decision. He decided that he and Kaleb were going to have an adult sleepover because why not? They both had been leading very stressful lives as of late and Kaleb had said that Jeb could come over and hang out every now and then. Jeb was taking that invitation to heart and taking it to mean that he could come over whenever he wanted with whatever he wanted. That being said, Jeb was arriving with a bag of art supplies, various chips, popcorn, as many bottles of coca cola as he could fit in the bag along with all the rest of his supplies, a kitten on his shoulders who Jeb walks right on past security with like she was a normal accessory, two boxes of pizza with all the meat ever on them and just for Kaleb, a big ol' tray of sushi.

Kaleb might even smell Jeb before he hears him clambering off the elevator. He doesn't bother trying to figure out how to knock on the door. "Cabbage, help me out? My hands are full." He asks, talking at a normal level because he knows Kaleb would have heard him whisper on the first floor.

Kaleb was up and at the door still looking dressed to head out rather than stay in. Really? That he had o a sweatshirt that said St. Andrews Prep Rowing Team with crossed oars on it indicated he was not going out to be seen in public. Not in teh casual. Gasp and whathave you.

Help Jeb out? Well Kaleb helped out as he knew how to. He held the door open and pointed where to go. Big help there buddy. He eyes the cat and greeted them; sound only, not bothering to use his body to generate words. "Jeb." And the cat. "You." It's sort of a loose start. He acknowledged it was there. Now? Now curiosity took him looking at the bags and the chips and even his lips curled into a grin letting the door swing shut. "That actually smells damn good."

"Ah didn't know you owned clothes that didn't come with a matchin' tie." Jeb teases. He /teases/ Kaleb. He sets the pizzas down on the counter and the kitten jumps down with them and then off the counter to rub against Kaleb's calf. Her Kaleb now. "Ah decided that we havin' a sleepover, we are drinkin' all the coca cola, we're eatin' all the carbs and we're gonna… art or somethin'. On all that caffeine, we could probably rule the world." He pulls out two bags of microwave popcorn for microwaving.

On his other arm is a grocery bag filled with all the best fixings for the most cavity inducing ice cream sundays ever. Whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles (only the red ones of course) and the biggest tubs of vanilla and mint chocolate ice cream that Jeb could find. He heads to the freezer with all of that, trying to keep the bag closed so that Kaleb can't see that surprise.

Kaleb replied without missing a beat, "There's a matching tie. School uniform." Of course there was. it's like kaleb autographed Jeb's point of him being the punchline. At least he was on board. A wry grin formed and he said, "Alright. But if we conquer the globe in one night we agree on what to rename it. Deal?" Rules, there needed to be some agreement on that before it wound up being called Planet Bob. And then- Ice cream!? OH those blue eyes went huge. Holy crap there was a real kid in there. Buried alive in a box, but in him somewhere!

"Of course there's a matching tie." Jeb says with the shake of his head and then grins, widely when Kaleb's eyes light up when he discovers the ice cream. "Cabbage, you got a sweet tooth? Ah wouldn't have guessed!" Jeb actually sounds shocked as he starts putting away the ice cream in the freezer. "Pizza and sushi and enough caffeine to kill a horse first, then we can eat all of the ice cream. Gotta cover all our food groups. Pizza counts as a vegetable, okay? If Jay asks." Jeb winks at Kaleb and then, supplies put away, comes over to wrap Kaleb up in a quick, affectionate hug.

Kaleb actually pat Jeb on the back rather than wait for it to all jsut stop…like…touching him. He took 7 months to warm up but it could happen at the speed of global warming taking down Antarctica. "Eh if he asks we'll share. Bribery goes far. Futher when food is involved." Truths. At being poked at for his sweet tooth he grinned shamelessly, "I once ate a tin of 112 oz. of chocolate pudding in one sitting before. Aw man that hurt so good." He grinned with that wry pride of his, "Terrance McGuire did not think I could do it."

"Jay can only share if he promises not to lecture us about eating our weight in sugar. If he comes in here to crush all the fun by being the responsible one then he doesn't get any entrance into the blanket fort we're gonna build and no ice cream. No ice cream for any fun spoilers." Jeb insists and rubs a hand over the back of Kaleb's head gently before he releases him and flips the top of a pizza open, choosing not to make a big deal out of Kaleb touching him but it did warm his chest a lot, almost as much as hearing that Kaleb ate a whole 112 oz tin of chocolate pudding. "Cabbage you are a wild man!"

Kaleb arched an eyebrow, "Yoooou and I have very different experiences with your brother man." Hand brushed his chest and he leaned back slightly, "I am a beast when I get my mind on somethin. Uhhh we wanna set up int eh living room. Move the sushi to the pit with us, watch tv? I got nowhere to be until the Doug situation is sorted. Then…well likely I gotta go back to" not work. never work, "finishing my project at the school." not work.

"Do you wanna build a cushion and blanket fort, Cabbage?!" Jeb gets incredibly excited now, bouncing on his heels. "Can we? Can we? Please, please, please? Can we sleep in it? It will be so much fun." He doesn't comment on the Doug situation, ignores it completely, that's kind of what tonight was about anyhow.


Kaleb looked confused and maybe a little overwhelemed at the sudden burst of joie de vivre. "I… don't… know what you're talking about? you want to buy a cushion factory and live in it?" He picked up a sushi roll and watched curiously. He was wary but interested as this constituted 'fun' though he was entirely unfamiliar with this

Jeb's face falls a little with dismay that Kaleb hasn't any idea what a cushion fort is. "Oh no, Cabbage. You mean you ain't never taken all the blankets off the beds and the cushions off the couch and built a fortress out of it? You never did that when you was little?" Jeb asks, not rudely, just curious. "Well, if you ain't that just mean we gotta do it. Ah'm addin' it to your bucket list for you."

Kaleb blinked and furrowed his brow confused, "If i touched my mother's furniture there'd be hell to pay. No… we never did anything like that." Maybe the rumors were true and Kaleb was never a child but was born a very tiny 60 year old. "I used to run off and go hide in things to read. I don't know if that counts. Using cushions to build doesn't cound structurally viable." Yeha he wasnt a kid. Quick! get the buckets and the lists!

"Cabbage, no offense, but your mama sounds awful and Ah don't like her one bit." Jeb says and shakes his head. "Well, you wanna build things, right? That's what you wanna do for a livin'. So with you, Ah'm sure we could make it structurally sound." He says with a smile, reaching for Kaleb's hand. "We build the fort, then we eat ice cream in it."

Kaleb shrugged, "Well she's a lovely and terrifying woman. SHe also runs a couple charity orginizations so what're ya gonna do?"he shrugged and popped a sushi roll in his mouth thinking about the question and shook his head no. "I 'oot a…" he finished cheweing, swallowed, and tried to answer agin, "I'm not a laborer. I jsut want tot ell them exactly what I want and what they need to be doing but… I like buildings, sure. So we're gonna build this… structure and use the cushions?" He squint at the round conversation pit and offered, "I don't think my cushions will satisfy this but we could build something over the conversation pit and it'd ive us more ceiling clearance?" Aww he was learning

Jeb taps his chin as he looks at the couch and nods his agreement and then laughs at Kaleb's answer, that he doesn't want to labor, just wants to tell someone else what to do and where to put it. "Well, today you're gonna just have to be a peasant with me and labor a little." He teases, patting Kaleb on the back. "We could do that, yeah. We could pull my brother's and your mattress out here to give us leverage for a ceiling." Because of course, Jay didn't get a say in the matter. It was pillow fort time! Sacrifices had to be made!

Kaleb wrinkled his nose eyeing Jeb squinting at him, and then looking back to his room and back to Jeb, "ALright but we do up Jay's last so if he comes back early he doesn't have a molting in teh middle of the living room. You nap on the couch and inhale one of those itny feathers in yoru nose it feels like it's in there forever." He wasn't claiming he spoke from experience but he wasn't saying he wasn't!

"If he molts in the living room, then we'll just use that for decoration in our new winter home." Jeb says, clearly unconcerned about his brother coming home. "Jay has like, a million of us younger siblings, you really think he hasn't participated in a blanket fort making before? He's not going to molt, he might be jealous that we made one without him. That's why he's the only person invited to the pillow fort besides us, and Miss Buttermilk." The kitten in question has been watching them from the counter. "Alright, let's go drag your mattress in here and we're gonna need every blanket you got."

Kaleb cracked a grin at the notion of a new winter home decorated by Jay in Panic mode. "Jay's done this before. I thought he just… ya know…" He raised his arms in a point above his head, "Covered up with the wings like yaaaa mobile tent fuck you world?!" He finished up eating and nodded, "Help me. THis thing is unweildly." So one by one would they set about getting firniture completely rearranged to no great productivity. Okay, he could buy into this 'fun' thing. It wasn't aking the help run in circles trying to please him like finding the beginning of a moebius strip, but it had its merits.

"Lost all his damn feathers? Ah ain't real surprised you make him molt. If it's any consolation to you, Ah do too. Drive him real nuts." Jeb teases as they drag the mattress into the living room, along with blankets and pillows. Jeb is smiling the whole time while they fuss with the couch and the mattress, trying to make something out of the mess they're making. He tosses a pillow to Kaleb, a little too hard on purpose. "What's your favorite band, Cabbage?"

Kaleb flinched back catching the pillow thinking about that one. "Hmmmm whole band or like singers count? Hmmmm" He had to think on that "My all time favourite? I like Miles DAvis. He can get me out of a bad mood like 100 percent of the time. I like Dusty Springfield… for a throwback? Eeeeh I still like Del-Vikings It's clean and it flows like water. So… I dunno I like Jazz and Doo-wap." He grinned admitting, "Kinda really lovin the Beatles. Got to meet em briefly a year and a half ago, though… now they're all fameous and stuff. Mutant in teh group. Kinda love they're that big with a mutant even if he's ya know, stealth mode. You and pleeeeeease don't say Conway Twitty." He pulled the mattress around trying to find worthwhile supports. For a lean skinny kid Kaleb still had some heft left in those shoulders. Being a boatsman was no joke.

"You got to meet The Beatles?! That's amazing, Cabbage! You're so awesome! And what? One of them is a mutant? Which one? What's his mutation? Ah never knew that there was a mutant among 'em." Jeb swings a blanket up, trying to make it a canopy for them. Jeb forgets to hide the fact that he is admiring Kaleb's arms for a moment, maybe staring at them just a little too long before he directs his down to the blanket.

Kaleb smiled genuinly…pelased with it widening into a grin, "Yeah I mean they were theyre playing just local club and came to eat with us after. And John, the one withthe really long hair. He's the…he's like us." Still had that hard time withthe M word. "He's ya know what they call an empath. Like telepathy but instead of reading minds he can read feelings and kinda make… I dunno a feeling in a space. We had a really good talk for a couple hours. I think he's gonna be alright." HE paussed letting the blanket stay held in place for a moment trying to remmeber it and summerized, "We talked about anger. Told me sure the world's pretty ugly but its filled with some amazing and beautiful things. That's kinda when I started looking at architecture a little more seriously. Figuring out what I actually like…" He snickered admitting, "It took a moment, I'll admit. Who you litenin to, Jeb? I'm serious."

"Huh! That's pretty cool. Ah guess Ah never really thought that anyone famous could ever be like us, you know but they… they aren't any less susceptible to the things we are just because they are famous, they make more money, that's all that makes them different from us."

He fusses with the blanket a little more, adjusting the way that the mattress was seated before he waves a hand at Kaleb to follow him into Jay's bedroom. "Yeah, it's easy to be angry, Cabbage, you know? It's harder to forgive. It's impossible to forget and it's real, real hard to see the beauty in a world that so often wants to see an end to your existence but to survive it, you gotta try to do just that." He says.

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