1964-05-16 - Gorgons and Satyrs, Mass Hysteria
Summary: Where can an Amazon find a good bit of Saganaki in this town?!?
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Sometime in the afternoon, and the smell of food comes out of this tiny hole in the wall Greek restaurant. This is not a particularly up market sort of place - the prices are low, this close to Mutant Town, and the furniture is all hand made and wooden instead of being modern and plastic. There is a little Greek music coming from a tinny radio, and a few regulars have come in for late takeaway lunches. This means that it is easy for the chef on call at the back to move in and out himself. There is a kitchen helper with a tag saying 'Sam' on it, but the main chef is all in chef whites and is evidently in charge of matters. Paper bags hold fresh souvlakis, or cooked haloumi or saganaki with lemon and spicy chilli.

Right now, Sam is taking money at the till while the chef at the back is humming along to the greek community radio music. The chef is a sort of…well. Athletic is wrong. So is 'fat'. He looks _comfortable_ in his somewhat soft flesh, wiping his hands and tucking up his curly white hair under his cap for health reasons. Lambert does not care that his voice is a bit flat - he sings along anyway while there is a gap in customers, his eyes bright. They have weird pupils, his eyes do. Horizontal ones.

And well, this close to Mutant Town, an actual Greek restaurant does attract the attention of an actual Amazon. So Delphyne comes in, a bit cautiously, sunglasses worn over her yellow eyes so she doesn't look /too/ obvious… well, that and her snakes are pulled back so she appears to just have really thick dreds for the unobservant. Of course, those In The Know can recognize her green skin as more than just a mutation, since Gorgons are rather notorious creatures as she looks around cautiously. Perhaps just not certain if you seat yourself, or you wait for a waiter… restaurants are so confusing.

Some of the people moving around are mutant - though they are generally the milder mutations. Perhaps those with severe ones do not want to come out and put themselves in danger. Delphyne can smell a number of things, herbal, food-scents, olive oil and thyme. As she enters, the kitchen boy Sam comes up and hesitates, for just a moment, then says "Hi! Welcome to Saganaki Restaurant. The specials today are grilled saganaki with lemon and…uh…" He calls back "Are we doing fish?" From the back of the restaurant, Lambert calls back, in a nervous voice "Who wants to know?!" Odd.

Delphyne blinks in surprise, "Grilled saganaki? You're kidding." Well, sure, it /says/ that, but she looks a bit stunned by that nonetheless, and her accent definitely sounds thick and Greek, though it has a flavor of… something else, something foreign and exotic. "Well, I am always in favor of a good fish, if you have that anyway." She smiles a little, taking off her glasses. Fortunately, no one turns to stone, as she's not that kind of Gorgon.

Sam looks a little uneasy, but then he says "No? It's Chef's speciality, miss. With olives and lemon. How about I send him out to talk to you? He's a bit nervous because some, uhhh, people seem to hate people eating fish." And then there was that giant crab attack. Could put a man off the ocean forever. Sam smiles, and gestures, and a moment later over comes Lambert, who says "It isn't Namor is it -" He pauses, and as Sam heads out to deal with other customers, the chef tilts his head, looking at Delphyne. His ears are hidden under his hair, and he looks almost entirely human, save for his goatish eyes. But as he looks at her, he says, very cautiously «Euryale? Daughter of Echidna?» In greek. Modern Greek, though the accent is from a far older time.

There's a decided look of surprise on Delphyne's face when Lambert comes out, speaking Greek with a very tolerable accent no less. She smiles a little, « No, but I'm descended from her line. I am Delphyne. » She nods slightly, giving Lambert a curious look as she seems to notice the differences rather quickly, then she adds, « Don't worry, I can't petrify anyone. » Well, not without her helm, but why confuse matters.

«Ah, I see,» says Lambert «Well, you look, ah, very human in comparison.» Probably so would a snake, really. He says «I can do some fish, apparently, ah, a scion of Posoidon has been objecting to people eating seafood here - which is very confusing! But who knows.» He has a bandaged hand, but he gradually starts to relax «No, I don't assume that anyone will hurt anyone, miss. The world is already too full of violence. Would you like grilled sardines on a Greek salad?»

Delphyne smiles brightly at that, «That sounds positively delightful. As much as I enjoy pizza… I do miss the flavors of home.» She looks around, then back at Lambert, seeming to enjoy just actually talking in Greek, «Ah, is there someplace specific I should sit? Restaurants here are confusing in their inconsistency.»

«No, no - sit anywhere! My cousins made the tables!» grins Lambert. His teeth are sharp - lots of little sharp carnivore teeth in that friendly mouth «I will bring you wine from _my_ supply, eh!» He pats the closest table with his healthy hand, and then he gestures around «Anywhere - wait, wait. Come with me! Into the garden out the back, that is the place for you! I will serve you there!»

Delphyne looks around the garden, and smiles warmly, her steps slow as she looks all around the outdoors. She marvels at this, then reaches back towards the scrunchie holding back her snakes, glancing at Lambert, «Ah, do you mind? Normally it is too strange for people to handle if I do not keep them tied back.»

«No, though we do permit anyone back here who can behave themselves,» Lambert says «No matter if they are human, other, or mutant. I am too tired for fighting, you see - there is cooking to do!» He grins, and he pats the Olive tree "My Grandfather," he says in English "Came over from Athens to grow this for me. It looks like iti s a hundred years old. He was always good with living things. I'll get you the good wine - can't believe that people here don't approve of home brewing, ahhhh. So sad. So do, ah. Your. Snakes require their own food?"

The snakes hiss in gratitude as they are freed from their bondage, Delphyne deftly tucking the scrunchie into her shirt pocket. The snakes writhe and hiss, a few peering curiously at Lambert as she smiles, continuing in her accented English, "No, they don't. It's magic and curses. But some wine brewed in the old ways sounds perfect." Looking around again, she then glances back to Lambert, "I have never been to Athens… to be honest, I have never been off the Island, until very recently."

"I was born here," says Lambert, cheerily, who adds "In Texas!" He laughs at that, rubbing his hands, and then he eyes the snakes, and he says "Hello ladies." The table near Delphyne, under the 'old' olive and the twisted grape vines, is wiped down by him quickly. Lambert says musingly "I am mostly human, you must understand. But…apparently not quite human enough! Never mind. This city has room for everyone." A pottery bowl is produced, and then Lambert is retrieving an old clay flask and unstoppering it. Out pours the wine, the dark purple of loyal blood, richly scented, served in a bowl as it might have been hundreds of years go. He puts it next to the gorgon, and he says mildly "Kicks as much as I can, so be careful! I'll get those sardines grilling - I can hear you from the kitchen! My hearing is excellent."

Delphyne actually laughs a bit, not looking nearly as grim as well… it almost feels like home, "Oh, I understand, I'm mostly human too, despite all appearances. The Amazons still honor our bloodlines though, and we've kept them going through the ages." She takes a small sip of the wine, and both her eyes and the eyes of a few of the snakes blink, "Oh… you weren't kidding about that."

"Ah, that is what you are - I am afraid my linage is more disreputable," grins Lambert. The little kitchen has a window into the garden, and through the window grows wild thyme and bay leaves. A highly indulged chef, this one, as he slices off meat for another souvlaki, and puts on a heavy bottomed pan for the sardines. The tomato sauce will be reduced down and salted for the side of it. The wine…the wine is satyr-brewed. It is the wine of Dionysis, and small sips are wise. It sits on the tongue like honey. Lambert calls out through the window "I didn't know the Gorgons and the Amazons kept cup together? I'm not sure. Surprising groups do show up. My Grandfather is a Satyr."

There was a passing suspicion, given the wine, and she smiles to herself, "Considering the wrong that Perseus inflicted on my ancestor's sister… they were offered shelter on the Island, before cutting off ties to Man's World." She explains it, taking another small sip of the wine, relaxing a bit in this place that reminds her of home, "Though I admit I thought it was something similar to that, in your background. Just from your carriage. Which is not meant to be an insult. I've learned to notice things rather quickly as part of my role."

"Well, the Gods were - and are - bastards," says Lambert, with a sort of filthy cheer to the scary words. On the skillet, the little sardines sizzle, and he keeps a weather eye on them. Food is important. After a moment, the gourmand says "I see. Yes - that place has usually been, ahh, out of the reach of my people. But that's fair enough. We have our own secret spots in the world, anyway, though less and less now. The War was bad, in Greece, and…well…" He pauses for a moment, frowning down, then shakes his head as he flips the little silver fishes onto a warm pottery plate and draws patterns around them with the sauce "Hah hah! No, I am not insulted! I've never felt bad about myself!" He waves a casual hand "And neither should you - nor anyone else here! Accidents of birth happen to us all, and who could be to blame? Anyway, I have no horns or hooves. Hard for non-Olympians to pick me out of the crowd. Must be harder to be you, with your ladies."

Delphyne looks a bit rueful at that, "Indeed. It's why I hang around Mutant Town. Easier to explain that way than the truth, which people aren't quite ready to accept." She sighs, "As far as the Gods… I've… forgiven Athena, for what she did. Mostly." Well, not exactly, but she IS a matron of the Amazons…

"I assume that they really are people just…very powerful people," says Lambert after a moment, as he comes out, and serves up the plate. He also puts on the side a dish of fresh bread with oil and salt "It's awkward, I think, eh? Like - look at me! I was a jock - am one! I won track and field. And wrestling." He grins cheerily "All of it. Was it fair? No! I am much stronger - and _much_ faster - than others my age. I got a scholarship in sport. And I was proud of it - oh yes! So proud of defeating poor human lads who couldn't compete. No wonder it went badly." He actually pulls up a little stool and then sits down with his own cup of wine "And if I can fall into that trap, how easily can you do it as a God."

Delphyne nods, "I suppose so. I am not as strong as the Royal family, nor as fast… but I'm very strong and fast for an Amazon." She smiles over at Lambert, "But fair is something that doesn't happen very often in life, no matter if you're on the Island or not. And this looks amazing… ah." She pauses, then blushes a dark green, "I don't think I caught your name?"

"Lambert Petropolous," says Lambert cheerily "Apologies for not mentioning it! The kitchen boy is Sam, and my waitress is Marcie - she isn't here right now." He waves with his bandaged hand, and he says "Well, fair is not _naturally_ generated, but perhaps it is a protection for others that we can give when we can? In the end, it turned out I don't care about sport much. I care about cooking. So. What do you do for a crust?" He lifts his own bowl of wine up, and his ears, under his cap and curls, twitch. Much longer than human ears.

Delphyne lifts the bowl to Lambert, and then looks a little confused, "Um, for a crust?" She looks a bit confused, "I mean, I've stopped some muggers and other criminals at night, as that seems to be a good use of my skills. I must admit, I /do/ like the… guns, that you can get in this city."

"Oh, goodness, no, I don't mean - I mean, do you have a job, dear," says Lambert, who looks in his early twenties, but apparently likes to channel a Greek Grandfather when he can. He says "You seem new here - are you adapting well? Mutant Town does have employment opportunities, but…" He waggles his hands "One must do what one _loves_."

The Gorgon looks a bit sheepish, "Ah, well, er… aside from helping solve some crimes with the aid of local heroes, I… don't really have one. Criminals do have a fair amount of money." Okay, so she has no problem robbing the people she catches in the act of nefariousness. Good to know. Then she hrms, "Ah, you wouldn't happen to be hiring?"

Lambert is serving the Gorgon - little sardines on a plate, with a sauce on the side, and he is drinking his own head-spinning wine "Hmm. That can be difficult. Establishing a bank account, all those little things - it helps later, heh." He muses, and then he considers "I occassionally hire entertainers - is that in your line? Not for much else, I am afraid. My restaurant is small. But I could tell other people about you? All kinds come here. My only rule is that I do not want trouble."

Speaking of all kinds. There's a man in a blue dress shirt, dark pants, who's been showed out to the courtyard. Where he lingers in the doorway, at least trying to offer privacy, waiting to be noticed.

Delphyne nods, "Well, I can definitely help prevent trouble from happening. Though singing… I don't know." She sings a little bit, a little ditty from the radio, and… actually doesn't sound horrible. It's not bad, but it's clear she's not trained.

Lambert glances up, spots the figure, and says efflusively "Ah, Lamont! Come, sit down - would you like something to eat?" As the woman talks about trouble, Lambert grins a little, to show those teeth, and he listens, then shakes his head "Ah, I am afraid not quite the thing - though I like the Greek! Never mind - I will tell people about you." He adds "I don't operate with much money over the line, I am afraid, _but_ I am coming to know people in the community. And…here is Lamont." Who might notice a woman with green skin and snake-hair.
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HE certainly does. He does not, however, react with any particular shock. Monty's a student of the classics….and it makes sense that a satyr would keep company with some other creatures from that mythos. So he greets Lambert's companion without turning a hair. "I would," he admits. "I'm not interrupting, am I?" He seems like a normal human, at least to first glance.

"Lamont," says the human, pleasantly. He settles into a seat at one of the other little tables. "A pleasure to meet you."

Delphyne smiles a bit, "And you actually mean it. Or you're very good at hiding it." She laughs a little, "Most have a bit of consternation at meeting me for the first time… or at least try to avert their eyes." Her lips quirk, and she gestures, "Have you eaten? Lambert made way too much for myself alone, even though I was missing the food of my home."

"I've been a number of places that the average inhabitant of Earth has not," There's nothing in his body language to indicate unease. Might be genuine calm. "I haven't eaten….and if you're sure, I'd be delighted to join you. Lambert's a wonderful cook." Lamont suits the action to the word, changing seats. Room for Lamb himself, when he comes back.

Delphyne chuckles, "I am. I still need to stay in fighting shape. I'm no immortal." She looks a bit rueful, "I wouldn't want to live forever, but not having an expanding waistline would be pretty nice." Her eyes dance a bit at that, as she takes one of the sardines from the dish.

Lamont grins at that. "Well, if left alone, Lambert would feed us both into a coma, I think," he notes, with a conspiratorial cheerfulness. "I have to watch myself when I dine here, too. And the wine….excellent, but very powerful."

Delphyne takes another sip of the wine, then nods, "Very… much so. I admit it is far different than what I'm used to." She chuckles, and tilts her head, "So, how did you know Lambert?" She sounds a little curious, interested in finding out more.

Lambert is in the kitchen again - Lamont is correct. He is already working on a dessert. And Lambert's physique shows how much he likes his own food.

"Pure luck, and the scent of his cooking." Lamont's never exactly a warm person, but he can manage pleasant. And he's clearly exerting himself to. He takes neat bites, but it's not the behavior of someone starving. "It's not an acquaintance of long standing, but….well, this is a welcomeing place."

Delphyne nods, "Very much so." She peers curiously after Lambert, tilting her head a bit as well, between her hunger and Lamont's pecking, the dinner is pretty well taken care of without too much trouble. And… well, she has been helping herself a bit to the wine bowl. Uh oh.

And out he comes again with little Greek pastries in honey with baked grapes. Lambert pulls out another chair, and soon Delphyne has her wine topped up, and Lamont is being offered his own bowl "Flattery," he says, grandly "Please continue." A tap of his nose, and he adds "But the best flattery is hearing the place is welcoming." The more wine Lambert drinks, the more wine others drink, the more…Lambert seems to have an easy, pleasant voice. The effect of Dionysis is subtle, but present. Lambert finally pushes his chef's cap up, given that other guests have gone, and he shakes out pointed, furry ears "Ahhhh. That's better. Lamont, my good man. Can you suggest any employment for Delphyne here? She's a criminal-catcher."

Lamont has taken a sip of the wine….and by the flush he had when he came in, this isn't his first drink of the evening. But at that, he's looking at her over the rim of his bowl. "I…..truly don't know. I don't know what it takes to become part of the NYPD. A private investigator, perh- Oh," he says, as if a lightbulb'd just gone on. "Of course…." And there's even a little rasp of laughter. "You're kin to the Kindly Ones."

Delphyne blinks in surprise, "Well, I would never claim as such, I am descended from Euryale, though. And my role was that of a bodyguard, though I'm not certain how that relates here in this place." Her cheeks flush a bit as she finishes her wine, going rather dark green as she glances between the two men with curiosity.

"Eh, the old stories do conflate them," Lambert says, and he rubs his chin, then slaps Lamont on the back cheerily. With some fondness, even "Oh! A private investigator. What a romantic idea. And as a woman - as an _Amazon_ - I bet there would be women who would prefer to work through you! You maybe just need some encouragement? Or you could still be a bodyguard - there is a women's shelter out there that must need you, I am sure of it. Wouldn't that be perfect?" Lambert gets caught up in his ideas rather quickly.

And wonder of wonders, Lamont does seem to go along with that. "That is a thought," he allows, more slowly. More wine for him, though he's trying to be slow, to ration himself. "A woman warrior…..that's a good point. There are womens' refuges that could use a defender…"

Delphyne nods, "Well, if there are, I could definitely do that. I'm pretty sure that any abusive men coming by wouldn't be able to handle /me/." She grins wickedly at that, as she snatches one of the dessert pastries from the plate.

"Exactly," explains Lambert "See, at home, if someone treated my sisters poorly, we had words with the lads. But not everyone has a cadre of brothers who like to headbutt people around." He muses, and he adds "You wouldn't believe how fast you can make a high school boy run if you flirt at him." By. Any. Means. Necessary. Lambert taps the table "Exactly! Well, I think it would be good - hah! And if I come across problems like that? I will say 'I know someone you need to talk to'." He seems pleased with himself, he does. Then he adds "No, they wouldn't. Be able to handle you. Haha, oh dear, I am not the best at such things myself." He adds to Lamont "Did you hear someone attacked me?"

That has Lamont setting down the wine bowl. "No," he says, startled into curtness. "….what happened?" There's a cold light in his eyes at that, inimical. So much for that veneer of good nature.

Delphyne gives Lamont a curious look at the sudden shift, then looks at Lambert with some measure of concern. "That's something I think I'd wish to know as well."

Lambert eyes Lamont, and shifts juuuuust slightly closer to Delphyne. Maybe because he does not know her very well yet, but then he gestures to his injured hand "Someone - I am not sure who - broke in and stole the main meal one night - rather silly! But she threw things at me and I got cut by a knife and needed stitches. She broke furniture on the way out - and had giant claws. Very sharp ones. The lines on the masonry over there are from them, so she must be strong." He wrinkles his nose "I don't want vengeance. I want her to come in and wash dishes to pay for her meal."

For a moment, that cold expression remains…and then he relaxes into his former ease. "I see," he says, mildly. "Do you know who it was? Will she come and wash dishes? Work it off?"

Delphyne hrms, "Well, I could take this as my first case." She considers, thinking about what she knows, "Homeless, probably, if she was trying to steal a meal and not money from you. Giant claws… sounds like I can do a bit of asking around." Hey, it's a start, right?

"No idea," admits Lambert "But when I chased her, she was able to out-distance me. So she is either, ehhh, a top level human athlete, or something like you - or us - or a mutant." He clearly sees Delphyne as not a mutant - and neither is Lamont. And then he nods to Delphyne "Yes! I will pay you in food, eh? I don't want…her _hurt_. She must be desperate. But I also…" He waggles his hand "I couldn't pay my staff that night because I had to close the restaurant. One must be pragmatic! I will feed her if she comes back and washes dishes." He considers her talons "Or chops vegetables."

Lamont's lips thin out, as he suppresses a smile. His eyes are bright again. "That sounds like a pragmatic solution, rather than turning her over to the law. Let her pay for her crimes in kitchen work."

Delphyne nods, "Sounds like it. Seems like she's scared and desperate, not really a criminal so much as she has to do it. So, I'll ask around. Did you get a good look at her?" She makes a few mental notes, as Del is actually pretty strong and fast for a human herself.

"I am pragmatic," says Lambert to Lamont breezily "I am a chef." He adds "I am a terrible human, but quite a nice satyr, eh?" Another broad grin, and then he gives an extremely…incoherent description of the woman. The fact is, Lambert barely saw her, and then he was bleeding. He does note the hand-talons and the fact that she moved 'not like a human does, too fluid'. Lambert runs his fingers through his hair "I'm not used to many being able to get past me - my sense of smell is good, and I hear too well. So she _must_ be special."

"I imagine so," says Lamont, still mildly. The image….he'll have to keep an eye out for her. And scold her for hurting his favorite chef.

Delphyne nods to Lambert, "Well, I will see what I can do… knives from her hands is pretty unique, so hopefully that helps." She grins and rises, a bit wobbily thanks to the wine, then shakes her head to clear it a bit, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I should probably get going so I can start looking around." With that, she gives both of you a wave, making her way out of the restaurant with a bare minimum of wobbliness.

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