Timeline of IC Events


January 1965

  • On New Year's Eve/Day, an ice dragon attacks Times Square. Brave heroes melt the offending monster, but not before crowds flee.


December 1964

  • Free books distributed at the Explorer's Club during the Yule Book Flood drain readers' souls until their bookplates are destroyed. Blame HYDRA again.
  • Doctor Strange and assorted mystics and mutants interrupt a major ritual that drains children's souls. HYDRA is held responsible.
  • The Unaligned Movement invites Ronan the Accuser, Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire, to the United Nations. He formally announces the existence of extraterrestrial races and warns that the Skrull want to cause a war between the Kree and Earth.
  • UNESCO announces Penglai is 25,000 years old and features alien technology.
  • The Inhumans capture a Skrull during a glittering social event held at the Hall of Science, World's Fair. The Skrull dies by explosive means days later.
  • The Elflight becomes the hottest toy of Christmas.
  • The Rockefeller Christmas Tree burns down in a terrorist attack on Rockefeller Square. Its two replacements end up similarly attacked.

November 1964

  • The Black Widow assassinates a leading shipping magnate at the Radio City Music Hall Christmas spectacular.
  • Injured children are delivered across Checkpoint Charlie into West Berlin after a dramatic car chase.
  • UNESCO defies American threats to launch a multinational scientific mission in the South China Sea to determine if the Penglai site has cultural and technological significance.
  • Iron Man, Superman, and Phoenix rescue the ill-fated Gemini 2 capsule from Skrull attack, saving Gus Grissom and John Young.
  • New York coroners declare the suspicious deaths of a Soviet Nobel scientist, another Russian scientist, and a leading Chinese diplomat to be murders. No culprit is named.
  • The Soviet Union accuses the US of illegally capturing and imprisoning its citizens, causing a diplomatic furor that grows worse towards year's end.
  • The Soviet patients break out from SHIELD; several inflict substantial injuries or losses during recapture.
  • Black Bolt and much of his royal court end up on Hala the Accuser's spaceship, where they are questioned and returned to Earth.

October 1964

  • Inhumans investigate the ancient maritime site of Penglai in the South China Sea. They discover an inert Kree hammer.
  • A communications hack on SHIELD causes several Soviet patients to go berserk until Bucky Barnes, Hellboy, and Teddy activate their command phrases.
  • Two Soviet capsules, one manned and one unmanned, are shot down in the Earth's upper atmosphere.
  • Attilan enters lockdown as several ancient technological sites launch a vicious attack on the Core systems.

September 1964

  • Hostitilies between China, the USSR, North Vietnam, and the US continue to escalate from a war of words to physical combat missions.
  • American sailors report lights in the depths of the South China Sea.
  • Astronomers searching for signs of intelligent life in the universe discover seventeen radio bursts coming from Alpha Centauri. Though remarkable, they're not necessarily considered signs of life.
  • An American pilot disappears over the South China Sea. Not shot down, he just… disappears.

August 1964

  • An undersea site destroys two Soviet submarines using unknown energy weapons. All crew perish.
  • Warren Worthington III, the chairman and principal stockholder of Worthington Industries, returns to New York.
  • Airstrikes in the Gulf of Tonkin spark worries of a widespread international conflict.
  • The killing of a black boy by a white cop in Harlem sparks days of violent protest.
  • SHIELD extracts an agent embedded in North Vietnam and forcibly extradite seven Soviet citizens on a scientific cooperation venture.
  • The Vietnam War begins when Americans launch retaliatory air strikes on North Vietnam for patrol boats attacking a destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin.
  • Captain George Stacy of the NYPD is assassinated by an unknown sniper and is buried with full honors.
  • Young mutants are kidnapped and experimented upon by unknown persons suspected to have anti-mutant sympathies. Two independent rescue teams liberates the mutants, but discover more questions than answers.

July 1964

  • A strange pathogen is turned loose upon the city, giving its victims the qualities of a werewolf. A cure is eventually found.
  • A full city block in Mutant Town is scorched to contain the werewolf pathogen.
  • Increased earthquakes in the Arctic causes concern; rumors spread about the USSR testing nukes.
  • Soviets protest American intercontinental missile tests in the Pacific.
  • A dream monster from another dimension causes disturbances in Greenwich Village, leading to people doing its bidding in a sleepwalking state. It's temporarily thwarted by a band of unlikely heroes.
  • American cargo ship "Pride of Westchester" is sunk southwest of the island of Hainan. China maintains alleged ignorance about the incident, but still tensions mount.

June 1964

  • Protesters have a sit-in in City Hall in Albuquerque over the shooting death of a mutant by Albuquerque police.
  • Alien spiders attack Coney Island.
  • Doctor Doom sends doombots to North Dakota, killing US citizens. Further devastation is thwarted by the Avenger and war is averted.
  • Bucky Barnes, thought dead, resurfaces at a Beatles concert in Adelaide, Australia.
  • Riots erupt in Albuquerque as mutants demand police release the death report regarding the mutant shot dead at a routine traffic stop in May.

May 1964

  • The Avengers reform.
  • Multiple interruptions in the space-time continuum around Central Park cause mass hallucinations of a medieval period.
  • Dozens of humans 'die' in Central Park, effectively turned into mindless automatons.
  • James Buchanan Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, is apprehended again and held by SHIELD. During transfer to Federal custody, Barnes is freed by agents of the Brotherhood. Ava shoots him in the head, and the Brotherhood takes the body away. Josh heals Barnes, effectively bringing him back to life. The world thinks him dead.
  • The Soviet Union arrests 31 Americans who work for the Department of State on charges of spying. The move seems to be in retaliation for a Latverian trade embargo that was proposed by the Senate. Tensions between the USSR and the United States reaches an all-time high.
  • A mutant is shot dead by police at a routine traffic stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

April 1964

  • Latveria's bid to join the UN is denied.
  • A terrorist attack on the World Fair in NYC results in 239 deaths. At the same attack, the assassin known as the Winter Soldier (Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes) shoots Captain America, who survives. The Winter Soldier flees the scene.
  • Magneto leads a riot during what started out as a peaceful protest. Fifteen people are injured.
  • Bucky Barnes is apprehended by SHIELD. A couple weeks later, Loki frees him.

March 1964

  • Multiple interruptions in the space-time continuum around Central Park cause mass hallucinations of a medieval period.

January 1964

  • Construction resumes on the Triskelion once the building is resumed; its lead scientists build a weakness into the prison after distrusting SHIELD leadership.


December 1963

  • Loki is charged for Kennedy's murder. This is a show to convince the Skrulls they have succeeded in scapegoating the Asgardian. Loki is 'killed' (December 11, 1963).
  • Following Loki's death, protections around Earth allow Frost giants to roam.
  • Loki comes back and reveals his true plans to take over Asgard.
  • Multiple interruptions in the space-time continuum create chaos in Central Park.
  • A war in Attilan sees Maximus removed as King of the Inhumans, with the Genetic Council resuming governmental control of the kingdom. The royal family itself was instructed to go out into the world and learn of the outside world, with the possibility of reinstatement at a later date.
  • The Triskelion construction site is attacked by Sam Sterns. In the chaos James Buchanan Barnes escapes.
  • Beatrice (Them! Plot) escapes from prison.

November 1963

  • The pandemic ends and no one seems to know why. Evidently the virus dismantled.
  • At a protest the world learns that aliens are real once one dies (November 6, 1963)
  • A taskforce (Act-F) devoted to resolving and planning for an alien attack is formed by Kennedy after acknowledging the reality that aliens exist.
  • Kennedy is assassinated by aliens. Act-F becomes more important; Loki is accused of the murder (charges are pending)
  • Bucky Barnes shoots Peggy (November 7, 1963)
  • A new drug (Vigor) hits the street. It gives unpowered people powers and powered people a boost.
  • A teenager from Hell's Kitchen is missing, but links to a much bigger pattern of missing powered teens. The police call them runaways, but ALIAS Investigations thinks otherwise.
  • Wilson Fisk advocates for a powered police force to meet the recent slew of powered crimes, he gets traction and eventually gets his way.
  • The Asgardians are outed and incur panic globally when Loki displays power on the Ed Sullivan Show (November 16, 1963)
  • Construction begins on the Triskelion prison. Noteable prisoners include: Bruce Banner and James Buchanan Barnes.
  • Giant bugs attack New York thanks to mutant activists. Eventually Beatrice, their master is imprisoned and subdued.


  • The Avengers are disbanded thanks to pressure from US administration about having NATO operate a powered service on their soil (October 1, 1963)
  • Weapon X is effectively disbanded after the government calls into question everything that it's done.
  • The Hellmouth causes troubles across NYC as Dracula, demons, and Morgan LeFay try to enact their plans to create a bridge between Earth and Hell. Their plans are foiled and Morgan LeFay dies in a final standoff on Halloween.
  • An illness that makes people's powers go berserk and prompts people to act with poor judgment spreads across the globe.

September 1963

August 1963

June 1963

  • A special project, the Avengers, is formed. Slowly Captain America begins recruiting others for the project.

Pre-1963 (Before Game)

March, 1955

  • Charles Xavier opens Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning.

November, 1954

  • Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr recruit the first mutant for the X-Men.


  • S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division) officially formed with international oversight by NATO.


  • SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) disbanded.


  • Weapon X is created.
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