Remaking Destiny

Certain valuables went missing from the treasury of Karnilla, the Norn Queen. Of course, is anything chance with the Mistress of the Fates?

1964-05-15 - The Lure of Shinies

Summary: In disguise, Doctor Strange attempts to figure out precisely what this new stone in Maximus's hands does. What does it do? No one knows just yet.
Related: Norn Stone plot arc.
Theme Song: None
maximus strange 

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1964-05-15 - Hooked On That Feeling

Summary: The trouble with the crab continues!
Related: Hooked On A Feeling
Theme Song: None
lambert loki kai rogue 

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1964-05-13 - Hooked On A Feeling

Summary: A search for a missing engagement ring and an attack by an interdimensional crab.
Related: N/A
Theme Song: Shiny - Jermaine Clement
kai loki lambert rogue 

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