Book of Raziel

"Two Cajuns teach Two New Yorkers and an Angel about Gumbo" well… there was more to it than that.

It started when JP took a job in NOLA. Standard job: We pay you lots of money. Break into a house. Take a thing. Bring it to us. What can go wrong?

Well for one the item in question can turn out to belong to the Heavenly Hose(tm) and not belong on heaven, the people who hired him want their artifact, the angel Michael wants to return it, and JP doesn't even have it.

So in short? A lot.

Now 2 Cajuns, 2 New Yorkers, and an Archangel set out to correct grievances against heaven, absolve a thief of his unintended transgression, and introduce people to beignets.

Mmmm beignets… (view logs)

The Disappeared

All over New York State people are disappearing. It is centered in New York City. Age, race, creed- none of that seems to matter. The people simply disappear, with only a calling card left behind. A ominous image of of an unlidded eye with a dagger for a pupil , all in flat black. (view logs)

Memento Mori

Critical members of the X-Men Blue are randomly drawn into a plot that takes them various places in time in order for them to reflect on their on mortality. (view logs)




The underworld of New York City, from petty criminals to the worst of the worst, has been privy to the slow introduction of weaponry not immediately familiar to the superhero community. These weapons may look like modified standard weaponry known to humankind, such as pistols or AK-47s, or they may look like something totally out of this world, with impossible tubing and weird metal colors, etc. All of them discharge energy in various forms, powerful enough to readily damage steel, but NOT BEYOND THAT. Your simple neighborhood robbery just got potentially that much more dangerous.

So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to try and figure out where these weapons are coming from? Are you going to stop the next stick-up in your local borrough? Are you going to find one of these weapons and keep it for yourself, all the better to advance your nefarious deeds?

** TL;DR **

- Weird weaponry is showing up in the city. It appears to shoot energy powerful enough to damage steel. NO MORE POWERFUL. Limits are imposed to keep things from getting too crazy. You all have superpowers to use.

- At this point in time, no one knows where these weapons are coming from. Anyone can come across them if they're in the right place at the right time or know the right people in the black market for weaponry. Any baddie can have one to complicate a scene.

- SHIELD is aware of this, one way or another. Contact Steve Rogers for further information on this front.

- The Sorcerer Supreme is not yet aware of this. If you feel that he should be informed, contact Doctor Strange on this front.

- If you do a scene, please use the tags 'plot' and 'weird-weaponry' to keep it correctly categorized. (view logs)

Project Leo

A power-hungry villain was partly foiled from changing the world to her liking scant months ago. The Knights of Caerleon risked their very sanity and souls to descend into a realm of impossibilities to keep sacred, dangerous items from leaking out into the world.

Armed with new allies and a new plan, she wants to recover the necessary relics to enforce an entirely new dominion over the world. Forget Skrulls and Kree. Earth is for the earthlings, or more specifically, one as fabulously stylish and arrogant as she. Dabble in high society and the darkest dregs of history to save the world. And mind your frockcoats. (view logs)

Court of Nevers

Once every decade, the Queen of Nevers convenes a great tournament called the Court of Nevers in her celestial realm. For one night, the favoured champions brought to the Court are honoured by an unparalleled opportunity to explore a personal path not taken or one that hasn't happened yet. Memories shall remain, pure and bright, except for one lucky soul who shall see their possibility turned into reality. (view logs)

Project Scorpio

The Vietnam War isn't stopping. Goddamnit, the connection to the Skrull is worse than anyone ever thought. Except the Kree. This plot is the overarching story behind Starfall plot. (view logs)


Someone's picking off wizards and stealing their power, and it looks like he's setting his sights on New York City. (view logs)

Project Libra

Mercenaries for hire destabilize international politics by extortion, blackmail, and murder. (view logs)

The Taken

People are being taken. Some seem to just be… people. Some are mutants. Some are stranger. There's no pattern, and so far, no one has put together the fact that these are connected, that something is going on… (view logs)

Project Gemini

Now they're stealing souls? Nazi experiments never stopped with the Third Reich. (view logs)

Man March Weapon (Beema cbenem Akodee)

Operating without the blessing of the Republic of Ghana, a small rogue military force has crudely developed technology that can force latent x-gene mutations to the surface. They've built an army, and sent these radicalized mutants into the world with nefarious motives… (view logs)


The Hand suddenly begins to make it's move on New York. (view logs)

A Hole in the World

Stories that fuel childrens hope, dreams, and wishes have come under attack by a Fable Killer. Wanda, Logan, JP, Danielle, Severin and Jesse are the chosen warriors banded together to stop this threat, and to rescue the hopes and imagination of children everywhere.. will they succeed? (view logs)

Profane Language

Douglas Ramsey, the mutant master of language, finds himself infected with rogue code from an alternate-reality-self. His loved ones try to free him from 'himself', but at what cost? More importantly, how do you work against someone who can read all of your intentions? (view logs)


The world was blithely unaware of turmoil beyond its sapphire blue sky until satellites went mysteriously offline, interruptions disrupted telecommunications, and a generation of space faring pioneers never came back. Coincidence? These weren't accidents. A time of reckoning for the Space Age dawns. (view logs)


Kitchen Rats

The Razor Rats had occupied the upper floors of 55 Dora Avenue for the past six months and had been running weapons into the neighborhood from their warehouse near the docks with little contest. That was up until a couple of months back when Mr. Hill and his drug business took up residence not far away. The two operations had, for the most part, operated without too much interference with one another. That is, until some of Hill's Boys got squirrelly and decided that they were going to try and push the Rats out of their den.

It started with some shouting and brandishing of weapons. Then there was the screaming, the chaos, and the fact that there were way more rats in the den than Hill's Boys had anticipated, and an all out seige on 55 Dora was underway. People were hiding in their apartments. Fights were being waged in the halls with periods of silence followed by periods of abrupt violence. It was chaos.

And so our heroes find themselves right in the middle of it, with plaster falling from the ceiling above, the thunder of feet as people race up and down the stairs, the barking of dogs, the occasional gunshot, and the shouting of residents attempting not to get in the crossfire.

The Defenders find out that working together as a team might be worth it and continue their efforts to clean the Rats out of the Kitchen. (view logs)

Friends Of Humanity

Sticklers for the norm have taken it upon themselves to join forces with one another, calling themselves the 'Friends of Humanity'. Their tactics are harsh, their message is brutal, and their delivery is murderous. They will be heard. They will be felt. Woe to any Mutant who stands in their way. Will they be stopped, or will the death toll of the innocent continue to rise?

(Contact Madrox and Lynette for more information!) (view logs)

Gods' Games

God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of His own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of any of the other players (i.e. everybody), to being involved in an obscure and complex variant of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won't tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time. (view logs)

The Kree-Skrull War

Everything we knew was a lie! The world is plunged into the unknown as the human race has been unknowingly pulled into a proxy skirmish between two great civilizations. The Kree and the Skrulls have, until now, kept their presence on this planet a secret. But now, as their hosts have learned the secret, the skirmishes have exploded into true war!!! (view logs)

The Mortal Condition

Everyone in the world needs saving. This is a fact. From big to small, a few members of the X-Men will extend their reach from their home to beyond, maybe even across the world to help those in need. No matter the color, no matter the genome, no matter the situation. The heroes will be put to the test, a test that focuses on their morality, their conscience, their inner demons and the light. (R rating.) (view logs)

Who Is The Mandarin?

New York has come under attack, but rather than blame the real culprit, the United States believes that Communist China is behind the mayhem. All the while the Mandarin is pulling the strings, pitting both nations against each other, for his own benefit. (view logs)

Out Of Time

The time terrorist Kang actively enters 1963 to alter history. Can he be stopped before he causes irreparable damage? (view logs)

Remaking Destiny

Certain valuables went missing from the treasury of Karnilla, the Norn Queen. Of course, is anything chance with the Mistress of the Fates? (view logs)

The Superior Man

Malcolm Colcord, as the new frontrunner of Weapon X, has his own mission… (view logs)

Asgard Aflame

In an alternate version of Midgard, Thanos allied with Loki and Amora to overthrow Thor All-Father. With his dying breath, King Thor warned his counterpart here of the threat. Now breaches in reality signal the collision between an alternate dimension where alt-Loki All-Father strives to conquer a richer, younger Asgard and replace the realms on the World Tree with those of his allies'. (view logs)

Per Aspera Ad Astra

As a result of actions in The King's Men plot, the Inhumans end up caught in a regional powerplay between China, the U.S.S.R., and the United States in the Gulf of Tonkin. Soviet activities to mine an ancient Inhuman site on the seafloor attracted American attention and incited the North Vietnamese to raid an American destroyer as a diversion. Super soldiers hit the ground to extract scientists and personnel during retaliatory air strikes. A diplomatic crisis soon spiralling out of control has the Inhumans at ground zero.

The ruin of Penglai holds more secrets than simply advanced technology. The active systems awakened inadvertently by the Royal Court sent transmissions to Alpha Centauri and Hala. Kree forces received millennia-old messages after a long silence, and now they've come to investigate. Past and present collide, and will reshape the course of the Inhuman race itself. The Ad Astra plot continues. (view logs)

Ursa Major

Ursa Major follows hot on the heels of Project Virgo. The Winter Soldier comes home to wreak revenge, Captain America, the Black Widow, and SHIELD as back-up. They descend into a closed city to rescue their assets and discover the culmination of Arnim Zola's master stroke. Yes, there's a goddamned bear. He has friends. The Russian resistance is going to plow through American interlopers and equalize the smarting delivered upon Mother Russia. You might also know him as Omega Red. (view logs)

Allies and Alleys


Self-driving cars? Smart washing machines? A backhoe with an agenda? It's way too early for the internet of things!

Something is going awry in the corners and alleys of New York City and the little people have to get things back to normal.

(An Irregulars & Co. Plot, open to all November 2016.) (view logs)

The Westchester Giant

A camping trip into the woods on the Xavier Institute grounds awakens an ancient, terrifying creature with vampiric designs on the students. How can the X-men defeat an enemy who feeds off of their most powerful mutant abilities? (view logs)

Once Upon A Hellmouth

Logan solicited Illyana to find Jean. Chthon, one of Illyana’s demon contacts, agreed to show them the way to Jean for an unnamed future favour. Chthon cashes in that favour… (view logs)

Lethal Magnetism

A series of carefully orchestrated paperwork errors have misdirected nuclear weapons from military bases all over the continental United States, combining into an unthinkable result: fifteen hydrogen bombs, stolen. President Kennedy has made a personal appeal to SHIELD and Peggy Carter: get those bombs back, before the thief uses them to unleash hell on Earth. (view logs)

War In The Kitchen

Paul Cavassini, one of New York's most reknowned and dangerous Italian Mafia bosses, was outed by the FBI and arrested by NYPD and Federal Authorities. The resulting power vacuum ignites an all out mob war centered in Hell's Kitchen, but spreading to the Five Buroughs and beyond. (view logs)

The Grim Connection

Teens have started to disappear in the Kitchen, but it remains unclear whether they're running away or something more nefarious is going on… (view logs)

Missing Pieces

For weeks, people arrested at protests have disappeared. In particular, protests in the South have seen declines in agitators with those most committed to their causes falling off the map. Where have they gone? (view logs)

Loki Bound

Loki Odinson, Prince of Asgard, has just recovered an inkling of his memories and strives to resume a normal life on Midgard. Then along comes a pack of wolves to disrupt all that… (view logs)

Le Fluage Pourpre

Odd friends, Jessica Jones and Remy Le Beau, put the awkwardness of their first meeting behind them as they travel to New Orleans in search of what has happened with the Cajun's ex-wife, Bella Donna Boudreaux. (view logs)

Follow The Leader

After a not-so-freak accident at the Triskelion construction site, something wicked this way comes… (view logs)

Artifice and Selection

Someone's been experimenting on mutants.

Whether they've escaped or someone's letting them loose into the world for their own purposes, a series of incidents slowly reveals mutants who have been altered through surgery and strange science. Some have been made more powerful. Some have been transmogrified into something far, far from human. Some are just victims, pitiable things begging for release.

They all agree on a single detail - one man is behind it all and that man has plans for mutantkind. And some members of mutantkind in particular.

Sometimes evolution needs a push. (view logs)



There's a new plot in town! Several people have experienced it first hand, but if you've missed it, it's called Them! and it's being run by Anya (me!).

So there's a villain called Beatrice. She was in the Bugle. Her power is that she grows insects to be really big, like ants and beetles the size of cars. And she controls lots of them.

So! If you feel like having a scene where you battle some giant insects, feel free. Most them are bullet proof, and super strong. Feel free to do with that as you will. Just tag your scene for the Them! plot page please.

Beatrice and her named lieutenants will be reserved for when I'm running a scene, but any other bugs are fair game. Feel free to let me know if you want something run, or if you want to borrow a lieutenant. We can work something out.

Have fun!

***Since it came up today, feel free to describe big, car-sized bugs as weighing anywhere from 2-4 tons, with beetles on the heavy end, and skinny stuff like ants, or fliers, on the low end. For storytelling, assume the fun side of things: if the normal bug can lift heavy loads, so can the big one, even more! If it's super fast, it's probably still fast.

1)If you're having fun, you're doing it right.

2)If you're doing math, refer to item #1.

(Plot open to all November 2016. Check with Anya for more information!) (view logs)

The Meanest Town On Earth

A crime spree throughout New York, of a unique sort is popping out. There's a war for New York, but who is behind it? (view logs)


Sometimes it takes a few good Inhumans to get an important job done. Like preventing one of their own from completely losing control.

Blackagar Boltagon's powers develop and grow past the point he can safely contain. For the safety of the world, he retreats to solitude in the Svalbard Islands. His court and their closest allies seek out a solution among ancient ruins forgotten by time. (view logs)

Blood And Genetics

In the aftermath of the shocking death of the Lewiston Parents, young Jimmy has come to live at the Xavier Institute. As he struggles to come to grips with what's happened, and look for ways to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, a new and greater threat will face Xavier's students than they have ever met. (view logs)

Buy The Ticket

A new drug by the name of Vigor has entered New York City's streets. The high is supposed to be incredible, and, apparently it really packs a punch… (view logs)

Project Virgo

In August 1964, SHIELD received an emergency call for an exfil from an agent embedded behind enemy lines in North Vietnam to monitor unusual activity. American air raids strafed the coast and threatened a secretive installation of international significance. Senior Soviet scientists and their Vietnamese counterparts worked in strictest secrecy on some kind of heavy industrial and engineering activities. SHIELD arrived just in time to witness a daring daylight raid on the facility by Soviet super soldiers, and during the violent firefight, several were subdued.

Project Virgo followed throughout the course of September and October as SHIELD senior agents tried to figure out what to do with the crop of warriors bred for infiltration and assassination. The answer was installing them at two secretive sites in Québec, Canada, and Minnesota, and attempting a reverse indoctrination program. Psychologists and psychiatric doctors created an ambitious regimen, deploying it on their 'guests.'

All seemed to be going well, to some degree. Hopes rose that their therapy could be refined and used for wider gains. Virtue reigned. Men and women of Project Virgo patted themselves on the back at early gains.

Then, one day in mid-October, the comm systems bleated out their Russian command phrases and all hell broke loose. (view logs)

Pandemic Panic Pandemonium

With the East and West conflicting with one another, only science can put them on the same side… only to blame each other for the fall out. (view logs)


In the late 1940s, an untold number of brilliant minds who were loyal to (or, at least working for) the Nazi party were all convicted of war crimes. They were incarcerated for their varying crimes against humanity and their genius was removed from the world. Now, almost twenty years later, NATO seems to have concluded that their brilliance is too important to have lost to decades old loyalties. With the air and space programs coming up in the world, the competition between the east and west about who will reach the moon first, and various other threats greater than human nature, it has been decided that certain repentant scientists can be freed in exchange for their service to humanity.

Now, SHIELD has been assigned five ex-Nazi geniuses to both babysit and assist in creating great scientific endeavors. While many in SHIELD are unhappy — several members having been the ones to put some of these scientists behind bars — NATO has not given SHIELD an option. SHIELD now must figure a way to baby sit these geniuses without making it look like they are still being imprisoned. Will this risk SHIELD's future directives? Will they be able to control the scientists enough to protect the world? What great discoveries will come out of these newly freed minds? Stay tuned to find out… (view logs)

Stay Tuned

The magnificently massive media mogul Mojo has seen some of his main stars go missing, and with ratings slipping an all-seeing, never-blinking eye is turning towards Earth in order to find new sensational stars to spotlight! Which, as one might guess, is not the greatest of news for the people or places that he settles on.

…but everybody wants to be famous, right? (view logs)

A Murderer of Women

Crime happens everyday in New York City. Though crime such as these? They're rare. Nearly ripped out of what could be a fable of Jack the Ripper, a quiet killer comes to town, seeking his/her victims for something completely sinister. (view logs)



The man known as Jack, an otherwise insignificant janitor for Stark Industries and Pepper Potts' paramour, makes an attempt on the life of the Director of SHIELD. When he flees into the underbelly of the city, Pepper's search for him begins to unravel the secrets behind who he is and where he might be — she's looking for Jack but it's the Winter Soldier who may need saving.

(Closed // Contact: Axiom/Bucky/Pepper) (view logs)

Operation: Lollipop

Picture it if you will, after the world wide devastation, New York isn't the only one that suffers. All around the globe, people are crying out for help. Who answers the call? The misfits of Xavier's Institute, that's who! The cast aside and down trodden follow the trail of a man who claimed to be god and stumble upon a small village and its people in need of saving… (view logs)

Something Wicked

Morgan Le Fey wants nothing more than to extend her rule over the Earth. Now she has the means to achieve her ends thanks to an infernal bargain. The only way to defeat her lies in challenging her in her own realm. Enter the 11th century.

Aegis (n.) - Shield, colloquially; the sacred round shield carried by Athena.
Caerleon (n.) - Reputed capital city of King Arthur’s Camelot, called the City of the Legion.

An alternate dimension parallel to the Knights of the Round Table, the Aegis of Caerleon forms to respond to a terrible, dark evil upon the land of York. Supported by Viviane of Avalon, or someone at least calling herself that, they are set forth to reclaim four treasures of the land which ought to restore justice and fairness. Of course, how they do that matters much less than heroes being seen to do good and battle monsters. The Aegis is formed by mortal heroes when they briefly enter the alternate reality, and they take on a persona of a famed knight from Arthurian tales or equivalent stories (Mabinogion, etc.). (view logs)

The Cure

What starts as a reaction to the Mutant Riots in Albuquerque quickly turns into a crisis that covers every corner of the country and will shape the course of the future of mutant kind forever! (view logs)


A thousand years ago, a dream creature from another dimension tried to infiltrate Greenwich Village. Now, the ancient mystical equivalent of duct tape that was slapped over the tear in reality has peeled off, and the creature once again has access to the living world. Unfortunately, its exploration has had dire consequences for the fleshy beings living in said world. (view logs)

Signs Of The Zodiac

A cartel is none too happy about the President's little brother declaring war on the mafia. The mysterious Zodiac cartel remains in the shadows, but their methods are ruthless! (view logs)

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