Allies and Alleys

Self-driving cars? Smart washing machines? A backhoe with an agenda? It's way too early for the internet of things!

Something is going awry in the corners and alleys of New York City and the little people have to get things back to normal.

(An Irregulars & Co. Plot, open to all November 2016.)

1963-11-30 - Radiohead

Summary: Duke is out hunting ghosts. Gamora is scrounging and trying to get by on Earth. Maybe they can help each other out.
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Theme Song: None
gamora duke 

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1963-11-18 - Dial 0 for Oh Damn

Summary: The touchtone phone makes its debut to a crowd terrorized by unearthly garble and nasty spirits.
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Theme Song: Minds Without Fear - Imogen Heap
lorna wanda 

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1963-11-13 - Something in the Machines

Summary: Central Park can't catch a break these days. Something gets behind the wheel of a couple vehicles, gets into the carousel, and goes for a joyride.
Related: Allies and Alleys Plot
Theme Song: None
gambit thea mildred carnelian duke mree 

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1963-11-13 - Define Friendship

Summary: After the machines take on a mind of their own in Central Park, a few of stragglers take a shortcut to Dio's Scrap Yard for beer and normalcy — they get the beer but normal is beyond anyone there.
Related: Something in the Machines
Theme Song: None
carnelian mree duke 

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