1965-11-06 - Horsing Around
Summary: Quiet winter day at the Circus. Horses are discussed. Also mocked. Lovingly.
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With winter weather settling in, business at the Circus is slowing down a few notches. Danielle is happy to take on more of the animal work to give others well-earned rests. Which is why she's in the practice corral, coaxing three of the show horses through their paces. No whip or ropes, just arms and mouth-sounds (whistles, clicks, the occasional 'yee-up'…) to keep the delicate mares in sync.

Of course, people are only too happy to pass on the animal work to Dani so they can have a moment to relax. Amanda emerges from their shared vardo in her thick white winter coat and two mugs of tea. It's not that cold out, but still. It's cold. Tea helps! She quickly crosses the grounds to Dani, offering the mug in a break between whistles to the mares. "I thought you might need a warm drink."

Danielle gives the trio time to rest and walk off the exercise, though they never seem to spread out very far from each other. "Prissy little snoots," she sighs patiently, but grins as she accepts the mug. A couple of quick sips to chase the chill away, then she scoops her scandalously light jacket off the fence to cover even-more-scandalously uncovered arms. "Thank you. I tried some of that alleged 'coffee' that Javier makes. Nearly choked." She leans against the corral fence and keeps an eye on the snooty white mares, who seem to be indulging in something like a mane-toss competition.

"American coffee is very different from what we find in Europe," Amanda reminds, politely. "But… I agree. He's never been good with any coffee." She grins back a bit, then hides her grin behind her cup with a siiiiiip as the aforementioned Javier walks by, nodding politely to the ladies. "The mares… well, they've been pampered their whole lives."

"It shows," Dani grunts. She gives a lazy wave to Javier, and stifles any further deprecation of the caffinated sludge he brews. "They remind me of some of the kids I endured back in public school. Always preening, spoiled rotten. Wouldn't know how to do a hard day's work if they had to… Unlike those ninnies, these ladies at least know how to put on a show." She's not mocking them too seriously. Vain and primping they may be, but they're still horses. Siiiiiiiip. Sigh. "Mmm. Guido will be giving them their rubdown today. /He/ does it right, you see."

Amanda Sefton nods. "He's had practice. And his instructor - the original trainer - had patience." Amanda has been with the Circus a long, long time. She sips at her tea as Dani explains the horses more, nodding a bit. "Well, there's a reason we use the draft horses to move things." She considers this. "Well, we used to. Since we're likely sticking around here, we've been using the draft horses to move a few things around, and give rides to the kids."

Danielle mmms, considering, "The drafters enjoy that. They were bred for the work, and they feel strong and proud when they're moving things." Here, she keeps her voice a bit quieter. Not that anyone at the Circus would have much problem with her empathic abilities, of course, but years of habit and caution don't break easily. "But when they get to stride out to the front and the kids get all excited? They practically glow with pleasure."

Amanda Sefton lifts her eyebrows. "They do?" She can tell, at least, that the horses enjoy the attention, but that's all. She only knows because she's been around the animals long enough. Dani has the edge on her in that regard. "Did they tell you as much?"

Danielle shakes her head slowly, then peers into her mug. "Not… 'tell', exactly. Not the way Brightwind 'talks' to me. They're smart for their breed, but I only get feelings from them. Usually very calm, relaxed, solid. You've seen the way they'll hold their heads up a bit more and step a little higher when they're on kid-duty. The feeling I get during those moments is pretty intense. Even if they don't know I'm nearby. They radiate pleasure and pride. I think they can sense the kids' awe and delight."

"I don't think the kids expect horses to be that big." They are Shire horses, after all. They get big! "From what I've overheard, they just don't expect horses to be much bigger than what they see in movies and in storybooks."

With a languid stretch and a slow grin, Dani straightens up from the fence, tossing back the last of her tea. "One of the things I love about this… Showing city kids what real nature can look like. Cougars and wolves also get a lot bigger than movies and storybooks would suggest, but…. I'm not gonna push my luck and try to bring one of those in to show the kids."

"I think everyone here has seen enough wolves in the Schwarzwald," Amanda says, looking grim for a moment. "But we did get two of our horses from the area." She gestures across the way, to another penned-in area where Gilbert is working with two of the male horses. "Those two," she explains.

Danielle peers thoughtfully towards those two. "Hmmm. They have a tint of 'wilderness' below the surface. If they got lost in the woods, they'd survive just fine, I'd wager." With a droll grin, she juts her chin towards the trio of dainty mares in the corral. "Unlike the duchesses." She hands the mug back to Amanda and slaps her hands together briefly. "Speaking of, I should get them moving again. Make them earn that rubdown…"

Amanda Sefton accepts the mug. She nods slightly, then leans in to peck Dani's cheek. "All right. But then you come find me so I know you earned a warm supper," she teases.

Danielle's grin softens at the peck, and she gives the other woman a wink in return. "Yes, ma'am. I won't be long." With that, she shucks her jacket again, and heads back towards the center of the corral, whistling crisply to get the mares' attention. "Alright, sillies, back to work, hey?"

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